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13 Best Telegram Bots to Use

by Parth Shah

Telegram’s dream run continues in the IM space. With features such as group video calling, intuitive stickers, screen sharing, and bots, the social network is clearly differentiating itself from the likes of Signal and WhatsApp. Among them, the Telegram bot is an interesting add-on that every power user should use in the app. From the long list of Telegram bots, we have picked up the N best Telegram bots to use. 

Best Telegram Bots to Use

Before we get started with the list of top Telegram bots, let’s first understand what’s a Telegram bot in the first place and how can it improve your overall experience in the app. 

What’s Telegram Bot?

Announced in 2015, Telegram bots API allows developers to create third-party chat apps for users. They are essentially automated Telegram account that you can chat with and even integrate bots in groups and channels. 

Based on your needs, you can create a Telegram bot for pretty much anything out there. The talented developers out there already have created dozens of Telegram bots to choose from. Among them, we have picked the best useful ones for you. 

To get started with any bot in Telegram, you need to search for the bot’s username in the search bar at the top. Integrate the bot in chat and follow the on-screen instructions to set up the bot. 

1. Gmail bot – Best Telegram Bot

This one is useful for power Gmail users. With the official Gmail bot, you can receive, send, and reply to emails without ever leaving the Telegram interface. 

gmail bot

Simply search for @gmailbot in the search bar and hit the Start button to start the conversation. 

2. Trello Telegram Bot

Trello is a known name these days. Popular project management tool is useful for personal use as well as group projects. 

trello bot for telegram

Type @trello_bot in Telegram and you can receive cards events in any chat and act on them with lightning speed. You can also find and create cards right from the Telegram app. 

3. Spotify Telegram Bot

Are you tired of dealing with a cumbersome Spotify experience on a desktop? This Spotify Bot (@spotify_down_bot) can help you link your Spotify database to the Telegram app. 

spotify bot

You can download, listen, and manage Spotify tracks from the Telegram interface. 

4. IFTTT Telegram Bot

This one is our favorite and it’s something that we use daily on Telegram. IFTTT (If This Then That) is software that connects your Telegram account to 360 other services out there. `


For example, you can connect and upload Telegram photos directly to Google Drive using the IFTTT bot. This is just a single use case scenario. The possibilities are endless here. 

5. Skeddy Telegram Bot

If you are someone who keeps forgetting about tasks or things, this one is for you. Skeddy is a reminder bot that messages you to remind things. 

skeddy bot for telegram

You can send a simple Telegram message such as ‘Call Aman in 10 minutes’ and Skeddy will send a reminder notification after 10 minutes. No need to open a dedicated task management app and set up reminders. 

6. File to Bot

Telegram allows you to send up to 2GB of files in a chat. File to Bot allows you to save files in the cloud in different categories. 

A link to a specific file can also be created for others to download. Anyone with the link can view and download the stored file from Telegram. 

7. Get Media Bot

As the name suggests, this one allows you to download any kind of media from the web. Users can download music, videos, select lyrics, download an Instagram story, and more. One can also go ahead and use this bot to download Twitter and YouTube videos right inside the Telegram app. 

getmedia bot

8. Banof Group Telegram Bot

Telegram is an ideal platform for group chats as well. If you are a group admin, it can be hard for you to manage group members. With the help of @banofbot, one can create a poll in the group to kick out members from the group. 

banof telegram bot

9. Rose Bot 

If you are managing multiple groups in Telegram, this one can be a lifesaver for you. The @MissRose_bot is here to help you. 

missrose telegram bot

Even if you are in charge of multiple groups in Telegram, it can be difficult for you to manage the users as all your groups have different rules. Rose has you covered. With Rose, users can request to view the rules anytime, making your job easier than ever. 

10. Watchdog Robot

This is yet another Telegram bot to help you manage groups. Add @watchdog_robot as admin into your chatroom. 

Give relevant permission to the bot to delete messages and ban users. Now go ahead and configure content to be removed with command. You can also set filters and create automation. Visit the official website to learn more details on how to set up the bot and get the maximum out of it. 

11. Combot Group Telegram Bot

There are over 15 million Combot users. The bot allows you to turn your group into a full-fledged community. It does all the heavy lifting such as moderation, analytics, anti-spam, and offers the best trigger system in Telegram and more. 

combot bot

You can unleash the true potential of group chats with Combot. 

12. Tweet It Bot

As the name suggests, this one is aimed at Twitter users. With the Tweet It bot, one can compose Tweets right from the Telegram interface. You can attach all the media files such as photos, videos, and GIFs with the Tweet. 

tweetit bot for telegram

Simply connect the bot to your Twitter account and you are good to go. 

13. Feed Reader Telegram Bot

RSS reader fans! This one is for you. It offers an option to subscribe to any blog or RSS feeds of a website. 

feedreader bot

This is not limited to websites only. You can also subscribe to any Instagram account, Twitter account, follow a YouTube channel, and get the latest updates in the app. 

Wrapping Up: Best Telegram Bots

Telegram bots are a must-have add-on for users out there. There is something for everyone. We are sure that the list above turned out to be helpful to you. You can also browse the web and find more interesting Telegram bots to integrate with the chat app. 

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