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How to Find IP Address of Any Device On Your Network

windows ip address

The first step of troubleshooting any network problem is by pinging the IP address. Well, for that you need to know the IP address of the device or in cases IP address of all the devices in the network. There are several ways to do this and it entirely depends …

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4 Ways Upload Video to Instagram from Computer Directly


Most videos you see on Instagram are professionally edited content. Meaning more and more people are editing their Instagram videos on a computer using video editing software like Final Cut Pro and then push them to their smartphone to upload it on Instagram. But wouldn’t it be awesome if you can …

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How to Check IP Address of Computer and Smartphones

How to find IP of any device

Apart from letting you connect multiple devices, a local network is very useful for a variety of things like sharing files between two computers, see what other users are browsing on your network, remotely logging into your router, etc. To do all those things, you first need to know the IP address of the device. …

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How to Share Files between Two Computers Using LAN Cable


Over the years, Wi-Fi has grown tremendously but sharing huge files or for that matter, a whole drive is still not efficient. You get cramped up speed and your data is running through a public channel. I would any day prefer sharing a drive or transferring data over LAN cable. …

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How To Setup Your Own VPN Server In Cloud


A VPN not only masks your location but also encrypts the connect and make it almost impossible for the outsiders to track what you are browsing. Additional, depending on where the VPN server is located, you can easily access geo-restricted websites. There are several VPN services, both free and paid. …

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How to Get Two Different Apple IDs On iPhone


Apple now allows you to change your Apple ID to any country in the App Store. This is especially useful if you are a businessman or an expat, who travel between different countries. But while doing so, you always end up losing the sync between your other Apple devices. For instance, …

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How To Check GPT Or MBR in Windows 10 And Convert Them

gpt or mbr and how to convert

MBR was first introduced by IBM in the year 1993 which instantly became a popular way to partition disk drives. MBR has two limitations which resulted in its demise. You cannot partition disk drives larger than 2TB and you cannot create more than 4 logical partitions. This is why Windows …

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How Many Cores Does My CPU Have? A Guide For All OS

How Many Cores Does My CPU Have

The CPU is the main unit of your computer whether you are using a Mac or an Android. It does all the heavy lifting when you are gaming or just browsing. If your system has more cores, it means it can handle more processes at the same time. This will …

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How to Enable Telnet Server in Windows 10

telnet techwiser

Telnet is the oldest computer protocol that allows two computers to talk to each other over the Internet or local area network. However, Microsoft decided to remove the Telnet server from Windows 10 and Windows Server 2012 onwards. It’s a good step considering that Telnet doesn’t support encryption and the …

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