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How To Create Your Own Personal Stickers On WhatsApp (Android)


WhatsApp recently rolled out much-requested sticker support for Android. While you can get a range of stickers for WhatsApp by either searching within the application (appears next to the existing emoticon and gif option) or by installing it through third-party sticker Apps like these. But wouldn’t it be awesome, if we can …

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How to Find a Lost iPhone Without Find My iPhone

apple watch and iphone

Owning the latest iPhone doesn’t come cheap. I just bought an iPhone Xs Max and a major chunk of my savings is gone. With such a price tag comes extra responsibility. And now I’m always worried about losing my phone. In fact, I panic even if it slides between my couch …

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How To Change Font Style And Icon Size in Android Q


There is no shortage of launchers and icon packs when it comes to Android devices. But, how about if these theming options come inbuilt into Android. Well, here’s a sneak peek of how to change font style and Icon size in Android Q. So, Google launched its’s Beta 1 version …

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How To Install Android Q on Pixel


Google launched its’s Beta 1 version of Android Q on March 13, 2019. Now, it’s only available for the Pixel devices starting from Pixel 3 all the way down till the original Pixel. But this is a Beta version of Android Q and I wouldn’t recommend that you install it on your …

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How to Share your WiFi without Sharing Password on Android Q

android q - techwiser

Google has launched a developer exclusive Android Beta Program of its latest OS iteration, Android Q for all the Pixel devices. There had been a lot of rumors for months about some exciting features like System-wide dark mode, inbuilt Screen Recording, updated Privacy and app permissions, and much more. There’s …

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How to Screen Record Natively in Android Q

android q techwiser

There is no shortage of screen recording apps for Android but in the upcoming version of Android i.e. Android Q, you can record the screen natively. So, Google launched its’s Beta 1 version of Android Q on March 13, 2019. If you are enrolled for the Android Beta program, then …

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How to Play PS4 Games on iPhone and iPad

Play PS4 Games on iPhone and iPad

Gaming on consoles is great with exclusives like Spider-Man, Uncharted, RDR2, etc. The problem with console gaming is that you have to commit, get to the console, turn it on, grab the controller, and whole nine yards. Sony recently released its new app PS4 Remote Play which lets you play your …

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How to Enable Dark Mode in Android Q

android-q - techwiser

Google launched its’s Beta 1 version of Android Q on March 13, 2019. If you are enrolled for the Android Beta program, then you might get it via an OTA update. And if you aren’t like me, well you can always download and flash it onto your Pixel. Below are …

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See What Others Are Browsing on Your WiFi

Share WiFi Without Giving Away Your Password

So you want to know what others are browsing on your network. But why? Well, there are a few practical reasons. Like– You are a parent and wants to monitor your children activity on the Internet You are sharing WiFi with your neighbours and would like to know if they can …

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3 Ways To Setup Static IP Address in Ubuntu


Assigning static IPs to each network device can be cumbersome. We advise you to do it on your router since it makes things pretty simple. However, assigning static IP at device level would override the settings on the router. Moreover, there are times when you don’t have access to the router. …

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