How to Install Old Version of Any Android App and Verify it


You may find app updates annoying, but they are still necessary to fix bugs, vulnerabilities and add new features. The real problem begins when you update an app and that breaks it. If you ever read the reviews on Google Play Store, it’s not hard to find comments like –  ‘the …

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Top 5 Best Video Converter Apps for Android

To convert a video you don’t have to use a computer or an online service. Android devices are becoming powerful by the day. As such, you can easily convert any video from one format to the other with just a few taps right on your Android device.   Read: How to Convert …

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5 Best Touch Typing Software to Teach Yourself to Type Faster

best touch typing software

If you spend a considerable amount of time with your computer’s keyboard, then it make sense to learn touch typing (type without looking at the keyboard) While it can be intimidating to look at the jumbled alphabets on a QWERTY keyboard, there are plenty of software available in the market …

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5 Best Bodybuilding Apps for Android to Help You Train


I started working out about 8 months ago, and like every other beginner out there, I found it extremely hard to continue. Bodybuilding is harder than it looks and while the trainer is there to help you, he is not always available when you need him. You are not the …

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5 Best Google Extensions to Stop Video From Auto Playing


You open a link in a new tab and before you can even go and start reading it, you are frightened by the sudden blast of sound from that auto playing video. Sadly, more and more websites are choosing to autoplay their videos as soon as you open their page. In …

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5 Anonymous Texting Apps That Don’t Require Your Phone Number

anonymous chat apps

You met someone on Tinder, and you would like to be in touch for a while. But you don’t trust them enough to share your Facebook or WhatsApp number. Thankfully, there are texting apps  that don’t require you to share your number. Country to popular believe, chat apps that don’t ask …

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Amazon Audible vs. Google Play Audiobooks: Which One to Choose?

Audible vs. Google Play Audiobooks

Google has officially entered the audiobooks market with Google Play Audiobooks and between you and me, it was only a matter of time. Google is already offering eBooks, music, movies, and apps via Google Play, adding audiobooks was an obvious move. While Amazon’s smart assistant, Alexa, can read audiobooks via …

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How to Set Video or GIF as Wallpaper on Your Android

Android phone

Tired of using static images as your Android wallpaper? The best thing about Android is that you can customize your device look and feel however you like. And one of those things that everyone like to customise – yes, the wallpaper. You can either set a regular image as a …

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7 Best Audio Editor for Android (2018)

audio editing

Want to record lectures and interviews on the go? The good news is, you don’t have to use a full-blown computer to do some basic or even moderate level of audio editing or create your own music. There are several different powerful apps for android to edit audio on day …

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