How to Bulk Update YouTube Titles, Description, Tags and Other Metadata

Looking for a way to bulk update YouTube videos?

Well, do you know YouTube has an inbuilt option to bulk update titles, description, tags and other metadata! Although this bulk edit feature was rolled a long time ago, many YouTube publishers are still not aware of it, since this feature is buried under settings.

What you can do?

You can make bulk changes to–

  • Change Ad Formats
  • Enable/Disable Age restriction
  • Update Caption Certification
  • Change video Category
  • Add, remove and rename keywords in the description
  • Change privacy settings
  • Change license
  • Change the video’s location
  • Enable or disable monetization
  • Change the recording date
  • Subtitle contribution
  • Syndication
  • Add or Remove tags
  • Add keywords to the end or Rename the entire title
  • Change video stats privacy

What you can not do?

You do not get much control on what and where you can edit.

For instance– If you bulk add text to your description, it’ll be added after the last character in the description. You can not add text in the beginning or middle of the description. Similarly, you don’t get advanced options like find and replace text, etc.

Also, every change you made is final. You can not revert back. So yeah, before making a big update to dozens of video, test it first on one or two videos.

Let’s take an example of how to bulk update YouTube video’s title.

How to Bulk Update YouTube videos

Follow these steps:

#1 Go to your YouTube Video Manager.

#2 Select the videos you want to bulk update, by clicking on the check marks next to them. Or click on the global check mark on the top, this will select every video on the page.

#3 Next click on Action button > More Actions > Titles.

Bulk Update YouTube video option

#4 You will see a small text box appearing on the top of the page. From the drop-down menu select Append and in then type in your Channel name (or anything) in it.

Bulk Update YouTube video title

#5 Submit and confirm changes. And the new text will appear after the title.

Closing Words

This is a lesser known but a useful feature to quickly add social links to your video description or channel name after the end of the title. But it’s not very powerful, as you can specify where you can add text or use find and replace keywords.

However, if you want advanced features, try the chrome extension TubeBuddy. It gives you more control on bulk edits like — cards, annotations, thumbnails etc. But this extension also comes with a price.

Overall, if you are a beginner YouTube publishers, then stay with YouTube inbuilt update feature, but if you are advance YouTuber with lakhs of subscribers, then it makes sense to pay for TubeBuddy.

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