Best Free Outlook Alternatives for Windows 10


Managing emails at my previous job were easy. I had the enterprise package of Microsoft Outlook and MS Exchange. Outlook no doubt is the best email client but it’s also costly. Now that I moved to a startup, you lose all the corporate privileges. It’s highly unrealistic to pay $60/month …

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Best File Manager For iPad Pro 2019

Apple does provide a native ‘Files’ app for managing your documents and files but unlike the macOS ‘Finder’ app, it mostly depends on cloud computing and management. While it does give you a peek into your local files, there’s not really much that you can do to move around the …

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8 Best QuickPic Alternatives For Android


Before Cheetah Mobiles took over QuickPic, it was the go-to Gallery application for every Android User. After the infamous click fraud scheme, QuickPic and all the other apps from Cheetah mobile were taken down from the Play Store. This month, QuickPic silently returned to the Play Store in the worst …

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7 Best Airdrop Alternatives for Android, iOS and Windows


Technology has evolved to such an extent that most of us take certain features for granted. It is not uncommon for smartphone users to unlock their devices and ask others to “Switch on Airdrop” and send GB’s worth of data in a matter of minutes. A decade ago I vividly …

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5 Best Franz Alternatives That Are Free and Offers More Features


So how is it treating you, Franz? Franz is a popular all-in-one messenger app, that brings all your messenger apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Slack, Gmail, Skype etc in one single application. And while it does everything it advertises, Farns does has its fair share of the problem. For instance, …

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4 Best PeerBlock Alternatives You Should Try


One of the ways you can protect your system from malware, tracking, and spying is by blocking or blacklisting the IP addresses, ranges, and packets. PeerBlocker makes it quite easy to block any IP address especially while using torrents. However, PeerBlock lacks useful features and slow down your Internet speed …

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6 Best Task Manager Alternatives for Windows 10

task manager

One of the best and important tools on Windows is the Task Manager. Almost every Windows user makes use of the Task Manager one time or the other to monitor their system resources, manage processes and kill unresponsive applications. As good as it is, there are far better tools on …

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6 Sticky Notes Alternatives For Quick Note Taking

sticky notes

All most every version of Windows comes with the Sticky Notes app inbuilt, if not it can be easily downloaded from the Microsoft Store for free. With all the usability quotient it has got, there are problems with Sticky Notes. You cannot set reminders, alarms, passwords or send the Sticky …

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6 Best Wireshark Alternatives for Android


Wireshark is the most popular free and open-source packet analyzer. It can see all the network communication going in and out of all the computer in the network. Meaning someone who uses Wireshark can see anything on your network that’s not encrypted. But unfortunately, it is not available for Android. …

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8 Best DynDNS Alternatives You Should Try

Unless you are paying a premium, often, ISPs only provide you with dynamic IPs. This is understandable because the number of IPv4 addresses is very limited. In case you don’t know, a dynamic IP is nothing but an IP that changes every time you connect to your ISP network or …

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