7 Best Audio Editor for Android (2018)

audio editing

Want to record lectures and interviews on the go? The good news is, you don’t have to use a full-blown computer to do some basic or even moderate level of audio editing or create your own music. There are several different powerful apps for android to edit audio on day …

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KeepVid Video Converter: Convert Any Video On The Go

Keepvid video convertor

I often record screencast of my Windows computer using CamStudio – a popular screen recorder for Windows. And since we edit all TechWiser videos using FCP on macOS, I have to transfer those clips from my Windows machine to macOS. But there is one small problem. CamStudio save the screencast …

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5 Best Background Eraser App for Android

Background Eraser

If you only need the object in the photo and not its background, we usually turns our head to photoshop. But guess what, you don’t always have to rely on Photoshop. Turns out, your Android smartphone with right apps, can help you cut of background from the photos as long …

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10 Best Augmented Reality Apps for Android

best augmented reality apps

Augmented reality is making great headways, especially in the smartphone world. Every year, we see new apps that offer more to the users by augmenting the reality. There is clearly a lot of potential, and I don’t just mean in the gaming world, but you can also use augmented reality to …

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How to Disable Last Activity Feature on Instagram


Facebook owns Instagram, now shows when users were last active. While some people like this feature; since you might be chatting with businesses and wants to know how often they use Instagram. Most people on the other hand, hated this new feature, and consider it one step forward to smartphone addiction. …

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How to Create a Watermark Without Photoshop

watermark shutterstock

Lets say, you took a photograph and shared it online, only to find out someone else is using it without your permission. Or you published an eBook, or a powerpoint presentation and someone ripped it off. Plagiarism is as real as you and me. It is also one of the …

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What is the Best Ad Blocker App for Android? (No Root)


There are a lot of ways to block ads on Desktop browser, but not so much on Android. While Ads on your Android devices are not inherently bad but can be annoying as hell if not done right. The good thing about ads is that it support indie developer, gives them …

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How to Record Skype Video Calls – Complete Guide


Whether you’re interviewing your next employee, planning an potential business meeting, or just need to keep records of important conversations, it’s always a good idea to record your calls. While there are plenty of apps ready to record your call on smartphones. How do you record a Skype calls? There …

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3 Best Image Compressor Apps For Android

Reduce Image Size on Android

People like to share all kinds of images on social media. Whether they are eating, drinking, swimming, partying, dancing, and even accidents, sharing images on social media is the new norm. With so many images being posted, it quickly eats into your bandwidth, especially if you are on a limited …

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5 Best Apps to Create Stick Figure Animation on Android

stick figure

Everyone loves animation. And imagine how cool it would be if you can create some animated object on your Android? Making these figures do silly, brave, stupid things. Pretty cool, right? So when my niece asked me if I was any good with cartoons, I quickly started searching on the …

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