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How to Block/Unblock an Instagram Account on Mobile and PC

by Vaibhav
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There are ways to know if someone has blocked you on Instagram. However, if you are on the receiving end and are being bugged by a user, you can easily block them as well. But what really happens if an Instagram account is blocked? If you only wish to restrict someone from viewing certain parts of your profile, I’m going to talk about a few alternatives as well. So without further ado, here is how to block an Instagram account and other ways to restrict a user on mobile and PC.

Blocking and Unblocking Instagram Accounts and Consequences

We will be touching upon a number of topics regarding blocking on Instagram like how to block someone who follows you or not, what happens when you do so, checking your current block list, unblocking someone, and more.

What Happens When You Block Someone on Instagram

Before we get on with blocking someone on Instagram, there are several factors you should consider. Firstly, as soon as you block someone on Instagram, it restricts the other user from viewing any content that you post. For example, user won’t be able to search your profile, hence, all the stories, photos, reels, IGTV videos, or highlights you post are hidden from the account blocked.

You will continue to see their chat messages in your inbox, but replying to them wouldn’t be an option. In the case of group chats, Instagram will prompt whether you want to stay in or leave the group. In case you choose to stay, you will be able to see their messages but only in the group.

There are a few other options in case you do not wish to completely block a user out.

  • Private Account – Only allows your followers to view your profile and content posted on your feed.
  • Hide Content – Although you cannot hide posts, you can easily hide your Instagram stories from other users by adding them to the hidden list.
  • Restricted Account – After you restrict an account, you won’t see any notifications when they comment. Moreover, any new comment will only be visible to the restricted account. This is a great way to restrict someone from spamming your comments section without blocking them completely.

How to Block Someone in Instagram Mobile

You can easily block user’s account by visiting their profile on Instagram Android or iOS app. Here’s how you can do that in a few steps.

1. If you want to block a specific user, open Instagram and go to their profile. Tap the three vertical dots menu icon on the top right corner and select Block.

How to block an account on Instagram app

2. Select Block again after which you’ll see another pop-up confirming that the user has been blocked. Hit OK and you are done.

Blocked user on Instagram

How to Unblock Someone in Instagram Mobile

You can easily block a user through their profile. However, in order to unblock them, we are going to use the privacy option since the user will not show up when you search the profile.

1. To unblock an Instagram account, open your profile and tap on the three horizontal line menu on the top right corner. Now open Settings from the bottom of the page.

Instagram Settings

2. From the Settings menu, tap on Privacy and scroll down to Blocked Accounts. Here you’ll see a list of all the users that you have blocked. In order to unblock a user, simply tap on Unblock.

Instagram Privacy option

How to Block Someone in Instagram Web App

You can use Instagram web app to do a few things like upload videos from computer or block an Instagram account. Just note that the Instagram web app doesn’t allow you to see the block list. So the only way to unblock them is through the mobile app.

1. Open Instagram in your browser and head to the user’s profile you wish to block. Click on the three horizontal dot menu on the right of the profile name.

Instagram profile

2. Now from the pop-up menu, tap on Block this user. You’ll see a similar confirmation prompt just like in the mobile version. Click on Block and you’ll successfully blocked the user. As soon you block an account, the number of followers and users following will automatically drop to zero.

Block a user on Instagram web

Closing Remarks: Blocking/Unblocking Instagram User

It is easy to block and unblock users on Instagram. Although there are alternative methods that you can use to hide bits and pieces of your profile, none of these settings will shut off a user completely from viewing your profile. The only option is to block the user’s Instagram account.

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