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8 Best Twitter Tools Useful for Every Twitterati Out There

by Ravi Teja KNTS

If all you wanted is some fun, customization, or tools that enhance the functionality of Twitter, here are some of the web apps, you can use on Desktop, Android, iOS. Let me start with the most important one

Best Twitter Tools

1. Who Unfollowed Me

Shows you accounts who unfollowed you

By default, Twitter doesn’t provide an option to see who unfollowed you, and that’s where “Who Unfollowed Me” steps in. All you need to do is open this link and click on “Start Tracking Unfollowers”. That’s it, the app will start tracking all the people who unfollowed you from now. The only caveat is, the app starts tracking only after you set it up. So, you won’t be able to track who unfollowed you in the past.

Anyhow, the free version only works with accounts that have less than 75,000 followers and store history for only 30 days. You can choose pro versions starting from $4.99/month to remove these restrictions and it also shows people who muted you or blocked you. For more information about pricing, click on this link.

Link:- WhoUnfollowedMe

2. Hashtagify

Suggests you Hashtags that are trending right now

It’s no secret that hashtags boosts posts reach on Twitter. An app called Hastagify will show you the best possible hashtags related to your tweet. It also shows you how much these hashtags are trending. You can just go to the Hashtagify website, place your keyword, and check out all the related trending hashtags.

Hashtagify also has paid versions which start at $29/month for more real-time hashtags. You can check out more details about pricing here. Anyhow, Free versions work fine for most users.

Link:- Hastagify

3. Shadowban

Shows whether your Twitter account is going to ban or not

If you are worried about the chances of your Twitter account getting banned, use this web app. Shadowban is actually a type of ban that is like the first step before a complete ban. You may not notice any difference by using the app but when your account is shadowbanned, it has chances to get banned.

To check out whether your account is shadowbanned or not, just go to the Shadowban. You can get a clear understanding of Shadowbanning in this article.

Link:- Shadowban

4. Nuzzle

Shows you Tweets that people you follow are following

If you want to know about what people you follow are following, then Nuzzle is a perfect app for you. Just open this link, scroll down and click on “Sign in with Twitter” and then “Authorize”. That’s it, you can already see the feed of people who you are following.

You can also select one of the accounts you follow and check out how their feed looks like and what they are following in a much more detailed way. Anyhow, this feature won’t work for all accounts for some reason.

Link:- Nuzzle

5. TweetDelete

Ability to delete all your Tweets at once 

This app helps you delete all the tweets at once. However, unlike similar apps, which are limited by Twitter API, and can only delete 3,200 latest tweets, TweetDelete uses a different technique. It allows you to upload your Twitter data on its website and gives you an option to delete all the Tweets even if you have more than 3,200 tweets. To know more, check out a detailed article on how to delete all your tweets on Twitter.

Link:- TweetDelete

6. Twtools

Multi-purpose Twitter tool to pin tweets, welcome message, etc

Twtools app offers three different tools that help you to pin anyone tweet in your profile, sending a welcome message to people who followed you via DM, or you can delete your Tweets after a specific time automatically. The app is totally free and easy to use.

All you need to do is open the Twtools website, select any option from these three tools mentioned above, and authorize them with your Twitter account. Later you can just follow the on-screen instructions to get the work done.

Link:- Twtools

7. Socialoomph

Ability to do weird things like self-destructing posts, automatically following back people

Socialoomph is a swiss army knife of twitter tools that has multiple features in it. But the most important ones to be mentioned are Self-destructing posts, auto-follow back people, sending welcome messages, etc.

You even get even more features and flexibility by choosing the Advanced suite that starts at $15/month, and here are the detailed pricing options. Anyhow, most of the above-mentioned features work with a free account. But it is a bit lengthy process to activate the account on Socialoomph as you need to register your account and verify your email. Then you need to link your Twitter account to Socialoomph to make any changes.

Link:- Socialoomph

8. Twitter Audit

Checkout Fake Followers

You might have many followers, but are those accounts active? Did they mute you? Are they just bots? Twitter Audit is the Twitter tool to check exactly that. It shows you the percent of people who are really looking at your posts.

But to check out who are those fake followers, you need to go for a pro plan that starts at $4.99/month. For details on pricing, check this link.

Link:- Twitter Audit

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Wrapping up

There are even more Twitter apps like IFTTT that helps to create automation on Twitter, Circleboom to do various tasks like managing followers, unliking previously liked Tweets, etc. And there are also many Twitter client apps that change the entire feel of Twitter.

So, what’s your favorite Twitter app among all, and what Twitter apps do you use which are not on this list? Let me know in the comments below.

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