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Best Group Bill Splitting App For Android and iOS

by Vishal
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Whether you are living with your significant other, going for a weekend getaway with your friends or dining out with your office buddies. Having an expense tracker provides an easy way to split expenses. However, not all bill splitting apps are made equal, some are better suited for splitting bills with roommates while others are made to track and manage your expense better. But fret not, we did the heavy lifting for you. In this article, we’ve compared the popular bill splitting apps to help you pick the right one. So, let’s check them out. Shall we?

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Bill Splitting App

1. Tricount

One of the most minimal bills splitting apps. Tricount helps you settle bills in the easiest way possible. You can split the bills evenly, as well as unevenly. It shows the overall expenses of everyone in a separate tab, where you know how much everyone owes. It also works offline.


  • Minimalistic UI
  • Offline access


  • No inbuilt currency converter
  • No option to settle payment in the app

Best for: It is a simple app which splits bills efficiently. The lack of currency conversion can be the only point of improvement for an otherwise great app.


Download Tricount (Android | iOS)

2. Splitwise

One of the most popular apps, Splitwise lets you split expenses with flexibility. It has simplistic UI and easy options to split bills unevenly.

Adding an expense on Splitwise is easy. Say I paid the Internet bill. I hit the plus sign at the bottom of the screen and select the group or people that are involved in it. You can also add a description or attach pictures of bills/ receipts. One thing I like about Splitwise is the fact that you can even split expense on percentage.

Assuming everyone makes an equivalent contribution, most debts are often even out by the end of the month. However, if you need urgent money, you can send a reminder in the app to a person who owes money. Users can settle payment by cash, PayPal or Venmo. However, the last two options are only available in selected countries such as the U.S.

The biggest reason to use Splitwise is their knowledge center. A few days, I was looking for a way to add recurring transactions to Splitwise. A simple Google search lands me to this page. Similarly, if you are figuring out how to do something on Splitwise, chances are, you’ll find it in their online documentation.


  • Split bills evenly and unevenly
  • Sums net amount expenses to show overall credit
  • Send reminders to settle a bill


  • No online payment option available for people living outside of U.S

Best use: The app is perfect for keeping a track of group expenses and settle bills in an efficient manner. Best for splitting bills, utilities, rent, movies tickets etc. with roommates.


Download Splitwise (Android | iOS)

3. Splid 

Splid, the popular iOS app is now on Android as well. It is efficient and provides the net amount owed by everyone in the group. It also has an inbuilt currency converter, so you can settle bills in multiple currencies. For example, even if your expenses are in USD, you have the option to settle it in Pounds. Another feature that separates Splid from Splitwise, there is no need to sign up to split bills.

The UI is minimal, and you can export bills as PDF or Excel files as well.


  • Settle bills in multiple currencies
  • No sign up needed
  • Export bills as PDF
  • Minimalistic UI


  • No option to settle payment in the app
  • Does not update bills offline

Best use: The best app when you’re traveling across countries. The currency converter is accurate and there is no need to login to use the app. Apart from minor downsides, it is one of the best bill splitting apps available for splitting travel expenses


Download Splid (Android | iOS)

4. Settle Up

A great app to split bills, which can handle multiple payment scenarios. It has an inbuilt currency converter to help with settling expenses on an international trip. There is also a web app, so you add/edit expenses from your laptop as well. And just as Splid, it also provides the net amount owed by all members, with currency conversions if needed.

The ads on the free account can be annoying. You can buy the premium account for $1.99, which also give you the option to add receipt photos and set up recurring transactions. Both of these options are available in Splitwise free version though.


  • Inbuilt currency converter
  • Edit expenses from a laptop as well
  • Share expenses via social media


  • The free account has a few ads
  • No option to settle payment in the app

Best for: This is a great app to settle bills on an international trip. The UI is simplistic and clean.

Screenshot Image

Download Settle Up (Android | iOS)

5. Walnut

Walnut is one of the best expense trackers that also works as a group expense splitter. It is primarily used to manage your expenses, it reads your SMS to know whenever you use your cards to spend money and catalogs it. The group expense manager is good. It has all the basic functionalities. You can split bills unevenly as well. The UI for splitting group bills is not great but the app is perfect for money management of all kinds.


  • Group and personal expense manager
  • Records bills directly from SMS so you don’t have to enter it manually. Saved expenses can also be added to group expense.
  • Can settle payment from the app


  • Not the best group expense manager

Best for: This app is the best option for a personal and/or group money management. It might not be the best at group expenses management but the option to settle payments from the app and manage personal expenses makes this app very versatile and useful.

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Download Walnut (Android | iOS)

6. Tip N Split Calculator

This app helps you calculate tip and split the bill. It is a simple app that has information regarding tipping in different countries. It lets you put in the bill total and lets you choose any of the following: percentage, dollar amount, what you want to grand total to be and it auto-adjusts the other fields to what they’d be. If I want the tip or grand total to be around, whole-dollar amount, it shows what that would be in percentage.


  • Calculate tip in percentage
  • General tipping guide


  • Best as tipping and bill split app only.
  • Cannot settle expenses in the app

Best for: This app is most useful when splitting a bill at a restaurant. It offers a wide range of flexibility while calculating a tip. However, it isn’t effective as travel expense splitting app.

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Tip N Split

Download Tip N Split ( Android | iOS )

Which is the Bill Splitting App?

If all you need is just expense splitting, nothing more, Tricount is an app for you. Splitwise It is the best app for all types of bill splitting. It is minimal and precise, like a swiss knife. Splid comes with the ability is split bills in multiple currencies makes it the perfect app when you’re traveling overseas. The minimalistic UI makes is it easy to use. Tip N Split Calculator is the best restaurant bill splitting app. Calculate tip anyway you want and split the total bill accordingly.

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