5 Best Pet Monitoring Apps for Android and iOS


I have two dogs myself and every time I leave my house with the dogs unattended, I always wonder what they are doing and how they are. Of course, you can get a cheap GSP tracker from Amazon or use RFID tracker like Panasonic Seekit to track your pet’s location, however, they …

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17 Best Self Help Apps for Android and iOS

Self Help

While you can’t change your true self, you can certainly improve yourself and make better life choices. Recently, I’ve shared some of the best self-help audiobooks to improve yourself and change the outlook on your life. As a compliment, here are some for best self-help apps you can use in …

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7 Best Birthday Reminder Apps for Android and iOS

Birthday Reminder Apps

Calling distant friends and relatives on their birthdays is fast becoming an obsolete tradition. These days, people just leave a casual message, often copy-pasted from elsewhere, on social media platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook. Even more troublesome is the fact that it is difficult to remember all the birth dates …

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5 Best Time Tracking Apps for Mac To Boost Your Productivity

apple keyboard

Previously, we had covered the best time-tracking Android apps for freelancing. But the problem with a smartphone app is that you should have the device alongside — which can be a distraction. That is why we need a desktop time tracking app, with features like automated tracking. In this article, …

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19 Best Math Game Apps for Android and iOS


Though it’s not obvious, math is an important part our life. The ability to learn new tricks and solve simple math problems involving basic arithmetic, fractions, percentages, equations, etc., mentally is quite helpful in our day to day life. But the problem is, the good old academia doesn’t teach math …

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16 Best Samsung Galaxy Watch Games

You might find yourself in situations when there is enough time to kill but no Phone in sight. You can be in a boring meeting or a conference where using your phone might be considered rude. While you have your Galaxy Watch with you, don’t you? Read on for best …

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Best Slack Apps That Will Make Your Communication Effective


From sending reoccurring reminders to creating polls, there is a lot you can do on Slack with third-party apps. The Slack App directory provides you with all possible apps and integrations, but the multitude of choices can be a lot confusing. So, we’ve curated some of the most useful Slack …

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Best Football Score Apps For New Soccer Fans (Android & iOS)


Every day someone new decides to follow football. In this article, we have curated the best Android and iOS apps that will help you catch on with the football fever! These apps provide minute-by-minute live scores, the schedule for future games, team updates, social media updates and rumors regarding the …

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