How to Get Blur Mode on Skype

Skype is the go-to service for interviews and meetings, I often use it while working from home and can’t count on fingers how many times people have commented on the messy background. The workplace is chill and they don’t judge me but I really hope I could just erase the background …

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How to Remove Contact From WhatsApp But Not From Phone


WhatsApp uses your mobile device’s phone book to create your contact list. and shows his/her profile within the app. A cool feature until you are stuck with it for the worst. Say, you want to remove contacts from WhatsApp but not from the phonebook. What option do you have? Remove Contact …

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WhatsApp Payment: How to Send Money Through WhatsApp

I never thought that sending and receiving money would become as easy as text messages. I mean look at how far we have come. WhatsApp is still busy rolling out the all-new UPI based payment system, and I was happy to see it on my iPhone this morning. In fact, …

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How to Track GMail Emails on Android

Boomerang Mail Features

How many times have you wondered whether the email you sent has been received, opened, or read by the other party? The thing is, almost all major email service providers offer no such feature as email tracking to let you know whether the recipient has opened your email or not. …

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How to Download Torrents on Android

ADB Commands

Though torrent downloading has become popular for all the bad reasons, it can be very useful in a lot of situations. Especially when you are trying to download large files. Just like you can use torrent clients to download torrent files on a PC, you can download torrents directly on …

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Top 7 Revo Uninstaller Alternatives For Windows


There was a recent incident that motivated me to write this post. A few days back, I noticed a significant drop in my PC performance. The computer was heating even when no one was working on it. And when I checked the task manager, I saw an app called – Wondershare using …

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4 QR Code Apps To Share WiFi Password From One Phone to Another

Share WiFi Password From One Phone to Another

Unlike the WiFi access points in public areas like coffee shops or airports, our home and work WiFi networks are protected by a password. To connect to these networks, you have to provide the required password. If you can’t provide the password, you cannot connect to the network. The same …

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How to Encrypt USB Drive Using VeraCrypt

USB drives

To carry information and data from one place to another, we generally use USB drives due to their flexibility and ease of use. One of the biggest problems with USB drives is that they a pretty small and easy to lose or forget in public places like coffee shops. Though …

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