Chrome vs. Samsung Internet Browser: Which Should Be Your Android Browser

chrome vs samsung internet

Samsung Internet Browser recently made history when it crossed the 1 billion downloads milestone on the Play Store. This is more than the combined downloads of Opera and Firefox browsers for Android. The competition between Samsung Internet Browser and Google Chrome seems to have intensified. For most users, Google Chrome …

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WhatsApp vs. Hike: Which is a Better Messenger App for You

whatsapp-vs hike

There are quite a few messaging apps that are vying for your attention these days. Interoperability is not a strong suit of either of these messenger apps. This means you cannot send a message from WhatsApp to Hike or vice versa. For most people, the choice is really simple. We …

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Patreon vs Paypal: Which is Better to Receive Donations?

Whether you are a blogger, YouTuber, artist or a gamer, the thing that is common between all you creative minds is making a living online. You run ads, sell products, and accept donations from your readers, viewers, and fans for your work. People like to show their appreciation by paying …

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Lightroom vs Snapseed: Which is a Better Photo Editor?

snapseed vs lightroom

“You don’t take a photograph, you make one”. This makes editing a major aspect of photography. If you are just starting out, you would have watched tons of tutorials on editing and the two most obvious choices would be either Lightroom or Snapseed. These apps are quite similar to each …

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DuckDuckGo vs Google: Which is More Private Browser and Why

DuckDuckGo vs Google

Worried about privacy? You are not alone. There are millions of people who are worried that their data is being collected and used (sometimes abused) by companies like Facebook. Most of us Google Search as our default search engine. As per a report from The Economic Times, even Tim Cook feels …

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Mi Band 2 vs Mi Band 3: Worth The Upgrade?

mi band 2 vs mi band 3

Mi Band 3 is out for a while now and Xiaomi has aggressively marketed it as the best budget fitness tracker. Now, I don’t believe in the hype unless I test the products myself. Although Mi Band 3 does come with features like bigger display, touch controls, notifications, etc. Let’s …

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Echo Dot 3 v Echo Dot 2: A Detailed Comparison

Echo Dot 3 v Echo Dot 2

Amazon released Echo Dot 3 in India today, and as always, I was excited to try out the next-gen smart speaker. Out of the box, it looks like a worthy upgrade from the last generation. To understand the differences better, I’ll do a comparison between Echo Dot 3 v Echo …

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Stock Android vs MIUI – An In-depth Comparison

xiaomi miui vs stock android

As a hardcore Stock Android enthusiast, I used to hate Custom ROMS like Xioami’s MIUI, but over the past few months, I’ve changed my opinion. The truth is as of 2018, the MIUI is as good as Stock Android, if not better. A little history first. I’ve to use Stock …

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Trello v Wekan – Which is The Better Project Management Tool

Whether you want to start your own venture or doing an international project for the Denmark government, a well-built project Management tool makes all the difference. Trello and Wekan are two players rocking the same boat and offer Kanban style boards. Both Trello and Wekan are best for small to medium …

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