6 Best White Noise Apps for iPhone

Whether you want to focus on your work or having trouble falling asleep, the white noise apps would help you achieve that. A month ago, we talked about the best white noise apps for Android and now we’re here with best white noise apps for iPhone

White Noise is a static sound that resembles the old CRT TV sets. This sound was generated when a program has aired and the station had nothing left to broadcast. This actually helped some people sleep. Hence there are so many apps that reduce anxiety, make you feel relaxed or even boost your productivity. There are more versions to this like there is brown noise that resembles an AC. There are nature sounds, like a forest with a small river by producing a relaxing sound. These are easily filtered by our brain and makes feel content, making it good for babies, students and people trying to sleep in new environments.

Before we begin

These apps are for iPhone but we recommend using those apps with earphones or a Bluetooth speaker because the iPhone speaker isn’t designed to be used for long intervals and it would wear out soon and you’d end up with a crackling speaker. People who use the white noise machine to stimulate themselves regularly know that the machine is specifically made to produce sounds for long periods of time.

Best White Noise Apps for iPhone

1. Rain Rain Sound:

Best for – productivity, babies

This app simulates natural events on your iPhone like the sound of ocean waves, thunderstorm, fountains etc. It works effectively in reducing stress, alleviating anxiety, help people sleep, and boost productivity.


Rain Rain Sound has a long list of sound effects that are absolutely free. You can mix up to 3 sounds and create your own mix. You might need to hit and try a bit to figure out what works best for you, I listen to the soft rain, Thunderstorm, and Cat Purr while writing these articles (I miss my cat). It can set a pulsating effect on each of these sounds which slowly fades the sound periodically that just adds a lot realistic feel to it.  

It plays in the background and you can use your phone while playing these sounds. You can choose and favorite the sounds and use them later on. The timer feature is great and you can set a timer for up to 25 hours and this app would continue to play the sounds for that amount of time and slowly fade out. If you have trouble sleeping at night, this app sets a bedtime reminder for you to go to bed and prompts you to follow your routine.

Pros: runs in background, Timer, Reminder

Cons: you can only mix 3 sounds, some of the sounds require internet connectivity at all times to play.

Download Rain Rain Sound from the App Store

2. Relax Melodies

Best for: sleeping

Relax melody is an app that would make you sleep like a baby with its unique set of sounds and noise combinations.


You can choose sounds and let them play for an indefinite time in the background. Up to 12 sounds can be played at once and gives you an option to create your own personal mix. It also lets you save those mix for future uses. You get around 50+ sound files which you can mix and match to find your sweet spot. This app also has a timer which lets set the app play the sounds for the time period. If you sync your app with an account, you can listen to your mixes on any of the devices including Apple watch. Bed-time reminders are like a cherry on the cake for an app that helps you sleep.

Pros: mix up to 12 sounds and save it for later, Runs in the background, Timer, Reminder

Cons: there are a few minor functionality bugs to fix which cause the app to crash sometimes without internet.

Download Relax Melodies from the App Store

3. Pillow smart sleep tracking:

Best for: sleep analysis

Pillow on a quick look may look like an alarm app but there’s more to it. It is also a sleep tracker.

A very efficient one for that matter. It pairs with your Apple Watch and tracks you while sleeping. It also works without the Apple Watch too and relies on the sounds picked up by the mic.

You begin by setting up the app which asks permission to use and track data from your Apple Watch. You have to wear the watch while sleeping. The app also has an option of sleep aid in the Settings, which plays a soothing sound to help you fall asleep and as soon as it detects you are sleeping, it’ll stop the music. For the best results, you use the full sleep mode with sleep cycle tracking, mic input, and alarm. The app automatically decides when to wake you up.


Pros: Runs in the background, Tracks sleep.

Cons: Only has a few sounds for background noise.

Download Pillow from the App Store

4. Deep Sleep with Andrew Johnson

Best for: insomnia, deep sleep

Deep sleep with Andrew Johnson is a guided meditation program intended to help you relax and fall asleep. Andrew Jackson narrates in a calming voice and takes us through a process of releasing stress and relaxing.

The app is very simple and you purchase the app and start the long induction. It has been a proven way of falling asleep to carefully worded instructions almost like a lullaby for adults.

Pros: Narrative approach that helps people who have anxiety and insomnia.

Cons: Only available in English.

Download Deep Sleep from the App Store

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5. Binaural Beats

Best for – people who want a productive routine without distractions.

Binaural beats are the imaginary beat made up by your brain when it hear two different music from two different ears. For example, say you are listening to 100Hz audio from your left ear and 110Hz from your right ear. So, the difference is 10Hz, which will be process by your brain as a new  music. Some people find these imaginary beats relaxing.


The app is pretty simple, as the name suggest it produces binaural beats that helps you to calm your mind. Although make sure you keep the different less than 40Hz and use a earphone, off course for it to work.

It has a timer and you can use it to set the app to stimulate you for a time interval.

Pros: very effective brain stimulation. You can play it behind music or audiobook.

Cons: just one type of sound is generated, the binaural technique could’ve been implemented with ASMR to provide a better experience.

Download Binaural beats from the App Store

6. Coffitivity

Best for: virtual coffee shop’s vibe 

Studies have shown, that some people are more productivity while they are working in ambient noise like people taking in the background, if you are one of those, try Coffitivity.

Do you like the ambiance of a Coffee Shop, that’s a specific background noise which we are accustomed to and it really helps some people get more productive. Coffitivity is a simple app that plays a coffee shop sound in the background like people talking, and cups being taking away etc.


It only has three background sounds and it plays that in the background and gives you a crowded cafe vibe but that is not why this app is in this list. You can connect your Spotify, Pandora, Rdio, Last.fm and Apple Music to listen to your music and this background sound would continue to play in the background.

Pros: Music Apps integration

Cons: Only 3 background noise files

Download Coffitivity from the App Store

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Best White Noise Apps for iPhone

Life can stressful as it is and we can only alleviate some of the worries. These white noise apps would help you stimulate your mind and help sleep better. Coffitivity is best for cafe vibe and you can listen to music as well. Relax Melodies and Rain Rain Sound is best for creating mix background noise. I personally loved Pillow as it helps me track my sleep patterns, tell us which app do you love the most.


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