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8 Best Vegan Apps to Get Started With Veganism

by Vaibhav
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While most people consider eating meat healthy, it is actually as bad as any junk food can get. I was already planning to shift to a vegan diet and this excerpt from the book How Not to Die fueled up my plans to go vegan all the way more. I admit that although I was ready to take the plunge, I knew that it won’t be an easy task. To go all vegan one needs recipes, a way to know which ingredients are vegan or not, and above all if I’m feeling lazy, is there a restaurant that delivers vegan food at my doorstep? I know that sounds like a lot of research but you can have all that info right on your phone. You don’t believe me? Here are the best vegan apps to get you started.

“The best way to minimize your exposure to industrial toxins maybe is to eat as low as possible on the food chain, a plant-based diet” – Michael Greger

Best Vegan Apps for iOS and Android

1. Happy Cow

Happy Cow is the best app to find vegan restaurants around you. It allows you to find cafes, restaurants, grocery stores, etc. that serve vegan. You also have the option to filter these results in terms of vegan/vegetarian and distance from your location. In addition, since COVID-19 has made dine-outs really unsafe, the app offers doorstep delivery and takeaways too. Although the delivery service is only restricted to the U.S., the resource list features outlets from all around the world. This makes it one of the best vegan apps that should be on your must-try list.

Happy Cow vegan app

You can browse the app for free, however several features such as trip saving option, saving restaurant for offline viewing will cost you $3.99.

Features I wish it had 

  • An online scrollable menu
  • A critic review of food and the restaurant

Get Happy Cow for iOS | Android

2. Quit Meat

The first step towards veganism passes through being a vegetarian. This app helps you ‘Quit Meat’ by showing you your impact on the environment, every time you choose a plant-based option over a meat product. For instance, how much water you have saved, the effect on emissions, and the animals you have saved by not eating meat. You can simply click on the consumption icons, which are fish, meat, milk, eggs, etc. and add quantities that you consume. Every detail you add is updated on the homepage so you always get a perspective of both your consumption and savings whenever you open the app.

Quit Meat vegan app

Although the app consists of vegan recipes, there are better apps that deal with recipes I have talked about below.

Features I wish it had 

  • More recipes within the app
  • UI may be too flowery for some, so a sleeker UI

Get Quit Meat for iOS | Android

3. Is it Vegan?

There can be tons of products like natural vanilla ice cream, pesto sauce, processed sugar, and many more which seem vegan but aren’t. ‘Is It Vegan’ fixes this problem. You can use this app to easily ascertain any animal products or ingredients by simply scanning the UPC bar code with the scanner in the app. It tells you whether the product is vegan, vegetarian, or neither. You will also see the entire ingredients list along with a separate section for vegan ingredients.

Is it Vegan vegan app

The only downside is that the vegan app is primarily based in the U.S., so if you live somewhere else, you’ll probably end up disappointed. Don’t worry, for those living outside the U.S., the option to manually search for ingredients in the app comes in handy.

Features I wish it had 

  • Better UPC code support globally
  • Detailed info on the ingredients

Get Is It Vegan for iOS | Android

4. 21 Day Vegan Kickstart App

This app aims to help anyone who wants to transition to a vegan diet with a 21-day vegan plan. You start by signing up with your email and setting a starting date. Once done, the app tells you what to eat for the next 21 days. Since they say it is based on scientific research, it can be a good starting point for someone dealing with heart diseases, type-2 diabetes, etc. However, we recommend you talk to the experts first. A clinical dietician or a doctor. You will find plenty of low-fat, plant-based recipes such as pitta pizza, vegan French toast, spiced pumpkin oatmeal, sweet potato, and more.

21 Day vegan Kickstart app

The app shows you the ingredient list once you fix a date to begin your vegan journey. I highly recommend setting an earlier date so that you can buy the ingredients beforehand and save on last-minute shopping spree.

Features I wish it had 

  • An option to use it without signing-in
  • Frequent updates (the last update was back in 2019)

Get 21 Day vegan Kickstart for iOS Android

5. Plant Jammer

Plant Jammer lets you select ingredients that you already have in your kitchen to generate a new recipe. Just tell the app if you’re a beginner or pro cook and select a goal (like eat more veggies). In the next step, you pick veggies that you have in the kitchen like broccoli, carrots, beets, etc. and the app gives you recipe suggestions from those very ingredients.

Plant Jammer vegan app

The best part is that the shopping list option that allows you to add ingredients you don’t have in your kitchen. So you can easily plan ahead before you head out shopping for your favorite vegan recipes in advance.

Features I wish it had 

  • More conducive ingredient list

Get Plant Jammer for iOS | Android

6. TalkVeganToMe

The first thing that anyone trying to go vegan faces are counter-arguments such as, ‘But you kill pests while you grow vegetables’ or ‘not all animals are slaughtered in an inhumane way’. If you’re bogged down by like these, this app can be a great starting point to counter those with these arguments. You get a list of arguments and rebuttals on the home page for a glance. What I like most about this app is that the arguments are backed by sources so you can make informed points the next time your friend calls veganism a scam.


The app has a favorites section where you can save all your favorite arguments, plus you don’t need the internet to use the app which is another advantage.

Features I wish it had 

  • A better UI with illustrative graphics and pictures
  • Support to submit your own questions

Get TalkVeganToMe for (iOS | Android)

7. Vegan Amino

The best vegan apps list is incomplete without a social media app, right? Consider ‘Vegan Amino’ like Instagram, a social network app to connect with fellow vegans around the world. Like Instagram, you have a home feed where you see photos posted by fellow vegans, you can chat with them, like and comment just like you do on any other platform. It’s a great place to discover new vegan dishes, get cooking tips, and also find vegan lifestyle hacks. Features like creating polls, making chat rooms are restricted for new users, and unlock as you take part in sharing, posting comments, and participating in the community, which is the only downside according to me.

Vegan Amino app

If you aren’t able to find a partner because of your food choices, you can also use this as a vegan dating app as well (hope you get lucky).

Features I wish it had 

  • A less cluttered interface
  • A faster and easier way to create an account

Get Vegan Amino for iOS | Android

8. HEALabel

With the HEALabel app, a user can look up details of a certain ingredient and check the effect it has on our health, environment, animals, and laborers. The app comes in handy when looking for cooking ingredients and clothing materials. Each ingredient or material is backed with a picture which makes it easy to identify. Moreover, everything is color-coded in green, yellow, and red (positive, moderate, or negative) for their effect on health, environment, animals, and labor. Unlike the Is It Vegan app, you can find detailed info on the listed ingredients. Information such as ingredient list, food allergens, pH, sustainability, are also described in detail.

HEALabel vegan app

Since it’s a progressive web app, you have the option to install it on your desktop. The UI is similar to what you find on the mobile. In addition, a PWA doesn’t take as much space when compared to other desktop apps.

You can’t find HEAlabel on the Play Store however you do have the option to add it to your menu by scanning a QR code from HEALabel’s website.

Features I wish it had 

  • A dedicated app

Get HEALabel App

Other Ways You Can Learn About Veganism

Veganism is such a talked about topic that you can find a lot of information related to it all over the internet. You can begin by simply typing veganism or vegan diet on the internet and research all by yourself. In addition to that, you can also follow subreddits such as Vegan and Vegan Recipes to find a community of people to help you clear your doubts. Besides that, there are tons of great vegan YouTubers about veganism and vegan cooking, two channels I follow are The Vegan Corner and Avant-Garde Vegan.

Closing Remarks: Which Vegan App Should You Try

So these were some of the best vegan apps that would help you make a gradual shift to a vegan diet and lifestyle. In my opinion, you should give Plant Jammer a try right away as it does not focus just on a vegan diet but you can make recipes with any ingredient you have in your kitchen. Besides that, Is It Vegan app will also help you eliminate products from your shopping list which may contain dairy or animal parts. Lastly, if you’re looking for a science-based plant to switch to a plant-based meal plan, the 21 Day Vegan Kickstarter app is a great way to start and move towards veganism gradually.

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