What To Do After Texting The Wrong Person

how to undo sent text message

So let say, you accidentally sent a text to the wrong person. And once you do that you are left with two options, either cry like a baby or pretend your account got hacked somehow. But guess what, you don’t need to do any of that. There is a better, ‘third option’. …

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Lifehack: Get Rid Of Extra Cables At Your Home

Coiling a USB power cord

Remember the old telephone wires? What so special about them, you may ask. Well, I am particularity interested in their coil wires. Even tough they are short, they can be stretched to three four times of their original length. But Wouldn’t it be cool, if we can coil regular USB wire …

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Working Late Nights on Computer? Try Flux

night no sleep

Are you having trouble falling asleep? Researchers have proofed, working late with computer affects our circadian rhythm, resulting in sleep deprivation. Using PC or smartphones before going to bed is like coffee for our brain. They emit blue light that suppresses melatonin- a hormone responsible for your healthy sleep cycles. But this habit is …

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(Infographic) 15 funny slogans that will definitely make you laugh

Advertisement has come long way since last few decades. Some companies sales depends entirely on advertisement (like Coco Cola) while others (like WhatsApp) don’t spend a dime on it. But most advertising are often overrated. There is always little less truth than what the company claims in to be. But what if these companies …

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How to reduce eye strain while using computer

reduce eye strain

Working long hours on computer could  be fun, but if your work involves too much interaction with the computer screen then you are most likely to experienced eye strain, wet eyes and even headache. Recently I have gone to same phase when I have to work for 8-10 hours in front of  computer screen and when …

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