Best Warranty And Manual Organizer Apps to Keep Tracks of Products

We review a lot of products and software at TechWiser and it had become difficult to keep track of all the products. It is a good practice to store all the warranty cards in a single place but something always manages to slip out. To fix this I have made a list of best warranty and Manual Organizer apps. Let’s begin.

Warranty And Manual Organizer Apps

1. Expirations

First, on the list, we have Expirations, a simple app that keeps track of the warranty of your products. Start with entering product details like Name, expiry date, and reminder. You can also add notes and tags for extra information. All of the products are saved on your the device locally and you can access the details with one tap. The app also reminds you of any upcoming expiration dates with a notification. The layout is clean and simple. Expirations is free on the Play Store.

Install Expirations (Android)

2. Expired

Expired is a similar app to the last app in the list in terms of usability and interface. You can store receipts and warranties on your phone with this app. Expired also lets you scan a product’s barcode to fetch details instead of manually entering for every product. Expired is not just meant for storing warranty of appliances and gadgets. You can categorize the products based on grocery, medical, bills, cards, etc. This helps you get rid of any expired grocery item from your pantry as well. The app automatically notifies when an expiration date of a product approaches which is better than manually setting up a reminder.

Install Expired( Android)

3. Chambu

Click, Record, Retrieve. Chambu is a warranty and Manual organizer app which is based on those three steps. You can keep records of all the products neatly organized in this app. Begin by selecting a document type – invoice, model/Serial Number, Warranty card, etc are all accepted in the app. You can then upload the images of the documents. Next, fill all the product details, purchase date, and warranty period. You can see all the products on the home page neatly categorized.

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The three thumbs on the top show upcoming and expired warranties and you can see which products to take action on. Chambu stores all of the linked with your account safe even if you delete the app. You can simply log on to your Chambu account and get your data back. Chambu is free on the Play Store.

Install Chambu (Android | iOS)

4. Keep Warranty

Next, we have Keep Warranty, a warranty and manual organizer app with a comprehensive interface. To use this app, first, you need to create an account in the app. Adding a product is easy, you just have to follow the step by step process. Take a photo or upload it from the gallery. The inbuilt OCR recognizes the texts on Warranty cards and receipts. You can tap to select and add to various fields of your product. After that, you can add the product into a category, add additional pictures and documents. It uploads all the files to your account online which makes backup easier.

Keep Warranty is a great option if you want to keep track of every product you buy and want an easier method to input the data. The app is free on the Play Store and the App Store.

Install Keep Warranty (Android | iOS)

5. MrReceipt

Next, MrReceipt is an all-in-one receipt management app. It keeps track of your products and makes it easier to find when you actually need them. With its quick filters, you can look for a specific product category with just a tap. It has all the features of a standard warranty tracking app and it additionally offers an expense statistics chart which gives you an idea of how much money you spend on a specific product type. MrReceipt is free and you can get it on the Play Store and the App  Store.

Install MrReceipt (Android | iOS)

6. Zither

The next app, Zither is an organizer which is not limited to keeping track of warranties. You can organize all the documentation of the products like receipts, manuals, warranty cards, etc with this app. You can manually enter the data for the products when you can’t find the receipts or if you’ve recently bought a product then you can simply scan the barcode to enter the data.

To keep things organized, Zither lets you upload pictures of products and receipts. You can scan the serial number with the camera and add the warranty period. The app reminds you of upcoming expiration dates with a notification. Zither is a great tool to keep all the products’ documentation organized and you can use it at home or at your business. It is free on the App Store.

Install Zither (iOS)

7. Sortly

Lastly, Sortly is an inventory management app which also keeps track of your products’ warranties.  You can sort your items in different folders and create your own folder for items. You can either manually enter details or scan the barcode to automatically fetch the details. Along with a warranty option, it also lets you add a return period. You can set the app to remind you when the return period and warranty is about to expire. Sortly also shows the total number of items, folders, and amount. The app comes with a 2 week free trial on the Play Store and the App Store.

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Install Sortly (Android | iOS)

Wrapping Up

These were my picks for Best Warranty and Manual Organizer apps, Expirations and Expired are simple apps which offer simple warranty tracking and notifications. These apps are good for keeping track of simple stuff. Keep Warranty and Chambu are well-designed apps with multiple features and image support. MrReceipt offers expense tracking along with warranty tracking which is a nice addition. Sortly is not technically a warranty tracker app but it has the feature built in and it works great. Which app do you like the best, tell us in the comments below.

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