6 Best Android Annotation Apps


Image annotation can be quite useful in certain situations. For instance, maybe you want to show how to use a certain feature or you want to highlight something or point to a certain section of the image. In those situations, annotation tools can help you quickly highlight or draw attention …

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4 Amazing Slow Motion Video Apps for Android to Record Life

Slow Motion Video Apps for Android

iPhone and most flagship Android smartphone comes with slow motion video feature. But that’ doesn’t mean, you can not create those awesome slow motion video on budget Android smartphone. We scrounge the Play Store for you, and found these 4 amazing slow motion video apps for Android to record, and …

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How to Convert PSD Files to JPG or PNG


It might not be everyday occurrence but there will be times when you need to convert PSD to JPG. If you have Photoshop installed on your system, then it is just a matter of selecting the “Save As” option from the “File” menu. However, if you don’t have Photoshop installed …

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Top 10 Audible Alternatives That Are Cheaper Than Audible

audible alternatives

You came here looking for Audible alternatives, so you already know what Audible is and why it is useful. In case you don’t already know, Audible is owned by eCommerce behemoth, Amazon, and is one the biggest audiobooks platform in the world. Before we look at the 8 Audible alternatives that …

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22 Slack Slash Commands for Power Users


Slack is one of the most popular messaging apps that allows team and community members to collaborate and work together. While Slack provides some of the best features, most of the options are buried deep under different menus. If you are like me and would like make life easier using …

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Take a Picture of Handwriting And Convert to Text – Android Apps


Everything is going digital these days, even currencies. While most companies, and students are increasingly using their smartphones to scan and send and receive important documents, what about handwritten notes? How do you turn your handwriting into digital notes? Not all apps come with OCR technology that truly converts the handwritten …

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Audible Membership Explained

Simple Trick to Get 50% Discount on Audible for Three Months

I’m big fan of Audible. I listen to Audiobooks on my way to work and before going to bed everyday. However, there is no denying, that Audible is an expensive service. For starters, the most popular Audible subscription (Gold plan) cost $15/month for 1-credit/month. The 1 credit you get each month can …

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10 Anonymous Chat Apps When You Want To Talk To Strangers


Bored of talking to your friends on Facebook and WhatsApp? Looking to spice things up a little? Sometimes talking to strangers can be really beneficial to your mind. HuffPost carried an article where Prof. Dunn, working at the renowned University of British Columbia, revealed that talking to complete strangers makes us happy. …

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5 Best OCR Software For Big Documents – 2018

Best OCR Software

Have some old documents that require digitization? Best OCR Software Traditionally, you need to manually type each and every word to convert them. But you no longer have to follow the old process thanks to some good and powerful OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software. In case you are wondering, here …

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