Comparing the Top 5 Calendar Apps for Android

In the previous few years, we’ve stopped looking at printed calendars! One reason why we do that is those powerful apps that go beyond the limits of print. You can know about personal events ahead, your daily agenda, birthdays and whatnot. You’d even receive on-time notifications about the events.

To get the best out of calendar apps, you need to choose the best. For Android, there are many calendar apps, but only a few worth noting ones. So, if you are confused about picking one from the list, you’re in the right place. Here, we’d have an in-depth comparison between top 5 Calendar Apps for Android. (see table at the end)


So, we’ll be comparing major features like User Interface, features, etc., especially against those of Google Calendar. Shall we start?

Top 5 Calendar Apps for Android

#1 Google Calendar

Google Calendar is the official Android calendar app from Google. If you’re using a stock-Android device, you will have this app as your default calendar. While it has been praised as a minimalistic calendar app, Google Calendar has its own limitations. By the way, if don’t have stock Android, you can get the app from Google Play Store.


  • Google Calendar has an impressive, minimal user interface.
  • It’s easy to move between your events, tasks, and reminders using the different viewing options.
  • It works fine with several email accounts connected to your Android.
  • Instead of fully-fledged events, you can create goals and reminders as well.
  • It offers a bunch of notifications options, for email, push notifications, etc.
  • It integrated well with your Google Account and can pull events from Gmail
  • Finally, It’s available for iOS.


You don’t have many options to customize the way Google Calender looks or work.
Features are quite limited, especially when compared to others in the list.

Bottom Line: Google Calendar is a minimal Calendar app. You can get basic features and better integration with Google services.

Google-Calendar - Calendar Apps for Android

#2 Business Calendar 2

Business Calendar 2 is one of the most popular third-party calendar apps for Android. Just as the name says, it’s optimized for business needs as well. It’s completely free, and there are no annoying advertisements either. Better navigation is one of the reasons why people prefer using it instead of Google Calendar or other options.


  • Business Calendar 2 offers better navigation using swipes.
  • You can swipe your fingers to move between months or weeks.
  • From appearance settings to event colors, almost everything can be customized in this Calendar app.
  • You’ll also have five home screen widgets for better agenda management.
  • You can add as many calendar accounts from different providers.


  • The User Interface of Business Calendar 2 isn’t so simple. You may take some time to get used to the way it works.
  • Some options are only available in the Pro version of the app. But if it works for you, then money should not be any issue in this area, Right?

Bottom Line: Apart from a rich UI, Business Calendar 2 has business-oriented features too. You can easily manage multiple accounts within a centralized interface.

Business-Calendar - Calendar Apps for Android

#3 SolCalendar

SolCalendar is another Android calendar app that makes sense for hybrid users. It offers an appropriate blend of features, User Interface, and support for flexibility. SolCalendar is also one of the most praised Android calendar application and is referred to as an impressive alternative to Google Calendar.


  • Better Management is the core feature of SolCalendar, especially if you like to have your goals, events, and agendas in one place.
  • It’s having a single-page interface, which will show you all the events in a single click. If you tap on one date, you can see the events of that day.
  • In the Schedule view, you can pinch in or pinch out to view your day.
  • SolCalendar shows the current weather in the main interface.
  • To show you the important events in one day, SolCalendar has an effective feature called ‘Brief.’


  • It does not allow customization in appearance or working.
  • The design isn’t that professional in the first look.

Bottom Line: SolCalendar is an effective, feature-rich calendar app. It’s a worthwhile alternative to Google Calendar, as it has a simple UI and a lot of features.


#4 DigiCal

DigiCal is a colorful, feature-rich Android calendar app, which is also suitable for professional users. It’s a combination of many features we found in earlier options. If you want a short answer, DigiCal is like having Google Calendar on some steroids. Don’t be confused if you are reminded of Google Calendar while using it. Despite the UI similarity, DigiCal is a lot different from others.


  • DigiCal has an attractive, colorful interface. It’s powered by Material Design philosophy and is user-friendly.
  • If you are ready to pay, you can have the premium themes too.
  • Weather Forecast is included by default. When you see an event, you will be notified about the location weather as well.
  • It has a Year view, unlike all the other calendar apps in the list.
  • 6 Widgets are available in the app.


  • Again, some features are available only in the Pro version or via IAP

Bottom Line: DigiCal offers a bunch of features and useful widgets. And, the User Interface is just excellent — thanks to the Material Design philosophy in use.


#5 Cal

Cal is another way of arranging your events and agenda. It’s a free Android calendar app, developed by So, this will work better if you are using Any.Do for managing your to-dos and all. Instead of the default calendar style, Cal takes a different approach. It shows you the agenda with beautiful backgrounds and all. It’s pretty minimalistic, and you don’t have many features either.


  • It’s easy to manage both the personal and professional life with Cal
  • For beginners, Cal’s interface is just awesome. You just need to give the title and time — the task is ready.
  • HeadsUp is an exclusive feature of Cal Calendar. With responsive pop-ups and all, it lets you stay focused during important meetings.
  • It has advanced options if you are using Any.Do
  • Works with other apps like Google Maps, Uber, and Waze
  • It’s available for iOS too.


  • It isn’t a fully-fledged calendar app
  • User Interface of Cal isn’t professional-friendly.

Bottom Line: Cal can’t be your primary calendar app. However, it’s surely a worthy extension for those who need better management of events and agenda.


Comparison Table

Google Calendar Business Calendar 2 SolCalendar DigiCal Cal
Availability Android, iOS Android Android Android Android, iOS
Customization Options No Yes No Yes No
Different Viewing Modes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Facebook Sync Yes Yes No No No
Google Account Integration Yes No No No No
Price Free Free Free Free, IAP Free
Push Notifications Before an Event Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
OK Google Support Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Wrapping Up

So, we have compared the five best Calendar apps for Android! Both the advantages and disadvantages are discussed, and you can choose the best from a list.

For instance, if you like Material Design but need more features, you can go for DigiCal. On the other hand, SolCalendar is for a custom-design. In another scenario, if you give importance to Google Services like Gmail and integration, it’s better to stick onto Google Calendar. There, however, you’ll miss a lot of features.

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