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How to Contact YouTube, Gmail and Other Google Properties

how to contact google

Google owns a number of web properties like YouTube, Gmail, Maps, Drive, Android, and more. Each of these services has spawned an entire industry. They have become a brand. So, if you want to contact YouTube, for example, it is better to do it from the YouTube site instead of …

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How to bring back ‘View Image’ button on Google’s Image Search


Yesterday Google removed the “View Image” button from their Image Search as part of a deal with Getty Images. Before this, you can search for any image on Google Image Search and clicking on “View Image” button would allow you to view full-size version of a photo without having to visit the page …

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How to View Android Notification History and Logs


The number of notifications that you receive on your Android can be overwhelming. Sometimes, you accidentally swiped away the notification just as they come in and never know what they were. Well, fret not, here is how you can view your Android notification history. How to View Android Notification History …

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WhatsApp Payment: How to Send Money Through WhatsApp

I never thought that sending and receiving money would become as easy as text messages. I mean look at how far we have come. WhatsApp is still busy rolling out the all-new UPI based payment system, and I was happy to see it on my iPhone this morning. In fact, …

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How to Set Parental Controls on Popular Video Streaming Sites


While on-demand video streaming sites have changed the way we consume content, they also host content that you would like not like your kids to see. Adult content like sex and violent scenes can give your kids a wrong ideas, and ruining their innocence. But, that doesn’t make these streaming …

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How to Whitelist Specific YouTube Channels on Adblocker


No one like to see ads. They hogs up your bandwidth, track your browsing activity, and, ruins the overall user experience. YouTube force users to watch ads before playing the actual video; which thanks to growing number of Adblock users, most of you don’t get to see. I get it. Ads …

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How to Record Skype Video Calls – Complete Guide


Whether you’re interviewing your next employee, planning an potential business meeting, or just need to keep records of important conversations, it’s always a good idea to record your calls. While there are plenty of apps ready to record your call on smartphones. How do you record a Skype calls? There …

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How to Buy Bitcoin in India – Step by Step Guide

Bitcoin is quickly finding real-world applications with more and more companies starting to accept the new currency. Some of the most famous companies in the world like Overstock, WordPress, Newegg, etc are accepting payments in bitcoins. Even in India, you can use bitcoin at Bookmyshow and eTravelSmart. However, most people still …

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How to Secure Facebook Account With Mobile in 4 Easy Steps

facebook privacy settings

Considering the amount of information that we share on Facebook, it is very important to make sure that you are not sharing more than you have to. I mean, there have been cases where people have lost their jobs over Facebook posts. People are often careless when they share their …

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