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5 Best Trackpads for Windows Laptop and PC

by Pankil Shah
5 Best Trackpads for Windows Laptop and PC

Depending on your work, using an external trackpad instead of a mouse while working can bring a lot of convenience to the table. The flat design and larger surface area make it easier to use a trackpad for long hours. Plus, the ability to use gestures and swiping makes scrolling lengthy PDFs, browsing the web, or performing creative tasks more fun than ever. But when it comes to picking a trackpad for Windows computer, there’re a few factors such as compatibility, size, battery life, etc. that should be considered first. To help you pick one for yourself, we’ve done the hard bit of putting together a list of the 5 best trackpads for your Windows laptop and PC. 

1. Keymecher Mano Trackpad: Best Overall

If you’re looking for a trackpad that strikes a perfect balance between price and features, then your search ends with the Keymecher Mano Trackpad. Measuring 6.9 x 5.8 Inches, the Mano trackpad features a large glassy top surface with advanced sensors to provide an incredible user experience. For instance, it consists of convenient Forward and Return shortcuts at the top which can be handy while browsing the web or moving between folders. However, the extra buttons at the top also make the actual workable trackpad area smaller.

Keymecher Mano Trackpad

Aside from the above, the Keymecher Mano connects to your computer via Bluetooth 5.0 giving you a decent range of 10 meters. And while it promises to last up to 30 days on a full charge, the trackpad also has an automatic sleep function to save battery.

2. Jelly Comb Touchpad: Best Design 

Jelly Comb Touchpad certainly takes its design cues from the Apple Magic Trackpad 2 with its all-aluminum build and slim design. While it may not have Bluetooth compatibility like its Apple counterpart, the plug-and-play nature allows for a no-frills experience with your Windows laptop or PC.  Like its counterpart above, the Jelly Comb touchpad also has multi-touch capabilities and support for Windows gestures.

Jelly Comb Touchpad

Weighing only 5.6 ounces, the Jelly Comb Touchpad is certainly light and portable. And the 5.5 x 4.4 inches surface area is large enough to fulfill most of your trackpad needs. However, Jelly Comb Touchpad is only compatible with Windows-powered laptops and PCs.

All in all, for $70, packed with all the necessary features, Jelly Comb Touchpad is one of the best-looking trackpads for your Windows laptop and PC.

3. Perixx Peripad 501: Best Budget

When it comes to durability among Windows PC trackpads, the Perixx Peripad 501 is a clear winner with its rugged body and solid build. It features two physical tactile buttons for left and right-clicking. Plus, It supports all the gestures you’d want including one finger slide, 2 finger tap, vertical scroll, and zoom in/out, and more. For connectivity, it uses a 1.6m non-detachable USB cable that is long enough to accommodate most setups.

Perixx Peripad 501

While it may not be the most attractive-looking trackpad on the list, Perixx Peripad 501 certainly checks all the right boxes in terms of features at a budget pricing of $20. Although the Perixx Peripad 501 is wired and has a smaller surface area comparatively, the company also makes a larger version with wireless capabilities in form of Perixx Peripad 704.

4. Microsoft Arc Mouse: Best for Travelling

Microsoft Arc Mouse brings the best of both worlds with a mouse that doubles as a trackpad for your laptop or PC. One can use it as a regular mouse with the touch-sensitive trackpad allowing you to scroll both horizontally and vertically. Powered by a couple of AAA alkaline batteries, Microsoft Arc Mouse automatically turns on when snapped into its curved position. And when not in use, it can be snapped flat – allowing it to fit even in your back pocket.

Microsoft Arc Mouse

The Microsoft Arc connects via Bluetooth 4.0 and can be used with both Windows and Mac. Coming in with 7 color options and a $45 price tag, Microsoft Arc Mouse is certainly a real deal for those looking for a more versatile trackpad.

5. Apple Magic Trackpad 2: Best Splurge

It’ll be unfair to make a list of the best trackpads and not to include the Apple Magic Trackpad 2. Although it can’t be used on your Windows laptop or PC (well, not unless you’re using Boot Camp to run Windows on a mac), it certainly is the best in the business when it comes to trackpads. Design-wise, the wedge-shaped trackpad has a glass surface at the top and four rubber feet keep the trackpad from sliding during the most robust swiping activities. 

Whether you’re clicking things or performing gestures, the haptic feedback presents you with satisfying click sounds and vibrations. The trackpad can be charged via the included lightning cable which also helps with the initial setup process as well. Plus, the battery promises to last about a month of heavy usage before requiring a recharge. 

6. Bonus: Use an Old Phone or Tablet

Well, if you don’t have 100 odd dollars to spend on the Apple Magic Trackpad 2, you can turn your old phone or a tablet into a trackpad with an app like EI Trackpad (iOS) and Remote Mouse (Android & iOS). Apart from the regular trackpad features, these apps come packed with a ton of other customization options, remote power options, media controls, and more. These apps can come in handy in case your trackpad suddenly stops working or when doing a presentation.

Wrap Up: Best Trackpads for Windows Laptop & PC

At the end of the day, choosing the ultimate trackpad for your laptop or PC comes down to how you plan to use it. If you browse a lot on the internet then the Keymecher Mano Trackpad is an excellent choice. If you want a more portable option then Microsoft Arc Mouse is certainly for you. And if you’re a Mac user, the Apple Magic Trackpad is a no-brainer.

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