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10 Google Assistant Tricks To Replace Apps on Your Android

Nowadays, every company seems to be pushing their own version of the virtual assistant. You have the Bixby, Cortana, Siri, Alexa, and the Google Assistant. Out of all of these, Google Assistant is hands down the winner. It’s quick to understand accents and can follow contextual conversations. Recently, I seem …

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Android Q: Top 11 Best Features So Far

Google launched its Beta 1 version of Android Q on March 13, 2019. If you are enrolled for the Android Beta program, then you might get Android Q via an OTA update. Or if you are, like me, well you can always download and flash it onto your Pixel. Now, at first glance, …

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Samsung One UI Tips, Tricks and Hidden features

Samsung has been rolling out One UI in its flagship devices and will also be available on most of the Samsung smartphones launching in 2019. Samsung has come a long way since the dreadful days of TouchWiz to more recent and almost decent Samsung Experience. I’ve been using One UI …

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iPhone Xs Max Tips And Tricks You Probably Aren’t Using

iPhone Xs Max - Techwiser

The first thing you probably learn in iPhone X series is the new gesture controls. You might know the basic gestures and a couple of extra features by now, like sliding the bottom edge of the screen to switch between recent apps (hope you knew that!). We won’t trouble you …

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9 Lightroom Mobile Tips And Tricks To Use It Like A Pro


Lightroom is hands down, the best mobile editing app for professionals. It provides you with lots of powerful tools like HSL tab, Selective edits, Healing, Masking and much more. But using it on a smartphone is not the same as using it on the desktop. Firstly, it’s not very intuitive …

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Now You Can Watch Ad-Supported Movies on YouTube for Free

Watch Ad-Supported Movies on YouTube for Free

YouTube offers full-length movies with a one-time fee of few dollars. Still, most users don’t associate YouTube to a place where you can watch movies and TV shows. Which is a good thing as YouTube is not Netflix or Prime videos, but seems like YouTube wants to change that? Starting yesterday, …

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Now You Can Share Your Real Time Location with Google Maps

Share Your Real Time Location with Google Maps

Like many ride-sharing apps, Google Maps now also lets you share your real-time location with your contacts. So, now you can share update your friend with your real-time location without having to text or call them when you leave from home. Before we get started, make sure to update Google Maps …

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This New App Helps You View Phone Screen on PC via USB

In our previous article, we covered different ways to mirror your Android screen to any computer, some of them worked with Wi-Fi, others required a USB cable. However, one thing common with all of them was — lag. Yes, no matter what you did, there was a significant delay in …

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