Best Business Card Maker App for Android

It’s great that you find yourself in need of business cards. Congrats! You’re ready to take your business to the next level

That said, designing your own business cards could be tricky. Fortunately, you don’t need a professional to design your own business cards. There are many business card maker app that you can download onto your Android device. Let us take a look at a few of these attractive options and see which one works for you.

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All of the apps have both free and paid versions. In my personal opinion, the free version has served well for usual day to day scenarios. If you are a professional consider going for a paid one, and yes since they are free you will be bombarded with advertisements.

Before ordering your first batch of the business card, scan the sample card with popular business card scanner apps. Since most people scan business cards these days, it’s a good idea to check compatibility before your order hundreds of them.

Best Business Card Maker For Android

1. Business Card Maker and Creator

This first choice to review is from Light Creative Lab. The Business Card Maker and Creator program provides you with a simple interface for handling all your bits of data. You can use the template feature to create an appropriate layout that features colors in the right spots plus the option to add a logo or symbol to the right spot on your card.

 Business Card Maker and Creator

The simplified layout allows you to add text in any form and lines or symbols as you see fit. You can drag and drop individual features onto your card to add a dynamic appearance that stands out well.

Pros: Simple streamlined design, modern and classic options for layouts, lets you prepare individual symbols on your own.

Cons: Lacks when it comes to advanced features and come with lesser editing options

Download: Business Card Maker and Creator

2. ZerOnes Business Card Maker

Try out this option from ZerOnes with a vibrant appearance that lets you create various kinds of business cards. Use this to create traditional cards or logo cards that focus on a more graphic display. The full layout offers a simple setup that lets you check on what you want to do with your card quickly.

With this, you can get a full simulated display of your card’s appearance on your smartphone. You can then link the data on your app up to a larger computer to help you print out all the business cards you want. The preview features help you take a more realistic look at what you can get out of your card maker, thus making it a popular choice.

ZerOnes Business Card Maker

Pros: Sensible layout makes it easy for you to choose elements to add or edit. This can also work offline if needed.

Cons: In-app ads can be frustrating; you would have to pay for the full version to avoid those ads.

Not much space available on your card to let you add things to it.

Download ZerOnes Business Card Maker

3. Unified Apps Business Card Maker

It only takes a few minutes for you to produce your own business cards when you use this program from Unified Apps. The versatility of this program makes it a hit among many people looking to get the most out of their cards while adding a bit of a personal touch to anything one wants to work with. The program also offers a full preview feature to help you see how well the cards are being laid out as you are producing them. The fully detailed layout that you will get out of this program will help you with keeping people in the know about your business.

The versatility of the program also lets you create your cards with one of many different templates. You can preview each of the templates you can use to give yourself a clear idea of what your cards look like before you get them all prepared in some fashion.

Unified Apps Business Card Maker

Pros: Lets you work with one of four different types of business cards including horizontal and vertical cards. It also supports many fonts.

Cons: Does not allow you to go back and edit any cards you might have saved in the past. It does at least give you instructions on how to duplicate them later on if desired.

Download Unified Apps Business Card Maker

4. LensCard Business Card Maker

The LensCard program is a popular choice to find when looking to get more out of your business cards. It is a professional solution popular for how it offers several artistic layouts that you are bound to love sporting in your office. You can produce shadow colors, add icons and other custom graphics and even three-dimensional text.

The program also works well for when you want to produce cards on different types of paper. This lets you simulate how well your card might look on different kinds of paper layouts. This should give you extra help for handling any design you want to establish when producing a fine card.

Lenscard -Business Card Maker

Pros: An exhaustive variety of great design options for you to choose from. You can also create cards with the same template but in multiple sizes while comparing each option to see what is right for your use.

Cons: You have to go through lots of trial and error just to see if the cards you are producing are actually looking as good as they should be.

Download LensCard Business Card Maker

5. INTSIG CamCard Free

The last Business Card scanner in the list for your Android device is available with a comprehensive layout where you can not only produce your own cards but also exchange your cards with other people electronically. You can even save data on the cards you receive onto your address book. This offers a camera-like layout for taking notes on all of the different cards that you take in.

You can add notes to each of the designs you produce. You can also read different cards on your CamCard account through multiple accounts on different devices including both Android and iPhone models.

CamCard Free - Business Card R

Pros: Universal layout works well on all operating systems. Drag and drop interface makes it easier for you to create your own cards.

Cons: Design templates are not too original. Not all graphics that you upload onto the program will transition well for your viewing needs.

Download INTSIG CamCard Free

Wrapping it up

So, these were some of the business card maker apps you can get on your Android. If you would like to design your own business cards from your computer, then take a look at Canva. They have got 1000’s of free business card template that you can edit by simply drag and drop.

Similarly, if you are looking for a business card maker app for an iPhone or an iPad, try KaiCards. The app is free to download and offer 20 designs and you get the option to choose your logo from your Phone’s storage. Once you finalize the card, you can export it as pdf for printing or share it with your friends over Twitter and Facebook for a review.

Make sure you take a look at each of these programs. You should get plenty of things out of your program when making it work well for all of your special demands. All the Android Scanners listed above have their own pros and cons. Try them out and see which one suits you the best.

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