7 Best Background Eraser Apps for Android And iOS


If you only need the object in the photo and not its background, we usually turn our head to Photoshop. But guess what, you don’t always have to rely on Photoshop. Turns out, your smartphone with right apps, can help you cut of background from the photos as long as …

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Best Sleep Apps For Apple Watch To Try in 2019

Your Apple Watch does not come with an inbuilt sleep tracking application but it does come with the essentials like accelerometer, gyroscope, and heart rate sensors etc, that are the necessary hardware required to track your sleep. I recently bought the Apple Watch and wanted to find out the best …

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10 Anonymous Chat Apps When You Want To Talk To Strangers


Bored of talking to your friends on Facebook and WhatsApp? Looking to spice things up a little? Sometimes talking to strangers can be really beneficial to your mind. HuffPost carried an article where Prof. Dunn, working at the renowned University of British Columbia, revealed that talking to complete strangers makes us happy. Living …

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14 Ways to The DNS Server Isn’t Responding” in Windows 10


One of the common problems many users face when trying to access the Internet is DNS not responding error. In case you don’t know, DNS is responsible for translating human-readable web address like to computer understandable IP address. When the DNS server is not working as it should, you …

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Bridge The Gap Between Windows And Android


The ecosystem is a thing and that’s what makes Apple products so good to use. We have something similar called “Your Phone Companion” on Windows. It tries to bridge the gap between Windows and Android phone. But, let’s be honest it’s still got a long way to go. Until then, you …

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Best SSH clients for iOS To Manages Remote Servers

iPad SSH Client

There are a lot of SSH client apps for iPhone and iPad but not all of them work as expected. Some are free while some are paid and all of them perform the basic function of connecting to an SSH server. But the user requirements differ from just engaging the …

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How to Remove MDM Profiles From iPhone and iPad

Ever stuck with app’s settings haunting you even though you deleted the app form your iPhone? Since you’ve reached this, I’m guessing you have either deleted an app on your iPhone but its effects are still bugging you or you have an iOS device that comes pre locked with MDM (Mobile …

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4 Best PeerBlock Alternatives You Should Try


One of the ways you can protect your system from malware, tracking, and spying is by blocking or blacklisting the IP addresses, ranges, and packets. PeerBlocker makes it quite easy to block any IP address especially while using torrents. However, PeerBlock lacks useful features and slow down your Internet speed …

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8 Best Notch Apps to Customize Status Bar on Android

Notch was a trending feature on smartphone screens in 2018 and was welcomed with polarized reactions. You either hated the notch or loved it, there was no midway option. I personally believe that notches are okay and if your smartphone has one then you should make the most out of …

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