30 Best Utility Apps for iPhone To Boost Your Productivity

So what does your Screen Time say? 1 hour of Instagram, 2 hours of Facebook, 3 hours on YouTube? Well then if you have so much time to spend with your iPhone, you might as well spend a little on utilizing the phone. No, I’m not talking about iBooks or Kindle app. There are plenty of utility apps right under your nose that might just help you utilize your iPhone to the maximum capacity. Here’s a list of the best we thought you might like, Let’s explore.

Best Utility Apps for iPhone

1. Klok

Klok – Time Zone Converter, does exactly what the name suggests. It’s a world clock with an added bonus of being able to see future time as well. Install the app and select the different time zones you’ll like to keep an eye on, then simply add the app in your widget list. Next, go to your home screen and swipe left to see the widget screen. Tap on any time zone and change its time with help of the hour bar appearing right under it. You’ll see all other time zones changing accordingly. Useful while planning your international calls and video conferences.

Download: Klok – Time Zone Converter (free)

2. 1Blocker Legacy

1Blocker Legacy provides a one-touch solution to unnecessary ads or pop-ups in your browser. And not just that, you can also use it to block adult sites and hide page elements.

To allow the app to integrate with Safari and function properly head to Settings > Safari > Content Blockers and toggle the button ON. And that’s it, now sit back and enjoy desktop-like ad blocking on your iPhone.

Download: 1Blocker Legacy (free / $5)

3. Authy

Ever got stuck with Google’s two-factor authentication for Gmail? Authy is your best companion when it comes to remembering those difficult alpha-numeric passwords or even using two-factor authentication.

Authy generates individual tokens for each service you integrate with the app and uses it to allow two-factor authentication at the time of login. Since the app uses cloud-based service, you don’t have to worry about losing a device or a sim card. In fact, the application surprisingly works offline as well, so you never have to worry about networks.

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Download: Authy (free)

4. 1Password

1Password is a popular password manager that lets you generate and save strong passwords so you don’t have to remember them. Additionally, it also syncs your password using cloud service so you can access your passwords from any device. Or store it locally on your device.

If you think the app offers very little for the price, it also lets you store notes, credit cards, and even identity documents safely. You may call it the perfect organizer for all your personal data.

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Download: 1Password – Password Manager (free / $39 yearly)

5. My Data Manager & Security

My Data Manager & Security allows you to set data limits to your device. The app also tracks data used by different apps individually so you can keep a note of which app is using more of it. Data History feature integrated into the app lets you see the record and also presents you a usage forecast for the remaining days.

The app can also be used for family plans. You can input the data information on one device and invite other members to join the plan. Data allocation to individual devices makes it even better.

Download: My Data Manager & Security (free)

6. Presence

Okay, this is a step ahead of utility apps. Presence Video security is a cloud-based video surveillance service which can be set up between two iOS devices. If you happen to have an old iPhone, you can set it up as a home camera and take live feeds on your other iOS device from anywhere.

The app even offers motion detection which immediately notifies you via email and provides a link to view to saved video on the cloud. The can be subscribed for better video quality and more cloud storage.

Download: Presence: Video security (free / $50)

7. Bobby

A basic app to keep track of all your subscriptions while also monitoring your recurring expenses. Bobby has a number of preset services you can choose from to input your subscription details. Alternatively, you can create a custom card as well. The app will notify you on due dates for your subscriptions. Bobby reflects the consolidated monthly amount being spent at the bottom of the app screen.

Download: Bobby – Track subscriptions (free / $1)

8. Discord

A free to use chat interface specially designed for gamers. Discord lets you create or join a server shared between gamers. The interface allows you to interact with other players via text chat or voice chat. 

By joining a channel, you can actively participate in a multiplayer game by never missing out on an invite or notification. The app also allows you to see which players are online and playing the game.

Download: Discord (free)

9. SignNow

SignNow lets you sign documents, put your initials and even a date stamp. A text could be inserted through the keyboard or manually signed using your fingers.

Apart from documents, SignNow can be used for photos, word files, and even emails. The app also manages all your digitally signed documents and photos which can be seen on the home page of the app.

Download: SignNow – Sign and Fill Docs (free / $7 – $20 monthly)

10. Fing

Fing is a network scanner that gives you the list of all the devices connected to your network, just like a router, but in a simple and better manner. The app interface is quite simple and pulls out info like device name, MAC address, IP address, and connection history. Be it an intruder or one of your own devices you want to know about, the app will help you identify it. The app additionally lets you test the internet speed and ping devices that are connected to the same network.

Download: Fing – Network Scanner (free)

11. Annotable

One of the best annotation apps out there, Annotable: Annotation & Markup lets you mark your images and texts with rectangles, squares, arrows, lines, etc. You can highlight parts of images, focus on them by using spotlight features and even blur or pixelate texts. The app, of course, offers text highlight and blackout features as well so you can easily choose what info you want to share. You can directly share an annotated and marked file from the app itself. If you see a pop-up that some features you used are paid and cannot be shared, just take a step back and take a screenshot.

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Download: Annotable: Annotation & Markup (free / $2)

12. Darkroom

Darkroom is your go-to app if you need a quick action photo editing app with professional tools. What made the app land on my list is an intuitive interface, which you can immediately adapt to. You can access tools like color and light corrections apart from preset filters and custom frame settings. A one-touch export option right on the edit screen makes it even easier to quickly finish a job in this app.

Download Darkroom (free, $12 for pro version)

13. Near Lock

Near Lock brings you a hassle free lock/unlock experience if you are a Mac user too. You just need to download the app on both the devices and go through an easy setup process. You can use TouchID or FaceID, proximity lock, and a knock feature to unlock your Mac through your iPhone. Additionally, it can also click a picture of a probable intruder to your MacBook through Mac’s webcam.

Download Near Lock ( iOS | macOS )(free, $4 for premium version)

14. Remote Mouse

Remote Mouse helps you control your Mac from a distance. Just set up the app in both your iPhone and Mac once and you won’t have to touch your mac next time. The app on macOS opens with startup and runs in the background. Tap your Mac’s name on your iPhone app and you’re connected. You can control your mouse cursor and have one-touch media controls right on your iPhone’s screen.

Download Remote Mouse (iOS | macOS) (free, $2 for premium version iOS)

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15. Unfold

Unfold gives you simple yet elegant templates to create awesome stories for Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. Just select your frames and insert pictures and videos from your iPhone’s gallery. You can align and resize the images along with your choice of background and text in various fonts. You can also work on multiple story projects at once and save them separately.

Download Unfold (free, $2 for premium version)

16. Fast

Fast is an internet speed-test app by NETFLIX. Long enough you have been typing ‘speed test’ in your browser only to get the server speed. Fast is a light app designed just for the purpose and it lets you know the currently available speed of your internet connection. You can alter the speed-test variables by tapping on settings under ‘show more’.

Download Fast by NETFLIX (free)

17. Push Ups

Push Ups is an unusual app and its mechanics of operation compelled me to put it on the list. It obvious that the app helps you keep a count of your push-ups but how it does so is rather interesting. While doing push-ups you need to place your phone right under your face with the app open and aim your nose at the circle on the screen. Yes, it sure is weird but now you can’t cheat as a half push-up won’t count.

Download Push Ups (free)

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18. Watermark X

One stop solution to insert copyright watermarks on your photos. Watermarks X is not a complete photo editing tool but rather a finishing tool. Move and scale your final image and insert copyright or other watermarks before you export a final version of the photograph.

Download Watermark X (free, in-app purchases)

19. Swiftkey Keyboard

Swiftkey Keyboard is a highly customizable keyboard app with a dozen themes. The app is quite popular amongst Android users as well and is known for its adaptive typing style. Once you allow full access to the keyboard it enhances the predictive typing experience. Other features include multi-lingual typing, predictive emoticons, and one hand gesture typing.

Download Swiftkey Keyboard (free)

20. Adobe Creative Cloud 

All iPhones come with a fonts manager that lets you install custom fonts. And while there’s no shortage of fonts app, Adobe Creative Cloud gives you access to 1,300 of Adobe’s fonts that are free to anyone with a free Adobe ID.

Simply download the app, and then go to the “Fonts” tab at the bottom navigation bar in the app. Here, you can browse through all of the available fonts.

Simply add the app to your keyboards and it will be ready for access with one tap. Since the app integrates with the keyboard settings, it is not restricted by any app. You won’t really know if an app supports custom fonts until you try. That said, you can use it for all apps like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.

Download Adobe Creative Cloud (free, in-app purchases)

21. Apollo

Apollo is a power capsule for Reddit lovers who spend hours on the website daily. The app is packed with the most used subreddits available in a searchable format so you can follow your favorite subreddit on the go. You also get all the latest updates and popular posts on the dashboard. Additionally, you can also manage your inbox and other Reddit settings when you log in to the app with your account.

Download Apollo for Reddit (free, $3 for pro version)

22. Instapaper

Download and read articles offline with Instapaper. The app is optimized for iOS devices so you can leave behind the clutter on the websites and download clean texts on to your device to read them offline. The app doesn’t require internet after you download the content so you can read your favorite articles from around the web while on a plane.

Download Instapaper (free, $30 for premium version)

23. Pocket

Yet another offline article collector. It doesn’t only save your time by letting your travels become productive but also lets you rest your eyes while you finish up your article. You guessed it right. The app reads the article to you at the desired speed and supports a dozen languages.

Download Pocket (free, $5 for premium version)

24. Find My Parcel

Have multiple parcels coming in on a holiday season? Find My Parcel shall do the job for you. Just insert your tracking number and select your courier service from the available names suggestions. The app sorts all your parcels in a list and you can view them all in one app while it will also notify you about the status of your courier from time to time.

Download Find My Parcel (free, $3 per year for premium version)

25. Clicker

Clicker, as the name suggests is a counting app with an Apple Watch integration. It’s just a replacement to the manual clicker tool that you might have seen on many trainers at your gym. Hence you know the use. It can be a tool to count your workout sets while your exercises or laps while jogging in a park.

Download Clicker (free)

26. DocuSign

DocuSign allows you to sign your documents digitally right on your mobile screen. You can choose the document from within your app as it is also a document manager, and select to either sign the document yourself or select ‘others’ to send it to someone to sign and return. The signed document can be uploaded to an email or drive directly from the app.

Download DocuSign (free, in-app purchases)

27. Copied

Copied is multi-device clipboard manager that creates a list of all the copied texts. The app is so well designed that when you copy a text from a website, the link to the source of the copied text also gets saved along with it so you can always return back and check the source. You can copy texts, images, links, etc and edit and format the text within the app before pasting it anywhere.

Download Copied (free, $3 for Copied+ upgrade)

28. Doodle

Doodle is an opinion polling app designed to help work or friend groups to decide common dates and time for an upcoming event. Just put in the details like your available dates and time preferences for an event and invite other people to vote on it. Get the result and best common option from the poll results.

Download Doodle (free)

29. Fill

Fill is basically a PDF signing app but with options like editing tools, stamps, etc it becomes more powerful. You may even insert a text, date, stamp, icon, company logo, or a drawing apart from a digital signature. The signed and edited document can be exported to the system drive or directly shared on email or an app from within the app.

Download Fill (free, in-app purchases)

30. Orga

Ever felt the need to remove some semi-nude content from your image gallery before you hand over your phone to your kids or friend. Well, you don’t exactly need to remove the images but can simply lock and hide them away. Orga is a simple tool for finding NSFW images on your phone and you can even select the sensitivity of the images. The app lets you put away the selected images in a password protected safe vault. The images can very well be restored back to their respective original folders.

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Download Orga (free)

Which Utility App for iPhone is your favorite?

So these are some of the apps that we found to be working just as described. We will surely be updating the list as and when we get our hands on more utility apps that might just give you the one feature you always wanted in your iPhone. Go ahead and use some of them to have your personal experience with them and let us know how it helped you in the comments below.

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