How to Browse All Netflix Movies And TV Shows (4 Ways)

While Netflix has a huge collection of movies and TV shows, it’s often hard to find something good to watch. Mostly, because of two major reasons – 1. Netflix is busy pushing down its Netflix’s Original on the homepage. On top of that, homepage page recommendation is driven by an algorithm that …

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6 Best Tumblr Apps for Android and iOS (2018)

Tumblr official app is smooth and works great but it isn’t perfect. There are certain things you can’t do with the official app for obvious reasons. For example, there is no way to disable ads, download videos to your phone or use multiple accounts at once. Here I have a list …

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5 Best Transcription Software for Mac

audio editing

In our previous article, we showed you, how you can automatically transcribe YouTube videos using Google Docs. And in recent years, we have seen a rise in transcription software that uses artificial intelligence to speed up the process. I tested quite a few of them and while only a few of …

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PDFelement 6 Review – Editing PDFs is Simple Again

This post is sponsored by Wondershare. PDF (or Portable Document Format) is the most popular file format, mostly because of its 2 features – easy to distribute and hard to tampered. But what if you want to edit a PDF file? Well, there are tons of options available for both paid and …

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6 Best Lyrics App for Android Smartphone (2018)

Yesterday, Apple partnered with Genius – a crowdsource lyrics platform, thus expanding the quantity and accuracy of lyrics on Apple Music library. While Google is yet to strike such deal, till then, we can all use the third-party lyrics apps. There are several factors to keep in mind when getting the …

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5 Best Kid Friendly Video Chat App Too Keep Them Safe

Kid-Friendly Video Chat Apps

Nothing makes people happier than seeing their kids back at home. While there is no shortage of video calling apps in the market, video chat apps that are kids friendly are a rarity. While socializing with kids on video chat apps is a great idea, parents have to make sure …

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How to Setup Two Factor Authentication on your Instagram App

Instagram supports SMS authentication, meaning, once you enable this feature, every time you log in to your Instagram account from a new device, a text message (SMS) code is sent to your register mobile number, which you’ll need to enter in the Instagram app before you log in. However, today, …

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Best Procreate Alternatives for Android and Windows

Adobe Photoshop Sketch

iPad Pro has often been hailed as the laptop alternative, while I do question this claim, the iPad Pro does offer amazing possibilities with it Apple Pencil. Apps like ProCreate have been helping designers sketch on their iPads. It offers an exhaustive set of brushes, advanced layer blending, 100 undo/redo …

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9 Best Apps to Make Android to iPhone Video Call

Android to iPhone Video Call

While Apple has Facetime that makes it quick and easy to make video calls from iPhone to iPhone, Android has Duo that works similarly. But what if you are using Android and your friend/partner/parent/boss is using an iPhone? How do you make a video call then? Let’s find out. Android …

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How to Rotate PDF Files And Save Changes


I often scan documents and send them out as PDF, and there have been a few instances where the pages are not properly oriented. I realized that was a real problem when a few people asked it on Reddit. There are PDF editors which allow you to edit your PDFs …

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