How to change Windows 10 Login Screen

‘If it works and doesn’t look too bad, then let it be that way’- this is what I follow. However, I just hate the new windows 10 login screen. The back wallpaper is boring and on top of that there is also no option to change it.

how to change login wallpaper in windows 10

Now, we see this login screen like 10 times a day. And if you really don’t like it then why not change it. But how? There are no options in the windows settings. Right? (lock screen is a different story)

Well, like always, if there is no default option, independent dev find their way. And this time good folks over MyDigitalLife has taken the work.

Now, I know I am late to the party. This was done a long time back. But back then, it was not stable and has a caused login error to many users. (Microsoft’s pushing updates). But now, it’s pretty stable.

So here it is how to change Windows 10 login screen.

Download Win10BGChanger file from GitHub. It’s a small 2 MB zip file. Make sure you download the latest version – the one on the top.

Once done, simply unzip it using 7Zip or whatever compression program you use. There you will a two options — a command line and GUI. Open the GUI folder and there you will see a single exe file. Run it, it does not need any installation

open Win10BGChanger

And the rest is self-explanatory. You might get an alert saying something like – use it on your own risk. This is a precautionary measure taken by the developer considering the past effects. Click yes to proceed.


Now, once the app opens, click on the folder icon on the top right and select the new wallpaper for your login screen and apply changes.

change login wallpaper in windows 10 3

That’s it, close the program and hit Win+L on your keyboard, you will see the newly added login screen wallpaper.


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