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8 Best Bluetooth Keyboards for iPhone That You’d Drool Over

by Kaushal
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There’s no shortage of keyboard apps for iPhone on the App Store but there’s only so much you can type with two thumbs. The Qwerty layout that we all use is meant to be used with all of our fingers. Wondering if getting a physical keyboard would be worth it? Totally. Let’s check out the best Bluetooth keyboards for iPhone.

1. Fosa Folio Case Wireless Keyboard

Folio Cases for iPad are really popular because they’re functional and let you use the device like a laptop. This case does exactly that and fits the iPhone on one side and pairs the Bluetooth keyboard so that you can use your iPhone like a computer. The folio can fit any iPhone ranging from 4.5″ to 6.8″ screen size. Not just that, if you don’t want to use the iPhone in landscape mode, the Bluetooth keyboard is detachable and you can use the keyboard without the folio as well.

folio case for iphone

Buy Fosa Folio Case Wireless Keyboard ($23)

2. Samsers Foldable Keyboard

If you travel and need a Bluetooth keyboard that can easily be carried in a bag then this foldable Bluetooth keyboard for iPhone is a decent option. It’s a slim profile keyboard that can fold like a book and reduce its footprint by half. The membrane style keyboard is silent and can work for up to 40 hours on a single charge. Samsers Foldable Keyboard also comes with a stand to prop up the iPhone and start typing anywhere.

foldable keyboard for iphone

Buy Samsers Foldable Keyboard ($26.99)

3. Geyes Portable Travel Keyboard

Geyes Travel folding keyboard is a little different than the previous one as it folds into a pen case. That’s even more portable. The metal body and hinges make it sturdy and reliable, plus the aluminum body feels and looks premium. The keys are really slim and the entire QWERTY layout is only slightly bigger than the iPhone itself. The stand is built in the keyboard itself and you can just prop it over the keyboard and start typing. The keyboard claims 120-hour battery life on a single charge so it should last you for quite a while.

tri fold keyboard for iphone

Buy Geyes Portable Travel Keyboard ($32)

4. Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard

While the above Bluetooth keyboards for iPhones are great when you’re traveling, you don’t need to settle for smaller keys. Logitech K380 is a full-sized Bluetooth keyboard that you can use to connect multiple devices in your home at once. You can connect up to three devices simultaneously and seamlessly switch between them. You can pair it with your iPhone, Apple TV, iPad, and even Windows computer and use the keyboard to type on any of the devices. The best part is that the battery lasts for 24 months but aren’t rechargeable.

logitech keyboard with round keys

Buy Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard ($29)

5. Dierya Mechanical Keyboard

If you like the click-clacks of a mechanical keyboard and wish to use it with your iPhone then check out Dierya. It’s a 60% RGB mechanical keyboard with MX Browns that are one of the popular switches. There are eight different RGB modes to choose from and everything is powered by a 1900 mAh battery. The keyboard supports both wired and Bluetooth connection which means you can plug it into your computer when you’re not using it with the iPhone.

mechanical keyboard with RGB

Buy Dierya Mechanical Keyboard ($59)

6. Apple Magic Keyboard

There are some obvious perks of going all-in with the Apple ecosystem such as seamless connectivity with devices like Magic Keyboard and Trackpad. You can use the Apple Magic Keyboard with the iPhone and get instant connectivity without worrying about compatibility. Plus the key layout is consistent with MacBooks so you’d feel right at home.

magic keyboard by Apple

Buy Apple Magic Keyboard ($95)

7. Waterproof Rollable Keyboard

Foldable keyboards have their own market but rollable keyboards are something different. This particular Bluetooth keyboard for iPhones comes with a silicone body that is quite flexible and completely silent. The keyboard rolls flat and becomes a 60% layout keyboard with all the electronics and battery crammed in the side compartment. This innovative design protects the internals from getting damaged while rolling the keyboard. As everything is molded in silicone, the keyboard is completely waterproof.

rollable bluetooth keyboard for iphone

Buy Waterproof Rollable Keyboard ($13.99)

8. AGS Wireless Laser Projector

While a lot of people consider these laser keyboards as mere gimmicks, these definitely work. The tiny box comes with a projector that draws the keyboard on any surface that you place the device on. An array of sensors detect the key-press by sensing your finger and its current position. The keyboard can transform any flat surface into a keyboard and the reliability is decent at best. Still, pretty cool.

laser keyboard projectint qwerty layout

Buy AGS Wireless Laser Projector ($45)

Which Bluetooth Keyboard Would You Buy for the iPhone

These were some of the most unique keyboards that I could find for you guys. Every Bluetooth keyboard on the list has a unique way of solving the same problem. The foldable cases are compact and suitable for light travel and Logitech and Apple focus on the longevity of the battery. Which Bluetooth Keyboard for iPhone would you buy? Let me know on Twitter.

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