7 Best Free Image Hosting Sites to Share Amazing Pictures

Free Image Hosting Sites

With the rise of social media came free image hosting sites, because why not? We use social media to share funny, stupid, serious, offensive, and cute image all the time. Anyways, you know why you are here. So, here are some of the best image hosting sites that are also free. …

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Change Android DNS settings With These 5 DNS Changer Apps

dns changer app

When you type – on your web browser, your smartphone asks the DNS server for the corresponding IP address where that site is located and once it has that information, you are able to open Google on your browser. In simple words, the job of DNS servers is to match …

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6 Simple Hacks To Access Blocked Websites

How to Access Blocked Websites

Internet censorship is very common across the world wide web. Governments do it to restrict citizens from watching content they find inappropriate. Even offices and colleges block websites they do not like. Of course, sometimes it is necessary to block some websites. But often, most offices and collages block useful …

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How to Watch Netflix in 1080p on Chrome and FireFox


If you don’t already know, the only browsers that support 1080p playback on Netflix are Safari on macOS and Internet Explorer or Edge on Windows. If you use Chrome, Firefox, or any other browser, all you get is 720p on Netflix. There is no option to improve the quality to …

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15 Best Legal Torrenting Sites to Download Content Safely


It’s like a never-ending war. The government and ISPs are going after people who download illegal torrents, and people who are resorting to VPNs to avoid detection. Most torrent sites are shut down within months of launch but new ones keep popping up in the wild. Torrenting copyright material without permission …

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Flixable Helps You Find the Best Movies and TV shows on Netflix


So, you sit down for movie night, open Netflix and start looking for something to watch. And you keep looking. Scrolling down and down, until you reach the point of not wanting to watch anything anymore.  Netflix has become the modern-day version of opening the fridge for no reason. And …

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How to Watch Winter Olympics 2018 from Anywhere


Winter Olympics is an international multi-sport event that is currently being hosted by Pyeongchang County in South Korea. The Winter Olympics is a specialised event that includes popular winter sports played across the world. The crux of the Winter Olympics is formed by the 102 exciting games in which all …

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