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Best WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts Every Blogger Should Know

by Mrinal Saha
Best wordpress shortcodes that every blogger should

No doubt WordPress is one of the best open source platforms for building websites. Two years ago when I was first introduced to WordPress by one of my friend who did web development projects, I must admit that I was shocked to see how easy was to build a website with little or almost no coding skills.

One good thing about open source project is that you learn new things every day. And today I going to share some best WordPress shortcodes to boost your productivity. Now you can find all the WordPress shortcodes from the help section on the visual editor, but most of them are old school and quite obvious like ctrl+c for copy and ctrl+v for paste.

help on wordpress

But I in this tutorial I have handpicked some of the best and most useful shortcodes that come handy quite a lot. I am the great fan of keyboard shortcuts and would encourage you to give them a try and trust me you will love them as much I do.

Alt + Shift + w gets you full-screen mode for distraction free writing while again pressing the same key combination will toggle back to Rich text editor. The most used shortcodes are  Alt + Shift + m to Insert Image and Alt + Shift + a to Insert link at your pointer position. At any point, if you want help the press Alt + Shift + h.

I have also made a clean infographic that you can download for quick access to all the shortcodes for WordPress.

Best wordpress shortcodes that every blogger should

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