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How to get back permanently deleted files from computer

get back permanently deleted files from computer

Since you are reading this, the chances are that you may have come across a situation when you had accidently deleted files permanently (using shift + delete) or empty your recycle bin and later when you realized your mistake and hoped if there is/was to get back permanently deleted files from the computer. …

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How To Hide Secret Files Inside Photos

Hiding secret files inside photos is an example of Steganography. Ever heard of Steganography !!! Well for those who haven’t it simply an art of hiding secret files in plain form in so that only the recipient knows that its there   Uses of Steganography   1. You can upload these photos on Facebook, …

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How to Trace IP Of The Website To Its Original Location

By tracing the IP-address of a website, you can find a lot more about the website like — where is it located,  where the servers are located.  Steps to trace IP of the website 1. Open up the command prompt. Start > Accessories > Command Prompt. If you are new to a …

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