Top 7 Gallery Apps for Android

Gallery Apps for Android

While the stock gallery app provides some neat features, it doesn’t tick every box. Like — Hiding images and videos or even encrypting them using a password Automatic backup to a cloud storage Fingerprint Authentication Support for cloud storages, Chromecast and GIF etc. But first, what is a Stock Gallery …

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6 Best Audio Editing Software

Audio Editing Software

Recently, I’ve shared some of the best sites to download music for free and legally. If you are using the music files downloaded from these sites or using your own recordings, you obviously need a good music or audio editor. A music editor lets you polish the downloaded music or …

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15 Must Have Apps on Ubuntu Right After a Fresh Install

Must-Have Apps on Ubuntu

Linux is one of the top 3 operating systems and is progressing by leaps and bounds. Many apps have been created for Linux or made compatible with Linux thanks to its noticeable number of keen followers. If you are new to Linux or want to explore the options you have, …

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9 Strategy Games Like Clash of Clans


Clash of Clans is the most popular freemium combat strategy game for a reason. The Clash of Clans game is entertaining and addictive with its simple but effective kingdom building, defending from online troops, looting for gold and elixir from other player’s kingdom, etc. As good as it is, you …

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5 Best Mind Mapping Apps for Android

Mind Map Apps

Managing a big project is not easy, but things become much easier when you break into smaller subtasks. And mind mapping apps can help you with that. When you break your ideas into smaller parts, you will be able to brainstorm efficiently to archive the task at hand. Using mind …

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8 New Android Launchers You Should Try This Year

Android Launcher

Android phones are known for their customization capabilities, and Android launchers are one of the best ways to customize your Android phone. Now, I’m sure most of you have already heard and may have even used popular Android launchers like Nova Launcher Prime, Apex and Lighting launcher etc. But they …

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