Best Substratum Themes for your Rooted Android phone

Substratum is a popular theming engine which lets you customize every nook and corner of your Android smartphone. If you want dark mode, there is a substratum theme for that, if you want to make your phone look like Android Q, there is a substratum theme for that, heck there is even a substratum theme to give a Christmas vibe to your phone. My point is, there are a lot of substratum themes and often finding the right one could be a tricky business, so here we are, we have compiled a list of best Substratum themes.

Before we begin

A little background on how to use Substratum. To get started, you need rooted Android device (with an exception of Android Oreo) and Android Marshmallow or higher. Once you have the rooted device, the installation is pretty easy. Simply install ‘substratum theme engine‘ app from the Google Play Store and “Grant” it Superuser permission.

Next, install your favorite Substratum theme from the Play Store. Once done, open to the ‘Substratum theme engine’ app, you’ll find all the installed themes on there. Tap a theme and select all the elements you want to enable by checking the box against each element. After that, tap the build and install button by tapping the floating button on the bottom right corner.

The app will build all the themes but you won’t see any changes yet. Now, Restart the phone, It is important that you restart after building ever theme otherwise it won’t install properly.

After your phone has restarted, go to the Substratum theme engine app and tap the options button on the top right corner and select Float UI. Tap the floating UI button and select the theme and tap ‘Apply’. You’ll see immediate effects.


Best Substratum Themes

1. Christmas

With this Substratum Theme, you can add a Christmas theme on your Android Phone. It changes the icons in the settings to Christmas elements, adds a dark background to apps and replaces the app loading screen.


Supported Android Versions: Nougat, Oreo, Pie, Samsung Experience, and Custom ROMs based on AOSP.

Check out Christmas Substratum Theme (free)

2. Curve

Rounded corners on screens are the norm nowadays. And even though there are plenty of apps which can do that but those apps suck up significant resources while running in the background. Curve Substratum Theme is a perfect theme if you want rounded corners.

Supported Android Versions: Oreo 8.1, and Android 9.0(stock and custom Rom)

Check out Curve (free)

3. DarkCroc

Darkcroc is a material theme for Android which offers multiple accent colors. Ranging from Amber and Yellow to Pink and Purple, this theme showcases eleven accent colors. You can choose either a subtle dark or a more aggressive black background. The theme can change notification and quick settings color as well which means you get a more consistent look overall.

Supported versions: Android 9 and above

Check out DarkCroc (free)

4. FuchsiaOS Substratum Theme

This theme is based on the infamous FuchsiaOS developed by Google. FuchsiaOS theme wraps most Google Apps which means you can theme apps like Phone, Contacts, Messages, Maps, etc. It themes notifications, status bar, navigation bar, and adds rounded corners. Although FuchsiaOS is not out yet, there are several leaks on which this theme is based on.

Supported Android Version: Android 8.1 Oreo.

Check out FuchsiaOS Theme (free)

5. NavBars

I don’t necessarily dislike the on-screen Navigation bar on the Android but the design is rather uninspired. There are some OEMs like Sony, Axon, Sharp, etc which offer different styles of Navigation bars which you can add to your phone with this Theme. It has close to 24 different styles which cover most of the navigation bar styles out there. Just follow the instructions and change the Navigation Bar forever.

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Supported Android Versions: Android 7, 8, 9 but doesn’t work properly on 8.1.

Check out Navbars (free)

6. Pi dark

Android Pie is still isn’t available for a large chunk of Android smartphones in the market. Pi Dark offers Android Pie style themes for your Android Oreo. The theme would change the settings to Android Pie, add a dark mode, rounded corners, rounded Quick Settings, and Notifications. You can either root your device or use Andromeda to apply this theme on your phone.

Supported Android Versions: Android 8.1

Check out Pi Dark (free)

7. Pixel Theme

Stock Android is the best Android, don’t @ me. Pixel theme for Substratum offers just that, a stock experience. It offers a stock navigation bar, stock System UI and stock Package Installer. You can change the color and choose among Pixel Blue, Nexus teal, Gray, Red, Purple, Orange, Lime, Pink, Brown, Black, and Cyan.

Supported Android Versions: Android 8.0, 8.1, 9.

Check out Pixel Theme (free)

8. Swift Black

A Substratum theme with more than 200 pitch-black app overlays. That’s impressive considering some theme packs stop offering overlays after an app update. Swift Black can paint a consistent overlay across the phone where you’d get most apps in the dark mode. You can check out the list of the supported apps on the product page.

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Supported Android Versions: Android AOSP Nougat, Oreo, Pie, OxygenOS Oreo, OxygenOS Pie, Samsung Nougat and Oreo, Nexus Nougat and Oreo, Pixel Oreo and Pie, and LineageOS.

Check out Swift Black ($0.99)

9. Flatty Light

While Dark Themes look incredible there is this light theme Flatty Light which really sets the league apart. A minimal and flat design paired with weekly updates makes this theme stay relevant. It has a huge list of apps that can be painted with this theme including System UI, Calc, Chrome, Contacts, Dialer, Status Bar Navigation Bar, Youtube, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.

Supported Android Versions: Android 8.1 and 9.0.

Check out Flatty Light ($0.99)

10. Death Red Substratum Theme

This substratum theme offers overlay on close to 30 apps and adds a dark and red theme which looks incredible. It adds red accents to Settings, changes the appearance of apps like Play Store, Contacts, dialer, etc. It’s a shame the developer stopped the development and doesn’t work for newer Android Versions, you should check it out if your Android version is supported.

Supported Android Versions: Android Nougat, and Oreo.

Check out Death Red Substratum Theme (free)

11. Flux

You may like the dark theme or a light theme but if it the design doesn’t fit well you’d never adjust to the theme. Flux implements material UI to give a refined themed look. You can theme the default keyboard, accent colors, Navigation Bars, dialer, buttons, sliders, third-party apps, and even the boot animation.

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Supported Android Versions: Stock Android (7,8,9), OxygenOS, Samsung (oreo 8.0, Pie 9.0).

Check out Flux ($0.99)

12. Default Dark Theme

One of the more popular Substratum themes, Default Dark theme really lives up to its name. You can add three shades of dark themes dark, darker, and black to backgrounds, notifications, volume slider, and quick settings. On top of that, the colors can be solid or transparent which adds a lot of variety to the customization features. If you’re looking for a theme that does dark theme right, check Default Dark Theme.

Supported Android Versions: Android Nougat, Oreo, Pie, AOSP based ROMs.

Check out Default Dark Theme (free)

13. TypeFace

Okay, This is not entirely a Substratum Theme but it has some great features. Most Android phones do not have an option to replace fonts and this app solves that. You can change the font system-wide and customize the appearance of the phone. The app has a collection of decent fonts like Open Sans, Oswals, Montserrat, Droid Serif, etc. The app just requires root and a reboot to apply the typeface on the system.

Supported Android Version: Rooted Android 7, and above.

Check out Typeface (free)

14. Greyce

Greyce is a Substratum theme which would let you change the home screen, accent colors in System UI, add rounded search bar in settings, and change the appearance of the Phone app. It also has a few wallpapers which you can apply right in the Substratum App. It is a minimal theme pack with subtle modifications, you should try it out.

Supported Android Versions: Android 7+, 8+, and 9+.

Check out Greyce (free)

15. Vacuum: Q style

Inspired by Android Q, Vacuum themes your Android OS to Android Q style theme.  Based on Material Design 2, it supports around 50 app different applications and new apps are constantly added.

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Supported Android Versions: Android 9.0, OxygenOS.

Check out Vacuum: Q  Style ($1.99)

16. Vivid Navbars- Quick Settings

You’ve tried all the navigation bars but it still doesn’t feel custom, right? You should try this theme which will not only give you a large collection of navigation bars which are truly custom made. With a collection of Star Wars, Marvel, DC, etc you get close to 48 different navigation bars which you can upgrade to 100 in the paid version. You can also change the Quick Settings tile icons to blend with the overall theme of your phone. You should definitely check this theme out if you want custom navigation bars and Quick Settings.


Supported Android Versions: AOSP ROMs, Android 7,8,9, OxygenOS up to Android 8, and Samsung Experience with Android 7,8,9.

Check out Vivid Navbars (free)

17. Valerie

One of the popular themes for Substratum out there which supports the majority of ROMs out there. The theme design includes Solid and transparent backgrounds, dual-tone colors with 25+ accents. It supports more than 100 overlays which mean most of your third-party apps will be themed to perfection.  You can even change the font on your system with this theme. I say you go check this out.

Supported Android Versions: Samsung Oreo and Pie, OxygenOS Oreo and Pie, Android 7+ (except Stock Nougat).

Check out Valerie (free)

18. PitchBlack

What’s the point of having an AMOLED screen when the system doesn’t implement it properly? PitchBlack is a Substratum theme designed to bring out the best of the displays. Add contrasting accents colors to UI elements, change colors in the app, create custom backgrounds. Pitch black has close to 130 + theme combinations which you can install on your phone.

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Supported Android Versions: Android AOSP Nougat, Oreo, OxygenOS Oreo, Pie, OxygenOS Pie.

Check out PitchBlack ($0.99)

19. Biohazard

Another excellent theme for Substratum, Biohazard is designed for stock Android and OxygenOS. The theme transforms a major chunk of the system including third-party apps. It can overlay around 60 apps and you can customize every single of them. Notifications, Quick Settings tiles, dialer, Settings, get a complete makeover with this theme. Check it out if you want a theme that gets all the eyeballs.

Supported Android Versions: Android 7.1, 8.0, 8.1, 9.0, OxygenOS Oreo.

Check out Biohazard ($1.99)

20.Mono/ Art

Once you start using Substratum themes, you’ll always want more. Mono offers a unique design blended with bold icons, Android Q style accents, and custom navigation bar.  You can get the dark version or install the light version available on the Play Store. It would have been nice to have the option to switch between the two but here we are. The theme only costs $1.99 which is fine.

Supported Versions: Google and Custom AOSP based 8.1, 9.0 ROMs, except Oxygen OS and Stock Samsung.

Check out Mono/ Art ($1.99)

Best Substratum Themes

These were some of the best Substratum Themes for your rooted Android Smartphone. Most themes work on Android Nougat, Oreo, and Pie. Oreo 8.1 offers theme application without root access. You just have to install a paid plugin Andromeda to achieve that. Some apps in this list can even overlay third party apps which is great. Let us know which themes do you love the most in the comments below.

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