Best Camera Apps For Android

Whether you buy an expensive or a budget smartphone, you often get the same stock camera app. But you don’t have to stick with them. There are plenty of 3rd party camera apps for Android that can help you shoot some amazing photos.

Say you bought a Windows machine which comes preloaded with Windows Media Player, but still, you install VLC player on it, to get extra features. These 3rd party camera apps work in similar fashion. They use special algorithms to get more out of your camera hardware.

Now, although there are many camera apps in the Play Store, in this post, we’ll focus only on the best apps in each category; like best camera app for social media, best camera app with DSLR-like features etc. So, let’s get started.


1. Best Camera For General Purpose

Google Camera

Google camera is my default camera app. It comes with all the basic functionalities you’ll need in your daily driver; such as wide angle, panorama, photo sphere, Auto HDR+ and much more. It can also shoot images with shallow depth of field (well, kind off). And with it’s quick and easy fast switching interfaces it’s the best of its kind.

Unfortunately, Google Camera is only available for Nexus devices, but you can always sideload the apk or use ApkMirror


2. Best Camera To Get Background Blur Effect


DSLR are famous for its shallow depth of field or the blur effect. Now, since most of this happens on the hardware level, you can never achieve the same effect from a smartphone. But you can get background blur with software, i.e. in post processing. And AfterFocus gets this work done really well.

To ease this process, the app has smart focus area selection where you simply draw few lines to quickly distinguish between focus and the background area, and you’ll get some realistic background blur effects. 

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3. Best Camera For Social Media

Candy Camera

Candy Camera is packed with tons of real-time filters, collage and stickers etc. The app also has an option for a Silent Camera where you take selfies and photos without the shutter sound. 

And once you are done taking selfies, you can polish them within the app, with options like fair skin tone, whitening teeth, slimming effect and much more. Overall, the app is simple and perfect for creating engaging photos for social media.


4. Best Camera For Photo Enhancement

AirBrush: Easy Photo Editor

AirBrush is the best selfie editing app in Play Store. It specializes in one-click auto fixing mode, where it automatically applies some quick fixes and gives the perfect natural photo. 

The app has some great manual editing tools like blemish and pimple remover, teeth whitening, brightening your eyes, smooth skin around the edges etc. In all, it’s the best tool if you often take selfies for your social media shares.

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5. Best Camera For Taking Abstract Photos


So, Prisma has been trending a lot lately for its abstract filters. The app uses a combination of neural networks and artificial intelligence to turn any ordinary picture into an abstract art. It has managed to grab more than 10 million downloads on the Play Store in just a few months. Also, the video version of Prisma will be releasing soon. Interesting, Right?


6. Best Camera With Manual Settings

Camera ZOOM FX, Open Camera

If you wish to experience shooting photos from a DSLR, then Camera Zoom FX is perfect for you. It has all the features that are present in the DSLR, like ISO, shutter speed, burst mode, RAW capture and what not.

The app also has an incognito mode, where a user can take secret photos while showing a fake preview on the screen.

The app follows a freemium model, where the paid version is considered to be Google Play’s #1 must have apps for photographers, and with some additional features unlocked such as RAW capture and Burst mode etc. But if you’d like to get most of these features for free then go for Open Camera, the only DSLR-like camera app that’s completely free,


7. Best Camera For Creating Animated Videos

Stop Motion Studio

Stop Motion Studio is a simple app for making time-lapse movies and stop-frame animations. It includes features  like – overlay mode, integrated movie editor, zooming and fading moves, basic editing tools (select, copy, paste, reverse and delete frames), and much more.

The app also offers some great extra functionalities such as creating a movie in Ultra HD print, remote camera, green screen, and rotoscoping.


Wrapping Up

So, these were some of the best camera apps for Android arranged according to their category. 

What camera app are you using on your Android device? Did we miss something? Do let us know in the comments. 

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