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Best Free VPN Apps We Recommend at TechWiser


While there is no shortage of free VPN apps for Android and iOS, most of them either sell your data or contains malware ads. A few years ago, it was revealed 84 percent of free VPN apps on google play store leaked users’ web traffic, while the rest have malware in …

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9 Best Compass Apps for Android and iOS Smartphones

Compass apps are a must if you are an outdoorsy person and like to travel a lot. They become particularly useful when hiking or on wild forest trips where the signal is often low or non-existent. While you can always a cheap compass from Amazon, why not use your smartphone’s …

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6 Best PDF Editor Apps For Android

pdf android

PDF is a widely used format for applications and other important documents but editing PDFs is not easy. You can’t simply edit a PDF because most of the times you’re not supposed to.  However, that’s not the case every time, there are several apps to edit and annotate PDF document …

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Best Apple TV Games You Should Play Right Now (2019)

apple tv games

Apple TV is more than just a TV console, Not only it streams Netflix, Amazon Prime, and comes with some amazing utility apps, you can also play many games on your Apple TV. Ever since Apple allowed the game developers to use MFi game controller, we have seen really good games …

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9 Best Clipboard Managers for Android (2019)

clipboard managers for android

It happens to the best of us. We copy a piece of text but even before we paste it, we copy something else and lose the previously copied text! This is frustrating and infuriating. While Android smartphones don’t come with a built-in clipboard manager, there are many third-party clipboard managers available on the …

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4 Best PDF Annotator and Markup Apps for All Platforms


There are PDF editors available for every platform and they come in all shapes and sizes. The thing is that not all of us are looking for a PDF editor. A lot of us simply need a PDF annotator and markup tool that will let us highlight important parts or …

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7 Best Accounting Software for Small Business (Free and Paid)

accounting software

So, your business is booming. Congratulations. Now, bookkeeping is not the most fun part of running a business or a new startup, quite the opposite really, but still, a necessary practice to keep your expenses in check. In fact, bookkeeping and accounting will help you understand where all those funds …

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17 Best Audiobooks for First-time Listeners


I love audiobooks. I listen to audiobooks on road trips and to keep my self motivated when I’m feeling down. And no matter how you see it, audiobooks are the ultimate way to enjoy when you are multi-tasking or on your leisure time. However, if you’ve never listened to an audiobook, …

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