7 Best Movie and TV Series Recommendations Android Apps


Some people seek free time to go for a movie while others take some time out; some wants a theatre experience while others are okay with their laptop screens. But whatever it be, we all need recommendations for what to watch next. Yes, you can always your like minded friends …

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Top 10 F-droid Best Apps (Not on Google Play)

Android phones

There are over a million apps on Play Store, covering pretty much every need of ours. While some apps are great and some not so, they have to pass many rules and regulations to get published. But there are some which can’t pass those, as then they wouldn’t have anything …

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14 Android Apps For WhatsApp Power User


(July 26, 2017) WhatsApp hit a major milestone today – more than one billion people around the world use WhatsApp every day. With just so many people in the world (7 billion to be approx) it means every, one in seven people use WhatsApp every single day. Though this Facebook-owned company has been getting …

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4 Best Android Launchers of 2017

Android Launchers

One of the best features of Android is Customization and that can even make it look like iOS which has almost zero customization options. But, Android vs iOS is not our topic today nor it’s about the mainstream Android launchers like Nova, Apex or Evie. Today, we will take a look …

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4 Android Apps to Master GST (Goods and Services Tax)


GST won’t make your favorite burger cheaper, but it will surely make its payment simpler. GST aka Goods and Services Tax is India’s biggest Indirect Tax reform. It is aimed to provide a simplified way of indirect taxation in India by replacing other taxes like VAT, CST, and Excise etc. …

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10 Weird Android Apps That Are Just, Weird


While we are constantly looking for useful Android apps for you, sometimes it’s good to take a break. Not everything has to be useful in life, having some fun is okay. And you will be surprised to see that there is a market for these apps as well. They don’t …

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Best Video Editing Software for YouTube — A YouTuber Perspective


Okay, so a little background first, I’m doing YouTube for past 5 years, and while going from 0-125k subs, I’ve gone through several video editing software. I started with free Windows movie maker, then tried a couple of intermediate ones, like Power Director, Sony Vegas, and finally, once I got …

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Five Ways to Rotate Videos on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS

Rotate Videos on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS

I use VLC player on both my Windows and MacBook, either case it has been a pretty stress-free experience for me, until now. A couple of days ago I came across a beautifully shot video only to realize that the video has been shot in portrait (damn these smartphones!) and …

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7 Best Anonymous Browsers for Android


Ads are becoming smarter every day. For instance, if you search for new earphones on Amazon today – you can expect related ads next time you open any social media site or any website for that matter. As good as it is to see relevant and useful ads have you …

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