13 Best Tech Podcasts Channels

There’s something about listening to a conversation but not really paying attention to it. That’s my idea for a podcast. I generally listen to Science and Tech podcasts with an occasional Audiobooks from Audible. In this article, I’ll share my list of the best Tech Podcast channels which cover every nook and cranny from the Tech space. Let’s check it out.

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Best Tech Podcast Channels

1. Reply All

Hosted by Pj Vogt and Alex Goldman, Reply All is one of the more popular podcasts in the Tech Space. It focuses on Tech new related to the Internet and how the Internet shapes our culture. Every podcast is a commentary on Internet culture and human interests and the hosts put a very interesting perspective on the situation.

For example, in an episode, they talk about a person who’s been imprisoned for life since he was 18 and writes an internet blog from a maximum security Prison. Each episode varies but an average episode talks for about 40 minutes which certainly doesn’t feel that long.

  • Frequency – Weekly
  • Length – 60 minutes
  • Category –  Internet, Technology, Human Interest

Reply All is available for free on Apple Podcasts, Overcast, Spotify, Google Play and RSS.

2. This is only a Test

It is the official podcast from Tested.com with hosts Will Smith, Norman Chan, and Jeremy Williams but no Adam Savage (one can wish). Every week the team comes together to talk about the latest news in the tech and Science world. Although they do drift in the pop culture references and inside jokes but their conversations are almost as gossipy like a Hollywood column. The main agenda is rarely ignored and they offer solid explanations and examples in their episodes. The episodes are in-depth commentary style and average at about 90 minutes.

  • Frequency – Weekly
  • Category – Technology, Tech news
  • Length – 90 minutes

The episodes for This is only a Test is free and you can either listen to the audio version on Player.fm or go to their website and watch the video podcasts which are equally entertaining if not more.

3. Tech Stuff

Hosted by Jonathan Strickland, Tech Stuff brings you tech news every other day of the Week. The show has the total of 300 episodes and each episode dives deep into tech around us with occasional guests. Strickland not only talks about technology but brings about people behind the innovative technology we use every day. How tech companies shape the market and how technology affects us and our culture is the general theme of the show. Every episode offers something unique, for example, in the latest episode Strickland offers a commentary comparing Netflix and Blockbuster and how Netflix emerged as the champion. His insights really make the podcasts quirky and enjoyable.

  • Frequency – Daily
  • Length – 40 minutes
  • Category – Tech News

The average episode for Tech Stuff Podcast is about 40 minutes long and you can listen to it on iTunes, Player.fm or on their website directly.

4. ATP

Accidental Tech Podcast is really what it says, It started accidentally while its creators were working on a car podcast. Now it has grown in one of the most popular podcasts in technology Genre. Hosts Marco Arment, Casey Liss, and John Siracusa have a background in technology and they often talk about Apple, Technology, and occasionally cars. The episodes have a light casual tone but they seldom drift away from the agenda.

  • Frequency – Weekly
  • Length – 90 minutes
  • Category – Technology Podcast

You can listen to it on iTunes and ATP website.

5. Grumpy Old Geeks

Grumpy Old Geeks is a show hosted by three veterans of tech space, Jason DeFilippo and Brian Schulmeister has witnessed the evolution of the internet as we see it today and are unaffected by the marketing gimmicks. They offer an unbiased opinion on emerging trends in technology. They cover topics like Tech News, Security, movies, TV Shows, and books. Listening to their podcasts made me realize how easily our generation can be swayed by the pop culture and why they don’t like it.

  • Frequency- Two podcasts/week
  • Length – 40 minutes Average
  • Category – Tech Commentary

Their Channel, Grumpy Old Geeks has around 280+ episodes available on iTunes, Google Play, RSS and IheartRadio. You can listen to the podcasts with these services or download it directly to your device for later consumption.

6. Note to self

Manoush Zomorodi hosts Note to self and talk about technology and how it affects us, humans. Zomorodi brings her journalism experience to the show and talks about how the technology around us shapes our entire civilization. Episodes are entirely dedicated to a topic generally revolving around current tech corporations implementing ways to increase their revenues simultaneously blurring the moral lines. Her podcast has a little different narrative unlike other podcasts, it has more of an interview feel. It creates a greater impact on its listeners due to the fact she hits the right nerves which are often overlooked by the general public with all the facts in place.

  • Frequency – weekly
  • Length – 30 minutes
  • Category – Technology and social commentary

The episodes for Note to Self are 30 minutes on average and available on their website and you can also subscribe to the channel on Apple podcasts, Spotify, RSS, and Google Play.

7. Internet History Podcast

From Netscape to iPad, Internet History Podcast has three categories and with Chapter episodes featuring a consistent commentary on the history of the internet and evolution of companies that made Internet happen. Host Brian McCullough invites personalities from the Tech world like Robert Reid founder of Rhapsody, and Karel Bonoun, First Senior Software Engineer at Facebook and talks about their experiences and their contribution to the internet history. He analyses trends and technology in his Misc episodes with other guests casually unfolding the intricacies of topics like Minitel ‘the French internet’, and the history of iPhone. I enjoyed the chapter episodes which offers more in-depth knowledge while misc episodes are best when need to drown the traffic while commuting.

  • Frequency – 2 Podcasts/ month.
  • Length – 60 minutes
  • Category –  Internet

There are about episodes 180 in total and you can listen to the podcast on iTunes, RSS, and Stitcher.

8. Why’d you push that Button

Created by The Verge and hosted by Ashley Carman and Kaitlyn Tiffany, Why’d you push that button is a social commentary on the popular trends which originate on the web and affect our lives. The episodes are based on weird questions like how do you break up on Instagram?, and Do you turn Read receipts on? These questions may sound benign but the hosts find answers to how tiny decisions affect your social life. The podcast has an overall thought-provoking appeal and forces you to examine the world around you more closely.

  • Frequency – Weekly
  • Length – 40 minutes
  • Category – Social Commentary on Technology

You can stream it on iTunes and you can read the transcript on their website here.

9. TWiT.TV

TWiT is a network for podcasting and offers a huge number of shows dedicated to space in technology. It has shows like All about Android, Security Now, This Week in Google, and it’s very own This Week in Tech. Every show is hosted by different hosts who have their expertise on the subject and offer news, insights, updates, and trends in Technology. You can find your niche and subscribe it on one of the podcast services.

  • Frequency – Daily
  • Length – 30- 60 minutes on average
  • Category – Technology

TWiT is available on many platforms like Apple Podcasts, Google Play, TuneIn, etc. You can check out the list on their website and download the podcasts on your device and listen to the playlist offline.

10. Daily Tech News Show

Hosted by Tom Merritt and Sarah Lane Daily Tech News Show keeps you updated with its entertaining twist on the news. The main agenda of an episode is to provide a commentary on trending events with slight humor on the side. Both the hosts have a steady grasp of the technology and offer an easy to understand runup to the latest news. DTNS podcast has 52k+ subscribers and close to 3000 episodes each running for about 30 minutes. 

  • Frequency – Daily.
  • Length – 30 minutes.
  • Category – Tech News

You can subscribe to the show on RSS, Youtube, iTunes, and Player.fm.

11. Ten Minute Tech Talk

You’re commuting to work and need your daily fill of tech news? Ten-minute Tech Talk podcast offers daily updated news within 10 minutes. The show is hosted by a journalist and a Digital marketer, accompanied by an outsider offer their experience an opinions on the current events. They focus on social media, Apple, Google, etc and don’t shy away from being blunt on their reviews. This is my personal recommendation if you want a quick update on Technology.

  • Frequency – weekly
  • Length – 10 minutes
  • Category – Tech NewsFlash

The podcast has 60+ episodes and you can subscribe it on Player.fm or directly on their website.

12. IoT Podcast

Sure there are niche podcasts for every category and you can sort through a list of options. IoT podcast is one such podcast which offers the latest trends and updates related to IoT. Hosted by Stacy Higginbotham, She talks about various topics like the effects of Tariffs imposed by Donald Trump for imported goods on IoT components, new Wifi Standards, and Robots, etc. Occasionally accompanied by a guest, they talk about the future of IoT and what’s not being done. Stacy Keeps the topics interesting and episodes consistent at around 45 minutes. The website has an agenda under every topic which gives you an idea of the topics making it easier to sort through a list of episodes.

  • Frequency – 1 podcast/ week
  • Length – 45 minutes
  • Category – IoT

You can stream the podcasts on their website and subscribe on Apple podcasts, Android, and RSS.

13. A16Z

A16Z is a weekly podcast that discusses tech culture and news around us. It invites the leaders from the industry to talk about their opinions and thoughts about the current events. The episodes have a professional tone and the hosts get into details of the topic. Thoroughly with an average length of an episode being 50 minutes. The show has many unique aspects like the narrative, topic of discussion and guests which make the episode more interesting to listen.

  • Frequency – 2 Podcasts a week
  • Length – 50 Minutes Average
  • Category – Tech culture and News

It is quite popular with 30K subscribers and you can stream it on SoundCloud and save it on the app.

Which is Your Favourite Tech Podcast Channel for you?

Ten-minute tech podcast is best if you want a quick update on the tech world, while IoT goes in depth about what’s happening in the IoT space. You can subscribe to Note To Self, they’ve got People from all over on their Podcasts. I personally enjoy Grumpy Old Geeks because of the lack of bias in their content TEll us about your favorite Podcast channel.


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