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Simple Way to Create Complex Password

simple way to remeber complicated password

A ‘Good password’ is hard to guess, but easy to remember. And this guide will tell you how to create one like that. One popular way of creating and storing password is by using ‘password keeper utility’ like keypaas, however using software to store password, is not everyone cup of …

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Quickly Remove Slideshow From website

Apparently, many websites are using slideshows for list-based articles. And although there is nothing wrong with slideshows when done right, most publishers use it to get more impressions per page, leading to more ads. This is a nightmare from the audience point of view. You spend more time clicking “Next” …

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A Quick Way to Stop Auto Playing Videos in Chrome

Stop Auto Playing Videos in Chrome

Everyone hates auto-playing video ads. And if you are like me, who browse the web with multiple tabs open, then it may take a while to detect which tab is auto-playing the video. Although, this detection is quicker, as chrome now show you small audio streaming icon, beside the favicon …

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Use Project Naptha to Copy and Edit Text Inside Images

project naptcha copy and edit text on the images

So finally we have an online tool or better called it chrome extension that can copy, erased or even change & translate text present inside an image. Even tough there are tools like GT text and OneNote that can copy the text from images, but they still lack the support to edit or translate …

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Fastest Way To Save Images From Internet

Downloading images from the internet to our hard drive is something very common. The traditional way of downloading images from the internet is quite tedious process, you have to right-click on the image > select save as option > a pop up box will appear, confirm the downloading by clicking …

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