8 Best Mockup Tools To Add Device Frame to Screenshot

magic mockups

Whether you want to make your app screenshots for App Store or showcase your products on eBay or Amazon? Adding realistic device frames makes a lot of difference. Alternative to Placeit Placeit is one of the most popular mockup generator tools out there. But unfortunately, the free version only allows you to …

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7 Best DNS Servers For Speed, Stability, and Security


To access the internet you need a proper and speedy DNS server that can quickly translate domain names (like into IP addresses (like Depending on how quick the DNS server is, your internet browsing experience can be snappy or dreadful. To find your current DNS server, type ‘ipconfig …

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Flixable Helps You Find the Best Movies and TV shows on Netflix


So, you sit down for movie night, open Netflix and start looking for something to watch. And you keep looking. Scrolling down and down, until you reach the point of not wanting to watch anything anymore.  Netflix has become the modern-day version of opening the fridge for no reason. And …

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How to Watch Winter Olympics 2018 from Anywhere


Winter Olympics is an international multi-sport event that is currently being hosted by Pyeongchang County in South Korea. The Winter Olympics is a specialised event that includes popular winter sports played across the world. The crux of the Winter Olympics is formed by the 102 exciting games in which all …

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How to Contact YouTube, Gmail and Other Google Properties

how to contact google

Google owns a number of web properties like YouTube, Gmail, Maps, Drive, Android, and more. Each of these services has spawned an entire industry. They have become a brand. So, if you want to contact YouTube, for example, it is better to do it from the YouTube site instead of …

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How to bring back ‘View Image’ button on Google’s Image Search


Yesterday Google removed the “View Image” button from their Image Search as part of a deal with Getty Images. Before this, you can search for any image on Google Image Search and clicking on “View Image” button would allow you to view full-size version of a photo without having to visit the page …

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How to Whitelist Specific YouTube Channels on Adblocker


No one like to see ads. They hogs up your bandwidth, track your browsing activity, and, ruins the overall user experience. YouTube force users to watch ads before playing the actual video; which thanks to growing number of Adblock users, most of you don’t get to see. I get it. Ads …

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3 Ways Upload Video to Instagram from Computer Directly

Upload Video to Instagram from Computer

Most videos you see on Instagram are professionally edited content. Meaning more and more people are editing their Instagram videos on computer using pro video editing software like Final Cut Pro and then push them to their smartphone to upload it on Instagram. But wouldn’t it awesome if you can just …

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How to Reduce PNG File Size of a Photo


Though PNG images are optimized for web, they can still be bloated with a lot of unnecessary metadata, colors, and other stuff. By removing all that, you can dramatically reduce the image file size without losing any quality, depending on your settings. The good thing about compressing PNG images is …

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