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Secure Your Wi-Fi Network From Hackers With These 10 Steps

Secure Your Wi-Fi Network -

Wi-Fi enables all of your devices to be connected to the internet without any physical connection. However, this convenience also comes with security risks. Unlike physical cables, Wireless Internet connections are easy to hack. Why Secure your Wi-Fi Network? Well, if someone hacks your Wi-Fi network, they will not only …

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How to Access your Computer Files From Anywhere With TeamViewer

File Sharing with teamViewer

Let’s say you’re at work, and suddenly, you realize that you forgot to email those important files from your home computer to your work laptop.  And to make it worse, there is no tech-savvy cousin back there, it’s only your grandma at home. Now, either you’d have to teach them …

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8 Ways to Take Screenshots on Windows

Screenshots on Windows

Screenshots are versatile and can be used for numerous purposes. You may need to send a funny screenshot to a friend, or some glitch you are facing on your computer – the ability to show your screen to others can be a huge asset. Luckily for us, there are many …

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Find Out Who’s Connected to Your WiFi Network

Your router’s lights are blinking, but no one is using it. Or you are not getting the internet speed; you paid for. Chances are, your neighbor is using your WiFi without your knowledge. Or let just say, for any other reason you want to see what devices are connected to my network. Also …

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5 Ways To Monitor Broadband Usage in Windows

Monitor Broadband Usage

It is extremely important to monitor bandwidth usage if you have a limited internet data plan. If you are not monitoring your bandwidth usage, it could lead to being hit with hundreds of dollars in charges for extra bandwidth use. Apart from charges, some ISPs also put restrictions or throttle …

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How to Find and Change MAC Address

Change MAC Address

Every device that connects to the Internet; whether it’s a Computer, Smartphone, Chromecast, or even a Smart TV; they all have unique identifier hardwired in their Network card. This unique ID is a 12 digit alphanumeric key called — MAC (Media Access Control) address. A typical MAC address looks something like …

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Mask Your Email Address While Using it on Shady Websites


Consider these situations — You want to signup for temporary service. You want to contact people on a shady online forum. You have to share your Email address with people you don’t trust. In all the above cases, it makes no sense to use the original Email Address. Anyone can do …

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Find Out If The Email You Sent Was Opened Or Not


Do you know, you can find out if the recipient has opened your Email? And no just that, you can also when did they open your mail and on which devices. Sounds cool? Well here is how to do it. In some Email service like Outlook and Exchange, you can …

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How to Use External Hard Drive (NTFS/ HFS+) on Android

Use External Hard Drive

Most Android smartphones come with 64 GB of storage. But if you have an old smartphone, chances are you’ll have either 16 or 32 GB variant. Thankfully, you can easily expand the memory by using external storage, like a pen drive or a hard drive. This comes in handy when …

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