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How to fix grub rescue error with Fixmbr Command

Want to know how to fix grub rescue error with the help of single command? All you need is Windows installation or recovery disk. If you haven’t made it, you can use Hiren’s boot CD. (download link) Error Shown Unknown Filesystem Grub Rescue How It May Happen There are many reasons, but …

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How to Setup a Server on localhost and Install WordPress

City Herald Wordpress Theme Review

WAMP Server stands for Windows Apache MySQL Php.In this post, we will find out install wamp on windows seven on localhost On Windows. We are going to do this in 3 parts 1. Download WAMP and WordPress. 2. Creating a database for the website. 3. Installing WordPress in localhost. Follow this simple …

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How To Hide Hard Drive Partitions using cmd

hard drive

How many times do you feel the need to hide your drives, partition or secure our official documents from the other users. In this tutorial, I will show you how we can hide our drive(s) using cmd, no third party sofware needed. Well, it’s simply done with the help of …

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How To Create Partition In Windows With Disk Management


No more deleting your files if you are running out of space from a particular disk, in this article, you will find step by step tutorial on  How to Resize Partition Windows 7 For Free. Before partition After partition You can see that i have taken 60 GB from my …

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How to Run PS2 Games on PC (Step by Step Guide)


Do you like ps2 games and want to play them on your PC? If yes is your answer, then you are at right place. Here is a step by step guide on how to play ps2 games on PC. PSX2 is an emulation software for you Windows PC to run ps2 …

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How to Stop people from Copying data to Pen Drive

If you have something that you want people to see but not to take it away in their pen drive or if your an institute where you do not want the student to copy stuff from the computers, then I have the perfect solution for you. Difficulty level: Simple Follow these …

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Easily Change Your GRUB 2 Splash Image In Ubuntu 12.04


We all know that GRUB is a powerful boot loader for Linux.It can easily detect various operating systems installed on our machine and provide us a choice to start any one of them. Although being very powerful boot loader, it does not have a very appealing graphical interface. But with …

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How to Boost your Laptop Speed in 5 Simple Steps


Since you are reading this article, I guess you are also frustrated with laptop speed.  After a few months I brought my laptop I have noticed there was a significant reduction in the processing speed of my laptop. I was aware of the fact that speed decreases as you load …

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How to get back permanently deleted files from computer

get back permanently deleted files from computer

Since you are reading this, the chances are that you may have come across a situation when you had accidently deleted files permanently (using shift + delete) or empty your recycle bin and later when you realized your mistake and hoped if there is/was to get back permanently deleted files from the computer. …

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