Best Whiteboard Apps for Android and iOS

Whether you are looking for brainstorming ideas or want to teach your students remotely, a good whiteboard app can make a lot of difference. With the rise of stylus like S pen and Apple Pencil, more people are looking for whiteboard apps for their mobile and tablet. A quick search on Google for “best whiteboard app” brings up many options. However, not all apps are made the same. Some of these apps are meant for brainstorming ideas with coworkers while other focus on remote teaching, and then there are some apps that help you make whiteboard animation. 

To make things simple for you, here’s a list of some of the best whiteboard applications for Android and iOS users.

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Best Whiteboard Apps

1. Whiteboard

If you are looking for easy to use and clean whiteboard app for Android, then Whiteboard by Sharda Gohil is for you.

Once you open the app, you see a plain white canvass that occupies 90% of the screen. On the top, there are options to select various pens, color, and effects, change the background color, type text and much more. There is also one-click undo button if you happen to make any mistakes. You can also import pictures from your gallery but no support for videos. 

However, the app contains ads which can be off-putting for some. Unfortunately, there is no premium version to get rid of the ads, however, you can always use the good old method of putting your phone to offline mode to get rid of intrusive ads. 


  • Simple & Easy to Use Design
  • Import picture
  • Autosave
  • Change background color


  • Text Size and color is predetermined by the app
  • Intrusive ads


Overall, Whiteboard is quite useful for simple tasks such as drawing or jotting down ideas. However, it lacks some common features like the ability to add custom text or edit saved drawings. This application is made to be used more for a basic set of tasks and is quite suitable for use by kids.

Download Whiteboard (Android, free with ads)

2. LiveBoard Interactive Whiteboard

Unlike the previous app, LiveBoard is available for both Android and iOS. But what makes this application feature in the list of best whiteboard apps is its innovative features. The application allows a real-time and good quality collaboration with other users.

Once you open the app, it shows you few sample whiteboards or you can start creating your own by tapping on green plus button at the bottom right. The app automatically switches to landscape mode and the whiteboard layout looks similar to the previous app. That’s is, a major part of the screen is a white canvas with a bunch of drawing options to the left. One interesting feature is the layer support, that we didn’t see in the previous app.


  • Real-time Collaboration
  • In-app Chat & Broadcast
  • Layer support
  • Available for Android and iOS


  •  Doesn’t offer copy paste functionality

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LiveBoard Interactive Whiteboard

Overall, LiveBoard is Completely free to use Whiteboard app, that let users chat with each other from within the app, making the collaboration easier, better, fun, and really smooth. The application also allows live broadcasting among users which enables viewing live changes/ additions on your whiteboard by your friends – fostering real-time discussions and group interaction. You can make unlimited undo’s and redos on this app and it surely promises one of the finest user experiences.

Download Liveboard Interactive Whiteboard (Android | iOS)

3. Ziteboard

Ziteboard is another Android app that is shareable, real-time, works well on smart-phones and tablets. But what makes it different from the rest is that the app allows users to publish their designs/ boards on the web so that other people can view them without the ability to join or edit them.

This is more of a presentation-friendly feature. The app makes use of ‘Artificial Intelligence’ shape sensing which replaces your imperfect squares and circles with completely crisp and well-shaped figures.


  • Save boards on the Web
  • Google Chrome Extension is a bonus
  • Sync screens with Mirror view
  • Uses vector graphics technology makes it truly zoomable


  • No option to export files to local storage
  • The Google Oauth is not implemented properly


Download Ziteboard (Android and Chrome)

4. Explain Everything

Explain everything is probably the most popular whiteboard app for Android and iOS. And if you have an iPad with an Apple pencil, then it’s one of the best whiteboard app for iPad pro.

Once you open the app, you are presented with 4 different option – New, Inview, Join and Share. As you might have guessed, just like the previous app, you can collaborate with other user and brainstorm on a single piece of the whiteboard. Once you are in the main whiteboard, the interface remains the same as others but this time, it has more tools to choose from. For example, instead of offering you one pen to do everything, you get a different kind of pens, brushes, markers etc.


  • Import multimedia and documents
  • Connect and integrate seamlessly with Google Drive,
  • Support Apple Pencil on iPad Pro
  • Real-time Collaboration


  • The paid version could be too expensive for some

Explain Everything

Overall, if I have to put it into perspective, I would say, it’s the refined version of LiveBoard app. Explain Everything offers much more additional features. For example, you can import files like PDF, DOC, MP4 etc, Record the canvas to create tutorials, and much more. However, this additional features comes with the heavy price starting at $24.99 per year. Thankfully, there is a 14-day trial of Pro subscription features. In the free version of the app, you can only join collaborations as a viewer and play other’s Explain Everything projects.

Download Explain Everything (Android | iOS)

5. VideoScribe Anywhere

VideoScribe is not exactly a whiteboard app, but if you want to make an explainer whiteboard animation video, (you know the one you see on YouTube) then VideoScibe is the best bet for you.

The way it works is pretty simple. Once you open up the app, you can add the video script and pick up images from the library, and VideoScribe will turn them into a powerful animated video. You can also add a background Royalty free soundtracks or your own voice over to go along with it.

VideoScibe is available for iPhone and iPad for $1, however you need to pay, $4.99 more to export videos to camera roll.


  • Thousands of Images and music to choose from
  • Easy to use
  • Connect to your desktop version of VideoScribe


  • Not available on Android anymore
  • Lacks customization

VideoScribe Anywhere

VideoScribe Now is the name for the Android version of VideoScibe, but unfortunately, it’s no longer available on Google Play Store or the official website. According to this thread, the company has removed the support for Android and there is no plan to make it work in near future. However, we tried sideloading the previous Android version of the app and it worked fine on Note 9 running Android 8.0 Oreo.

Download VideoScribe Anywhere ($1, iPhone and iPad)

Check out Just a Line, an AR app that lets you draw white lines in the air and then share it in form of video.

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