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5 Best Video Collage Apps for Android and iOS

by Kaushal

There is a very thin line between a Video collage maker and a Video editor, I believe most people get confused between the two and end up using none. Video collages are popular among parents, young students, who just want to join multiple videos, add music, filters, and texts. I have compiled a list of best collage maker apps for Android and iOS.

While native Gallery app like Google Photos and Samsung Gallery lets you create a photo collage with the click of a button. When it comes to video collage there is no way to do it without third-party apps. While, you can always use a video editor to create a video collage, but most people won’t need the extra features so we’ll cover only the basic editor which get the job done of collage making. Let’s get started.

Best Video Collage Apps

1. PhotoGrid

PhotoGrid is a simple collage maker app that allows you to create both photo and video collages. You can create short video clips with up to 4 different video files. You can change the layout, add music, adjust borders, etc. Adding stickers, text, and watermark is easy and you can customize your own logo.

Adjusting ratios for different social media can be challenging and PhotoGrid offers preset for Instagram, Facebook, and youtube along with standard ratios(4:3, 16:9, 9:16, etc). You can save the collage in 720p and share it with your friends on other social media platforms with one touch.

best video collage maker apps- photogrid

The limit for the length of the video collage is 30 seconds in the free version and you can purchase the premium version to extend the limit to one minute and completely remove ads. You also get full HD video support and you can remove watermarks.

Install PhotoGrid (AndroidiOS)

2. Video Collage: Mix Video and Photo

Video collage is yet another collage maker for Android and it doesn’t have a 30s limit on the collage duration. Although it has fewer features it covers the most ground. You can choose from a number of different collages and a maximum of 10 videos. Based on the number of videos you choose, you get the option of selecting different layouts for your collage. The app also has an option to add a blurred image which acts as a background.

You can add music to the collage as well but it only has access to your local library so you’d have to download it first if you don’t have it on your phone. There are a few different kinds of emojis including stickers, animals, shapes, etc. Once your template is done and you’ve added all the elements to the collage, you can save your project and share it on your social media.

best video collage maker apps- video collage

Apart from being a video collage maker, it is also has a camera, an editor, square video maker. The ads on the app are kind of distracting and annoying but there is no way to remove ads.

Install Video Collage (Android)

3. Video Collage Maker

One of the most popular apps on the Play Store which lets you create some beautiful Video Collages. Creating photo and video collages is easy and you can customize the elements of the project to your liking. For example, you can add various soundtracks, slideshow styles, and backgrounds to your collages. You can start a project using your own pictures but the app also allows you to search and import images from the internet or your Facebook account too.

Most importantly, the interface is easy and intuitive, you can find all the tools on the bottom of the screen where you can change the template, adjust borders and spacing, and insert text. The best part about the app is that it automatically does most of the work like selecting the perfect layout for all of your images. After you’re done editing the project save it to the Gallery as a video file and share it with your friends and family. The app is free on the Play Store and has a few ads.

Install Video Collage Maker (Android)

4. Pic Play Post

Just like the title, this app is just as simple to use and you can create video collages in an instant on your iPhone. You choose a layout, select media for the template, edit, and save. After selecting the template, you can adjust the media size and orientation according to the size of the template.

One niche feature of this app is that along with the local media, you can also add videos from youtube to your collage. You can add music to your creation and loop the clip for the entire video length. The final cut renders with a watermark which you can remove after purchasing the premium version. The free version allows the production of a video one minute in length which you can share on social media or save it on your phone.

best video collage maker apps- pic play post

The app has a few premium layouts which look so much better than the rectangular layout. If you do wish to unlock those for your video collages, it would cost you around $6.99/mo. With this upgrade you get full HD support, multiple audio support, tracking text, GIF rendering, and 30-minute video creation. Considering the features you get after the paywall, if you regularly make video collages then this app would suit your needs.

Install Pic Play Post (Android | iOS

5. Pic Stitch

Pic Stitch is yet another video collage maker app which allows you to craft beautiful and intricate video collages right through your iPhone. Unlike the previous app, you can’t source video from youtube but if you have some media on your Google Photos, Facebook, Dropbox or Adobe cloud, you can add that to the template.

The best part about this app is that it allows you to edit each image and video as you add it to the template. The editor has most of the editing tools built-in and provides so much more control as compared with the rest of the apps. You can crop, adjust colors, orient, sharpen, blur, reduce red-eye, etc.

best video collage maker apps- pic stitch

The app does not put a watermark on your collage, although you can put a custom watermark yourself in the editor. Both classic and fancy layout templates are available in the free app and only a few are behind a paywall. You can add music to the collage from your local library. However, the borders are locked behind the paywall and can be unlocked with a one time fee of $0.99.

Install Pic Stitch (AndroidiOS)

Which is the Best Video Collage Apps?

PhotoGrid is a quick app to create simple collages, while Video collage and Photo Collage let you do additional editing while creating your project. Pic Play Post is very easy to use and offers amazing layouts. Pic Stitch comes out on top in my opinion and has the most bang for the buck. Tell us which app do you like the best in the comments down below.

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