11 Best Utility Apps for iPhone To Boost Your Productivity

So what does your Screen Time say? 1 hour of Instagram, 2 hours of Facebook, 3 hours on YouTube? Well then if you have so much time to spend with your iPhone, you might as well spend a little on utilizing the phone. No, I’m not talking about iBooks or Kindle app. There are plenty of utility apps right under your nose that might just help you utilize your iPhone to the maximum capacity. Here’s a list of the best we thought you might like, Let’s explore.

Best Utility Apps for iPhone

1. Klok

Best for – World Clock on your Widget

Klok – Time Zone Converter, does exactly what the name suggests. It’s a world clock with an added bonus of being able to see future time as well. Now don’t get confused. Here is how it works.

Install the app and select the different time zones you’ll like to keep an eye on, then simply add the app in your widget list. Next, go to your home screen and swipe left to see the widget screen. Tap on any time zone and change its time with help of the hour bar appearing right under it. You’ll see all other time zones changing accordingly. Useful while planning your international calls and video conferences.

Download: Klok – Time Zone Converter (free)

2. 1Blocker Legacy

Best for – blocking ads and pop-ups

1Blocker Legacy provides a one-touch solution to unnecessary ads or pop-ups in your browser. And not just that, you can also use it to block adult sites and hide page elements.

To allow the app to integrate with Safari and function properly head to Settings > Safari > Content Blockers and toggle the button ON. And that’s it, now sit back and enjoy desktop-like ad blocking on your iPhone.

Download: 1Blocker Legacy (free / $5)

3. Authy

Best for – generating two-factor authentication

Ever got stuck with Google’s two-factor authentication for Gmail? Authy is your best companion when it comes to remembering those difficult alpha-numeric passwords or even using two-factor authentication.

Authy generates individual tokens for each service you integrate with the app and uses it to allow two-factor authentication at the time of login. Since the app uses cloud-based service, you don’t have to worry about losing a device or a sim card. In fact, the application surprisingly works offline as well, so you never have to worry about networks.

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Download: Authy (free)

4. 1Password

Best for – local password manager

1Password is a popular password manager that lets you generate and save strong passwords so you don’t have to remember them. Additionally, it also syncs your password using cloud service so you can access your passwords from any device. Or store it locally on your device.

If you think the app offers very little for the price, it also lets you store notes, credit cards, and even identity documents safely. You may call it the perfect organizer for all your personal data.

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Download: 1Password – Password Manager (free / $39 yearly)

5. My Data Manager & Security

Best for – manage and monitor your data plans.

My Data Manager & Security allows you to set data limits to your device. The app also tracks data used by different apps individually so you can keep a note of which app is using more of it. Data History feature integrated into the app lets you see the record and also presents you a usage forecast for the remaining days.

The app can also be used for family plans. You can input the data information on one device and invite other members to join the plan. Data allocation to individual devices makes it even better.

Download: My Data Manager & Security (free)

6. Presence

Best for – use your old iPhone as a surveillance camera

Okay, this is a step ahead of utility apps. Presence Video security is a cloud-based video surveillance service which can be set up between two iOS devices. If you happen to have an old iPhone, you can set it up as a home camera and take live feeds on your other iOS device from anywhere.

The app even offers motion detection which immediately notifies you via email and provides a link to view to saved video on the cloud. The can be subscribed for better video quality and more cloud storage.

Download: Presence: Video security (free / $50)

7. Bobby

Best for – track subscriptions

A basic app to keep track of all your subscriptions while also monitoring your recurring expenses. Bobby has a number of preset services you can choose from to input your subscription details. Alternatively, you can create a custom card as well. The app will notify you on due dates for your subscriptions. Bobby reflects the consolidated monthly amount being spent at the bottom of the app screen.

Download: Bobby – Track subscriptions (free / $1)

8. Discord

Best for – voice chat app for gamers

A free to use chat interface specially designed for gamers. Discord lets you create or join a server shared between gamers. The interface allows you to interact with other players via text chat or voice chat. 

By joining a channel, you can actively participate in a multiplayer game by never missing out on an invite or notification. The app also allows you to see which players are online and playing the game.

Download: Discord (free)

9. SignNow

Best for – signing and editing documents on the go

SignNow lets you sign documents, put your initials and even a date stamp. A text could be inserted through the keyboard or manually signed using your fingers.

Apart from documents, SignNow can be used for photos, word files, and even emails. The app also manages all your digitally signed documents and photos which can be seen on the home page of the app.

Download: SignNow – Sign and Fill Docs (free / $7 – $20 monthly)

10. Fing

Best for – see who is connected to your WiFi

Fing is a network scanner that gives you the list of all the devices connected to your network, just like a router, but in a simple and better manner. The app interface is quite simple and pulls out info like device name, MAC address, IP address, and connection history. Be it an intruder or one of your own devices you want to know about, the app will help you identify it. The app additionally lets you test the internet speed and ping devices that are connected to the same network.

Download: Fing – Network Scanner (free)

11. Annotable

Best for – all-in-one image annotation tool

One of the best annotation apps out there, Annotable: Annotation & Markup lets you mark your images and texts with rectangles, squares, arrows, lines etc. You can highlight parts of images, focus on them by using spotlight features and even blur or pixelate texts. The app, of course, offers text highlight and blackout features as well so you can easily choose what info you want to share. You can directly share an annotated and marked file from the app itself. If you see a pop-up that some features you used are paid and cannot be shared, just take a step back and take a screenshot.

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Download: Annotable: Annotation & Markup (free / $2)

Which one is your favorite?

So these are some of the apps that we found to be working just as described. We will surely be updating the list as and when we get our hands on more utility apps that might just give you the one feature you always wanted in your iPhone. Go ahead and use some of them to have your personal experience with them and let us know how it helped you in the comments below.

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