The Best Way to Download YouTube Videos on Android

Download Videos from YouTube in android

There are many ways to download YouTube’s videos on computer  like Keepvid, IDM or even 4k video downloader for an entire playlist. But when it comes to smartphones the picture is not quite clear. If you are wondering why YouTube don’t officially allow downloading, then think of it this way. YouTube is video sharing service that makes money by …

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How to Save Money While Shopping Online in India

SAVE MONEY ON online shopping

Before we begin, let me tell you a story. Last year, I bought a Macbook pro for less than 50k INR. How? Well, I bought it from Amazon during Diwali sale. It was priced at Rupees 57 thousand (usually, it’s Rs 60k). Plus there was Rs 2000 gift card, and there was SBI debit card …

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How to Send Facebook Messages Without Messenger [ROOT]

disable facebook messenger Read Messages Inside Facebook app in Android

A month ago, I met an old friend of mine. He was fiddling with his phone with an irritating look on his face. When I asked him the reason, he replied ‘I don’t want to use the Messenger app. I just want my old Facebook back’. So, Facebook has made some …

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6 Simple Hacks To Access Blocked Websites

How to Access Blocked Websites

Citizens of  North Korea requires special permission to buy a personal computer. Similarly, in Cuba, one can only access the internet in cyber cafes, which cost up to $10/hour. The average weekly salary is $20. Now, these are some of the biggest examples of internet censorship. But they are not the …

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Here are some biggest Myth in Technology

When I was a little kid, I believe everything people said. Like CPU is the computer’s cabinet, cell phones cause brain cancer, Mac doesn’t get the virus and what not. But as I grew up and connected more to the tech world, I realised how many of them were a …

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Free HQ Images You Can Use Without Linking to Source

get HD photos for FREE-Unsplash

Yesterday, I published a video on ‘top 10 myth in technology‘. And while I was making that video, I needed images. Images that are high quality, relevant to my content and off course royalty free. Yes, I know, there are some websites (like Flickr and Google Image Search) that offer …

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Private Browsing: What is it and What it is not

Private Browser

My Dad often used my laptop to check his emails. And yesterday he asked, “Why do I always see your Gmail account logged in, whenever I open mine.”  The answer is simple. Since it’s my personal computer, I don’t sign out of my Google account. Off course, I explain the reason …

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How to see Blocked Content on Websites

see Blocked Content on Websites

Every once in while we all come across members only websites. Some popular examples would be Quora and Financial Times etc. They offer some content for free, but if you browse more, then you get a pop-up asking you to create a free account or pay to read more content. And off course …

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Apply Padding to Adsense Ads with this CSS Code

adsense with padding

Google AdSense is a popular Ad network for many small publishers like us. It works by coping pasting, small JavaScript code from AdSense dashboard to the part of the website, where you want to show ads. When people click on these Ads, you make money. Now if you are an AdSense publisher for …

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RTT Explains: Why WiFi Signals Are Not Dangerous to Health

Is wifi dangerous to health

Five girls from Hjallerup Skole, a primary education school in Denmark, conducted an experiment- to find out the impact of WiFi on humans. In the test they placed 6 trays of cress seeds, next to two WiFi routers, while the other 6 tray in a room without WiFi. And for …

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