Looking for Diary? Try These 5 Journaling Apps For Android

Diary with lock

No matter who you are, we all have our own experiences and thoughts that are worth noting down. Yes, some of us might have a good memory and remember Pi to hundred digits. But over time, memories fade. When you have a written account, you can remember those moments and …

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6 Best Audiobook Apps for Android


If you ask your friends and colleagues why don’t they read books daily, the most common would be — ‘I don’t get enough time’. And to some extent this is true. Life is busy. And to deal with this, you can listen to the audiobooks instead of reading a physical …

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Top Google Chrome Extensions for Privacy


Google Chrome is one of the most downloaded browsers for desktops and being an inbuilt app on Android, makes it the most popular browsers overall. The major USP of Google is providing all its services essentially free of cost, which has helped it achieve its eye-whopping market share. But, all …

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5 Best PPSSPP Emulator Games for Android


Last week we have shared our favorite gaming console emulators for Android and we feel that it’s time to dive into some real gaming with these emulators. As an avid gamer, mentioning only the name of the emulator is not enough, so here we are, sharing the best games for PPSSPP …

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5 Best Game Emulators for Android

Game Emulators for Android

As a child, I used to spend a lot of time in front of my TV screen figuring out how to kill that final boss in SuperMario. This feeling of nostalgia from my childhood forced me to replenish those sweet memories. So, I Googled if it is possible to play …

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5 Best Facebook Messenger Alternatives For Android


Let’s face it, most of us use Facebook Messenger, not because it’s the best, but because Facebook pushes it down our throats. Since you don’t need to have a Facebook account to use their Messenger app, this means more reach for Facebook and new medium to collect user data. Combine …

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