How To Change Font Style And Icon Size in Android Q

There is no shortage of launchers and icon packs when it comes to Android devices. But, how about if these theming options come inbuilt into Android. Well, here’s a sneak peek of how to change font style and Icon size in Android Q.

So, Google launched its’s Beta 1 version of Android Q on March 13, 2019. If you are enrolled for the Android Beta program, then you might get it via an OTA update. And if you aren’t like me, well you can always download and flash it onto your Pixel. Now, at first glance, there seem to not many changes and the UI is quite similar to Android 9. But this is the beta version and things are gonna get better ahead. We have a detailed article on what’s new in Android Q Beta version. For this article, let’s see how to screen record natively in Android Q.


Change Font Style And Icon Size in Android Q

Now, this is just an early build, in fact, Beta 1 version of Android Q. So, these options are half baked and might not look great. But nonetheless, these are potential changes which could be coming in the next version of Android Q.

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How to change Font Style

1. Firstly, go to System Settings. To do that, pull down the notification drawer and click on the gear icon. Alternatively, you can also go to the App Drawer and click on the gear icon to open System Settings.


2. Now, we need to activate the Developer options. To do that, go to the “About Phone” section.


3. In the About Phone section, tap on the “Build Number” 5 times to enable Developer Options. You will get a tooltip saying “You are now a developer”.


4. Now once you have the Developer options enabled, you can access it under System options. Go to “System” Options just above the About Phone section.

5. Under System Options, tap on Advanced and it enables few options.


6. Once you get the expanded Advanced options list. Look at the bottom of the list, you will find “Developer Options”. Tap on it to get to the Developer Options Menu.developer_option_tap

7. In the developer options menu, navigate to the bottom of the list. The last section would be “Theming“. Under Theming, you would find 3 options. Tap on the second option called “Headline/Body font“.


8. From the “Headline/Body font” pop up, you would see 2 options. The one selected by default is the font you are currently using. The second option is “Not Serif/Source Sans Pro”. Tap on it to set the font style.


9. Once you have set the “Not Serif/Source Sans Pro” font, this would not apply to third-party apps. Since it is a developer option, it is still in the testing phase. The font only applies to the notification drawer and Settings menu.

sans_serif_notification_drawer sans_serif_settings

The native Messages, Phone book, App drawer, and third-party apps don’t use this font. This could potentially be system-wide in the Alpha build and we can expect more font styles or even custom font support.

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How to change Icon Shape

The Icon Shape option was present in the Developer Options of the Android O as well. But the caveat was that it didn’t apply to the notification drawer icons.

1. In the developer options menu, navigate to the bottom of the list. The last section would be “Theming“. Under Theming, you would find 3 options. Tap on the last option called “Icon Shape”.


2. From the Icon Shape pop-up select a particular shape. In this case, let’s select “Teardrop”. Tap on Teardrop to set the Icon shape.


3. Now, the icons in the app drawer, as well as the notification drawer, should be in “Teardrop” shape.

teardrop_icon_notification_drawer app_drawer_teardrop_icon

Closing Words

This isn’t the final picture of how these options are gonna be. But, this is something which was long awaited in the stock launcher. It’s good to see that Android is providing icon and font customization within the settings. This would cut downloading an extra app from the Play Store.

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