10 Best Music Composer Apps for Android and iOS

Music Composer Apps

You don’t need expensive rack-mounted hardware synthesizers or a powerful PC to create good music. Your smartphone in your pocket is much more powerful than you realize. If you are a musician or just someone who just started to learn composing music, here are some of the best Android apps …

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8 Best Contact Manager App For Android

contact android

While most of us don’t go out of their way to install third-party contact manager app, but there are times when you need one. Maybe your contact app is showing duplicate contacts, or you need extra features like backup, better search, and caller ID. A quick search on Google Play Store …

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9 Best Free Music Streaming Apps for Your Smartphone

The music industry has changed and I no longer have to buy music CDs for every album. This is especially amazing for the customers and now I can stream multiple albums and artists for a nominal fee per month. Here I have compiled a list of top free music streaming …

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Best Thanksgiving Apps You Should be Thankful For

family dinner

Dated between Halloween and Christmas, most people often overlook Thanksgiving, one of the oldest traditions in America. Now that Thanksgiving is just around the corner, families have already planned to come together and celebrate in each others company. To keep things in the light of holiday spirit, I have made …

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10 Best Stock Market Apps for Android and iOS

Best Stock Market Apps for Android

Recently, I’ve shared some of the best stock simulator apps where you could learn and get started with stock market without actually spending any money. Once you’ve learned enough or if you are already into real trading. However, there are heaps of stock market apps out there and find a …

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7 Best Email Client for Mac (2018)


There are several instances when you need a desktop-friendly email client app. One, you may have a self-hosted email account but couldn’t afford to get the Google Business Suite. Or, you may be fed up with the traditional interface offered by Gmail and Outlook. Or, probably you would want to …

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33 Best Sticker Apps for WhatsApp (2018)


WhatsApp Stickers are all the rage right now, my chat threads are filled with all sorts of stickers ranging from cartoon characters to dank memes, considering WhatsApp users have been eagerly waiting for them to arrive on WhatsApp. The number of apps to install stickers on WhatsApp is overwhelming and …

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8 Best PDF Reader for iPad and iPhone (2018)


Whether you are an avid reader or a company professional who constantly finds themselves on the move, PDF reader is a must for you. PDF is a universal format and widely used by eBook writers and companies alike. And why not? They are portable, easy to make, and even easier …

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6 Best Stock Market Simulator Apps for Android and iOS

stock market

Stock trading is not easy. In fact, if you don’t have first-hand knowledge of how the world of trading works, it can be a bit hard to get started. But, if you learn to play with the stock market, you can earn a pretty good sum over time. Even though …

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How To Create Your Own Personal Stickers On WhatsApp (Android)


WhatsApp recently rolled out much-requested sticker support. And while you can get a range of stickers for WhatsApp by either searching the application (appears next to the existing emoticon and gif option) or by installing it through third-party sticker Apps like these. But wouldn’t it be awesome, if we can create our …

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