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20 Best Wallpaper Apps for Android 2020

by Ravi Teja KNTS

Smartphones already ship with a lot of photogenic and dynamic wallpapers. But a dedicated wallpaper app beautifies your home screen and makes sure you never run out of options. So, here are some of the fresh new wallpapers apps for 2020. As everyone has their own preferences and styles to design their home screens, I have tried to include all the categories of wallpapers from AMOLED to Automated to custom wallpaper builders. Let’s get to the list.

Best Wallpapers Apps for your Android 2020

1. AmoledWalls

AmoledWalls is one of the few wallpaper apps that has been on my phone for months. It has a good collection covering many topics like superheroes, abstract, materialistic, minimalistic, or even quote wallpapers. The developer keeps on adding wallpapers actively so that you can always find new wallpaper for your needs.

Download AmoledWalls

AmoledWalls - best wallpaper app for android

2. AMOLED Wallpapers

AMOLED wallpapers are the most famous AMOLED walls app on the play store and it truly deserves it. Just like AmoledWalls, you can find new wallpapers every now and then. The best part of this app is, it shows a wall of the day which most people are downloading. So if you want to change the wallpaper every day, you can easily do it here.

Download AMOLED Wallpapers

AMOLED wallpapers

3. Abstruct Wallpapers

Abstruct is made by the artist who designed all the original OnePlus wallpapers. You can download all those OnePlus wallpapers from the app. It has 8 different categories of abstract exclusive wallpapers that cannot be found in any other app. Few of the categories are only available in the pro version which costs a one-time payment of $1.99.

Download Abstract


4. Stupis Screens

Minimalistic wallpapers are the trend nowadays and if you are into the nest, Stupis screen is the app to go for. It is way ahead of the competition and the best thing is it creates wallpapers with the colors you like. You can set the design style and color. Further, the app will create different wallpapers based on your choice.

Download Stupis Screens


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5. vectorify da home!

vectorify is a pretty simple single-page app with various categories like sports, music, whether, zodiac, etc. The wallpapers in these categories have symbols. You can edit the color of the symbol, background, size, and placement of the symbol. The only thing to complain about is the number of collection, but none the less, it is totally good at what it does.

Download vectorify da home

6. Superheroes Wallpapers 4k

Compared to other apps, this app has a good collection covering both Marvel and DC. It also has a section that shows all the superheroes. You can just tap on the one you like and find his/her wallpapers.

Download Superheroes Wallpapers 4k


7. 3D Wallpaper Parallax

The sole purpose of the parallax wallpapers is to make the subject pop out of the display. Normally this is done by moving the background image faster or slower compared to the foreground image creating a 3d depth effect. Now the name of the app could have been better but the quality of the wallpapers is amazing and I had to put it on the list. Few of the wallpapers are paid, but free wallpapers are also great and work just fine. The only caveat is there are no categories and the list of wallpapers is also not big.

For a better collection, you can check out 3D Parallax Background($2.39).

Download 3D Wallpaper parallax


8. Blob Live wallpaper

Blob live wallpaper is one of the most famous live wallpaper apps, it just has one design which is known to be a blob design. Anyhow, you can change the moment, speed, and colors of it.

Download Blob

blob-live-wallpapers-best wallpaper app for android

9. Quotes Wallpapers

Quotes is a perfect app to find all types of quotes. On contrary to the competition, it allows you to set the quotes as wallpaper. Moreover, the collection of this app is really amazing and all the wallpapers are in good resolution. However, it would be much appreciated if the wallpapers were divided into categories.

Download Quotes Wallpapers


10. WalP

WalP is an app that tracks and stores all the stock wallpapers from Apple to Alcatel. And this app also has different sections which show you wallpapers based on companies, models, popular ones which most people have downloaded and recently ones which entered into the market recently.

Download WalP


11. Wallpapers by Google

Wallpapers by Google brings a  good decent set of wallpapers which not look cool and natural but also gives a good stock android feel. All the wallpapers have been categorized as naming, cityscapes, landscapes, seascapes, earth, texture, architecture, etc.

Download Wallpapers by Google 


12. Crisper

Crisper is a low-key wallpaper app and available for early access. But the app’s main focus is photography wallpapers. Developers of this app have taken royalty free pics from Unsplash which are good enough to be wallpapers and arranged them in different categories to choose from. Although there are various categories the illustration category intrigued me the most and it is definitely worth trying.

Download Crisper


13. Wallpix

With the advent of punch-hole displays, creative wallpapers have cropped up on Play Store which either hides or glorify the punch-hole. If you have a phone with a punch-hole display, you definitely have to take a look at Wallpix. All the wallpapers have been neatly categorized with a separate section for the popular and latest wallpapers. At present, most of the wallpapers are only for the Galaxy S10 and Note 10 series leaving a few of them.

Download Wallpix

wallpix - best wallpaper apps android

14. Hidey Hole

Hidey hole is another popular punch-hole wallpaper app. It doesn’t have any categories, it just provides the list of wallpapers in random order. Similar to Wallpix, it only has wallpapers for S10 and S10+ but you can find more variety.

Download Hidey Hole


15. Redpapers

Reddit has its hands on almost everything including even wallpapers. Redpapers is one such app that utilizes it. All you need to do set your favorite subreddit for wallpapers in the app. Next, choose the interval of time to change and it checks for the best wallpapers in the intervals and updates your wallpapers according to it. Apart from wallpapers, you can set a subreddit for even memes. So this will update your wallpaper to popular memes running on that subreddit. It also suggests the best subreddits most people use in the settings sections.

Download Redpapers


16. creative

Creative is a community app where people upload wallpapers, ringtones, home screen setups, etc. This app is the cleanest community app and the wallpapers reflect the same with high-quality resolution. Most of the wallpapers are free to download and you can also find home screen setups and what apps they have used to make it like that making it a perfect community app to set up your home screen.

Download Creative

Creative - best wallpaper app for android

17. DeviantArt

DeviantArt is a service built for photoshop. So apart from wallpaper pics, you can also find photos useful for effects, texts, etc making it the most cluttered app. Anyhow, all the photos on this app are free to download.

Download DevianArt



In case, you don’t know about the IFTTT (i.e. If This Then That) app. It basically automates things according to your preferences. There is an applet that changes your wallpaper every day to NASA’s astronomy pic of the day.

Download IFTTT


19. KLWP

KLWP lets you design your own wallpapers and is one of the robust apps on the Play Store. It might seem a bit confusing app at the start but gets better over time. It provides the utmost control to even design minute things like Text, Shape, Font icon for the wallpapers. Moreover, you can have music controls, date, time, and weather in your wallpapers. You also have a bunch of KLWP packs available on the play store that will help you get along.

Download KLWP

klwp - best wallpaper apps android

Wrapping Up

As I big fan of Android customization, these are just the apps I tried and liked much better than other apps. Among all of them, AmoledWalls, Creative, and KLWP are my favorite wallpaper apps.

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