12 Android Shortcuts You Should Use Everyday


The Android OS has come a long way. In fact, when you compare it to the earlier versions, Android can do a lot more things with a lot more efficiency, while constantly evolving. Even though Android is very easy to use and you can get to almost any setting with …

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15 Best Tasker Plugins to Completely Automate Your Android

Best Tasker Plugins

Whenever we talk about automation in Android, Tasker is the first thing that comes to our mind. If you are an Android power user then you have definitely heard (or might have also used) Tasker – the best automation app for Android. It’s a paid app that cost $4 and totally …

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How to Install the Xposed Framework on Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Xposed Framework

Xposed Framework is one of the best thing that has happen to Android. And probably one the worst thing that happened to Custom ROM. So, What exactly is Xposed Framework? Xposed Framework is like a container that contains several modules called – Xposed modules. Think of Xposed Framework like Google …

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How do I Find Release Date of Any Google Play App


If you not already know, I cover some of the best new Android Apps of each month in my YouTube playlist – CoolNewApps. So if you are an Android enthusiast, who like to try fresh Android apps or wants to know what’s coming next in Android world, you should probably subscribe …

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45 Best Root Apps For Android


A few years back,  you would have to root your Android device to even take a screenshot and record the Android screen, etc. But thankfully, rooting is not a necessity now; it’s more of a luxury. If you are one of the control freaks that want to control each and every aspect …

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10 Android Apps for WhtatsApp Power User


With more than 1 billion active users, WhatsApp has become one of the most popular messaging apps in the market. And since you are reading this post, chances are you are among those one billion. Now, here is the thing I always believe, if you are doing something frequent, then do …

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Comparing the Top 5 Calendar Apps for Android


In the previous few years, we’ve stopped looking at printed calendars! One reason why we do that is those powerful apps that go beyond the limits of print. You can know about personal events ahead, your daily agenda, birthdays and whatnot. You’d even receive on-time notifications about the events. To …

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15 Fresh Xposed modules For Android Marshmallow And Lollipop


A while back we featured some must have Xposed Modules of all time like the popular Gravity box, X-Privacy, and BootManager, etc. But if you are bored with all these best Xposed Modules, well, then are some of the fresh ones that you might not have heard before. What is a Xposed Framework? …

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Where to find Paid Android Apps on Sale


Everyone love discounts. Remember, when the nova launcher prime was sold for 10 cents. Or when Cerberus- the popular anti-theft app for Android, was giving away free lifetime licenses to the early birds. So, do you often miss deals like that? Earlier, before buying a paid app, I used to …

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Safely Lend your Phone to Someone You Don’t Trust


Let’s consider some of these situations– #1 A stranger wants to borrow your phone to make an emergency call. Now at this point, you don’t trust that guy but it would also be rude not to lend him your phone. What if, he speaking the truth? But then again, he could also …

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