15 Fresh Xposed modules For Android Marshmallow And Lollipop

A while back we featured some must have Xposed Modules of all time like the popular Gravity box, X-Privacy, and BootManager, etc. But if you are bored with all these best Xposed Modules, well, then are some of the fresh ones that you might not have heard before.

What is an Xposed Framework?

Xposed Framework is a tool that lets you install small apps called — Xposed modules on your Android devices. But, unlike the apps we install from Play Store, these Xposed Modules are very powerful, i.e. they can make kernel level changes to your devices.

The steps to install the Xposed framework is different for every device, and like always the best guide is Google and XDA thread. However, before you begin your search make sure you have a rooted Android with a custom recovery installed.

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Now, to download the Xposed module, open the Xposed framework app, and go to the download option. In the search bar at the top, type the name of the Xposed module you want to install. Once you see it in the search result, tap on it and go to the version tab and install the latest one from there. And that’s it.

how to install Xposed modules

So, now that we know the basics, let’s get started.

Best Xposed Modules for 2016

#1 Android-Nify

Want to get Android N features on your device running lollipop or marshmallow?

Well with Android N-ify, you can get useful features of Android N, like — quick settings in the notification, new recent apps, and double press the recent app buttons will take you to the previous app.

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Android N-ify Xposed Module

#2 Lockscreen Mod

A simple module that lets you launch your favorite apps directly from the lock screen.

Lockscreen Mod

#3 WhatsAppX

It’s a must-have extension for WhatsApp power user. It gives you features like – quick reply to WhatsApp messages directly from the notification, Call over cell instead of Whatsapp-call and password protect a chat inside the WhatsApp.


#4 Power Nap

Power Nap block services like Facebook and Google play from waking up your phone from deep sleep. So, there is a negligible battery drain, when the screen is OFF.

However, make sure you whitelist certain apps like Gmail, WhatsApp etc or you won’t get push notification in real time. Or even better use Amplify. It’s similar to Power Nap in functionality but gives you more control on app’s wake lock. Like you can allow notification from the app while blocking all the other services. But then it’s also geeky.

Power Nap

#5 One Tap Video Downloader

This Xposed module lets you download videos from anywhere on the internet. Simply play any video in the browser and you’ll see a notification with a download option.

But to download YouTube or Facebook videos, you need to install their respective modules from the Xposed repo, like– One Tap Facebook or One Tap Youtube.

One tap video downloader Xposed Module

#6 Zoom for Instagram

How many times have you wished you can do pinch-to-zoom on Instagram photos?

Well, with Zoom for Instagram you can do that pretty easily and that too within the app. The same app is also available on Play Store, but it’s not intuitive since you have to open every image in a different app.

Update: Instagram now has this feature built-in.

Zoom for instagram xposed module

#7 XInsta

Most apps that let you download photos from Instagram, require user input to copy the photo URL and the paste that in third party app. But XInsta offers a direct download link inside the Instagram app.  Simply tap on the 3 vertical dots at the bottom of the image and select download image option. Plain and simple.

XInsta Xposed module

#8 Stay Awake

As the name suggest, Stay Awake keeps your phone display ON, when you are using specific apps. But compare to its alternative, it has a more practical approach.

Simply press the volume up and down button simultaneously (or click in the middle of the volume rocker) and it’ll keep the screen ON for the current app on the screen.
To disable it, again press the vol up and down button at once.

Stay Awake Xposed module

#9 YouTube in Background

When you close the YouTube app, The audio stop as well. Right?
Now, one way to fix that is, by playing the video in firefox browser, but that require too much work each time. But this Xposed module makes this very intuitive.

Simply, open the YouTube app, play a video and then exit the app or turn off the screen. The video will still play in the background. No need to press anywhere.

One tap video downloader Xposed Module

#10 Youtube Swipe to Seek

This module lets you adjust the playback position and volume of the YouTube video, by swiping your finger from left to right or up and down respectively. But it only works when the video is in full-screen mode.

I often wonder why YouTube don’t have this feature already built in it.

YouTube swipe left right Xposed module

#11 BubbleUPnP

While there are many apps that can stream local media on Chromecast, none of them lets you stream audio from an unsupported app (like Spotify). But with BubbleUPnP, you can easily do that with AudioCast option.

BubbleUpnp Xposed module

#12 Knock Code

A special lock screen module, that replaces your lock screen with a knock code ( like we see in LG G4). But the cool thing here is — you can assign a different password to open different apps directly from the lock screen.

knock code xposed module

#13 Spotify Skip

Now, there are workarounds to install Spotify outside the supported country. But still, you can not get the premium features since you can not pay for it. And guess what,
Spotify Skip can fix this.

With this Xposed module, you get unlimited skips and on-demand song on Spotify.
And yes, there are no ads as well.

Spotify Skip Xposed module

So, here we have seen some of the best Xposed modules of 2016. All the modules mention is this post are tested on moto e (2nd gen) running on Android Marshmallow. So, you would not face any compatibility issues on Android 6.0 or lower.

Also, I’ll update the list if I found a new Xposed module. Or if you know any fresh Xposed module, that was not covered in this post, then share it with us, by commenting below.


#14 Text Aide

Usually, if you want to find a definition of a word on your Android, you have to copy that word to your clipboard and then do a Google search. But with Text Aide, you can simple double tap on the word, tap on define option to see its definition.share button and it’ll show you

Text aide also adds some other options like – Copy as URL, search and speak and it works on every app. To see these additional options, first highlight the text, then tap on share and there you’ll find them. Though, to see offline definition, it asks you to download another Offline dictionary from livio which weight 27 MB.

The Xposed module is free with no ads. However, if you like the app and want to support the development, you can get it from Play Store and donate there.


#15 Google Search Bar Destroyer

Almost every stock Android launcher comes with Google Search on the top, which might look ugly at times. One way to remove this search bar is to use the custom launcher like Nova launcher, however, if you still like to stick with the default stock launcher and remove the persistent search bar, then use this Xposed module will help.

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