Top 10 Call Recording apps for Android

The first thing I do whenever I buy a new Android phone is — download a good call recording app. They are tremendously helpful. With a call recording app you don’t have to write down numbers and addresses given on a call, easily recall anything in a conversation and not to mention the ability to keep a proof of other party’s words.

There are dozens of ways call recording apps can help you, and having a trusted call recording app should be a priority of every Android user. That said, we will list down ten best call recording apps for you to pick the right one according to your need.

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Warning: In some countries and states, it is compulsory for the other party to know that the call is being recorded. Please contact local legislation to ensure call recording is allowed. If not, then you will have tell the call receiver that the call is being recorded.

Note: Call recording is limited by hardware specifications of your phone. You may not get the best voice quality or hear other person’s sound if your phone doesn’t support it. No need to blame call recording apps for such issues.

Best Call Recording Apps for Android

10. Call Recorder By C Mobile

Call Recorder by C Mobile offers advanced features in an easy to gulp interface. You can automatically/manually record calls, interact with notification, password protects recordings, save data to SD card, see Caller ID details and most other common features. These were the free features, with its paid version you get the ability to delete unrequired recordings as soon as they are recorded, store files in cloud storage and share recordings with other people.

Price: Free/ Paid version for $5.35

9. Super Call Recorder

A dead simple call recording app that literally anyone can use. It’s main interface consists of a big button that you can use to quickly turn on/off call recording. It works fine on older Android phones, and you can control recording volume and whether to use speakers or not. If you need a light and simple call recording app, then Super Call Recorder is perfect.

Price: Free/ Ad Supported

8. Call Recorder By SmartAppsSolutions

I must say that Call Recorder by SmartAppsSolutions is definitely the most customizable app in this list. It offers reliable features and gives you full control over how you want to record your calls, and all of its features are free without any limitations.

You can send recordings to other people, you can specify custom titles to recordings, immediately delete the recording after the call, control which calls to record, see the history of the caller, multiple recording formats, adjust audio quality, vibration/light notification on recording start and more.

7. Another Call Recorder

Another Call Recorder (ACR) offers a simple interface manage all the recordings and sort them by date or name. Although it’s interface is simple, but it offers tons of handy features worth checking out. Some of its notable features include — mark recordings as important, caller ID, multiple recording formats, delayed recording, customizable recording contacts and much more.

It also has a paid version that allows you to save recordings in cloud storage, manually record calls, auto email recordings and auto delete short recordings.

Price: Free/ Paid version for $2.99

6. AndroRec Free Call Recorder

A very simple call recording app that offers all the basic functions for call recording. The great thing about AndroRec is that it is completely free and isn’t supported by ads. If you are looking for a completely free app without any strings, then this is for you. Although it is free, it can do all the important things like automatically record calls, disable recording of specific contacts, listen to calls from the app interface and record unlimited calls.

Price: Free

5. Galaxy Call Recorder

As the name suggests, Galaxy Call Recorder is specifically made for Samsung phones. If you have a Samsung phone and other apps are not working well on it, then give this app a try. Although the apps are free, it offers many advanced features that are usually found in the paid versions of other apps. Some of the notable ones include, manually start recording, record calls while using headphones or Bluetooth devices, write notes, quick actions right from the notification, split recordings, cloud storage integration and more.

Although it is specifically made for Samsung phones, it works on other manufacturer phones as well (works on mine as well).

Price: Free/ Ad Supported

4. Call Recorder By lovekara

Another app that focuses on simplicity, but it goes one step forward by offering complete instructions to use the app. Each function of the app has details on what it does and whether it has any negative effect. Additionally, it also has a built-in troubleshooter that will offer guidance when you are having problems. Similar to other apps, it can automatically record calls, backup calls, listen to calls from app interface and other functions required for call recording.

Price: Free/Ad Supported

3. Automatic Call Recorder by SMSROBOT LTD

This app offers all the basic features you need to record calls, but it is much more customizable and offers most advanced features for free. You can record calls from specific contacts or unknown numbers only, and all of it for free. Furthermore, you can synchronize recording with your Dropbox or Google Drive account and create favorite contacts list to save their recordings permanently.

The premium version offers shake to record ability, manage storage, auto cloud sync and notification control.

Price: Free/ Paid version for $2.49

2. Auto Call Recorder 2016

A new player in the market, Auto Call recorder 2016 is emerging to be the force to be reckoned with. It offers tons of features for free, and many of its features are not even offered by other call recording apps. Apart from recording calls, you can password protect your recordings, built-in caller details, manage when to delete old recordings, back contacts and record in multiple formats.

Auto Call Recorder 2016 also uses the material design for its interface and I also found the interface, to be very interactive.

Price: Free/ ad supported

1. Automatic Call Recorder by Application

I am trusting Automatic Call Recorder for 2 years for recording all my calls, and it has never disappointed me. The app will automatically record all the calls with clear voice and without skipping anything. You have up to 300 pending records and as new ones are added old ones will be deleted. If you want to keep a recording permanently, then you can save it to SD card and Automatic Call Recorder will never delete it. You can also customize it to record specific contacts and ignore some.

It also has a paid version offering ability to save calls in cloud storage automatically, increase pending recordings to 1000 and auto save call from specific contacts.

Price: Free/ Paid version $6.99

Wrapping Up

Recording your calls is the best way to ensure you never forget any important conversation. I will stick to Automatic Call Recorder by Application for my call recording needs, but Call Recorder by SmartAppsSolution would be my next choice for its amazing customization options. Which one of these call recording apps for Android do you like? Let us know in the comments.

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