Best Apps to Encrypt DNS Traffic


Since you are coming here to encrypt DNS traffic, you must already know what DNS is. In a nutshell, when you type an URL into the browser – say – your computer contacts a DNS server and requests the IP address of the website; once it has that information, …

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7 Best Pomodoro Apps for Android

Pomodoro apps for Android

We all need motivation from time to time. Even when we are working hard to meet ends, knowing fully well that not finishing the task at hand can cost us dearly. In the age of Internet, where both your work and leisure activities are done in front of a computer …

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8 Best Ringtone Maker Apps for Android


While making your own custom ringtone is not as popular now as it used to be, still, if you are like me who often set the theme song of the popular TV show as ringtone, then a ringtone maker apps come in handy. A simple search for ringtone maker apps …

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12 Best Dating Apps Like Tinder

dating apps like tinder

While online dating apps have made it easier to go out and meet new people, a lot of them will ask you to sign up using your Facebook profile. Case in point, Tinder. It’s easy to set up, and you can play it like a game. The Problem with Tinder …

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7 Best Download Managers for Mac (2018)


While your browser’s download manager is good enough in most cases but sometimes you need a little more control. For instance – speed up downloads by breaking files into multiple blocks, pause and resume download whenever you want or bandwidth throttling. IDM is hands down the best download managers on Windows, but …

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How to Hide Apps (Like Tinder) on Android


You are dating on Tinder but don’t want others to know. I understand the world can be judgemental. After all, dating can be tough and stressful as it is, you don’t want prying eyes and questionable looks. How to Hide Apps on Android Some people end up using apps like …

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10 Best Download Manager for Android


There are many wonderful features in Android, but the default download manager isn’t one of them! You’ll feel this especially if you are using stock Android instead of other manufacturer ROMs. Some manufacturers try to include additional download managers by default, but they are hardly enough. This is the same …

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7 Best Airdrop Alternatives for Android, iOS and Windows


Technology has evolved to such an extent that most of us take certain features for granted. It is not uncommon for smartphone users to unlock their devices and ask others to “Switch on Airdrop” and send GB’s worth of data in a matter of minutes. A decade ago I vividly …

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7 Best App Store and Google Play Screenshot Generator

Google Play Screenshot Generator

So, you have finally finished the app you always wanted to make, and you are ready to publish it in the App Store. Congrats. But wait, what about the screenshots? We all know, apps screenshots play an important role compelling the users to download your app. According to Splitmetrics, enhanced screenshots …

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