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How To Check Saved Password in Chrome Mobile

by Kaushal

The first time you log in to any website, Chrome ask if you want to save that password for later use. In addition to the password manager, you also get other features such as – manage your passwords from the web and Auto Sign-In for supported Android apps.

That being said, Chrome’s password manager is not the safest way to store password. Anyone who has access to your unlocked device can view every password. Thankfully, Chrome does offer some level of security by asking you to input your Android lock screen PIN/Pattern before showing the saved passwords. Although accessing saved passwords on the computer is easy but how to check saved password in Chrome mobile. Let’s check it out.

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How to check the saved password in Chrome Mobile App

The Chrome app on Android saves the passwords locally and on your Google account. We’ll follow the steps to view passwords on the Chrome app first.

First, Open the Chrome Browser on your Phone and tap on the Hamburger icon (three vertical dots). Go to settings and tap passwords.

how to check saved password in chrome mobile- settings   

You’ll see all the saved passwords in the form of a scrollable list.

To access any saved password, use the search bar on the top and type in the name of the website, or scroll through the list of domains. Tap on the username and it shows the black dots instead of the password. If you tap on the eye, it asks you to enter the phone’s password (if you’ve set one) before revealing the password. This is a security feature so that no one can snoop on your passwords if you happen to leave your phone unlocked.

how to check saved password in chrome mobile- passwords  how to check saved password in chrome mobile- view password

If you’re switching browsers and you wish to export your passwords you can do it by tapping the hamburger icon and selecting export passwords. You would still have to enter the phone’s password beforehand.

   how to check saved password in chrome mobile- manage

Now, You can go through the list of settings to reach the saved passwords tab but there is a shortcut. You can tap the username field and it would give you an option “Manage Passwords” which would take you directly to the passwords tab and you can tap on the eye to view the password for that specific website and user.

View your Saved Passwords from other browsers

Whenever you install Chrome on a new device and log in with your Google account, it syncs History, bookmarks, and even login credentials. This is because of Google stores your passwords on your google account. If you’re ever in a situation where you can’t access your phone or Chrome mobile browser, but need login credentials for a website, this method would help.

Go to https://passwords.google.com/ on your web browser and log in with your Google ID, It should be the same ID which was logged in your Chrome browser.

Once you log in you’ll see all the saved passwords, look for the username you’re searching for and tap the eye on the right of your preferred entry to reveal the password.

how to check saved password in chrome mobile- password log in   how to check saved password in chrome mobile-

Stop saving passwords on Chrome

Chrome saves your passwords whenever you allow it and I personally don’t feel you should save your sensitive credentials on the browser, you can turn this feature OFF and stop saving passwords to your Chrome browser.

Go to your browser and tap the hamburger icon and select Settings from the list.

Tap on Passwords and toggle Save passwords to OFF. Now, Google would never save passwords on your phone browser.

how to check saved password in chrome mobile- toggle phone   how to check saved password in chrome mobile- toggle

How to Delete Saved Passwords in Chrome Android

If you use multiple devices with the same Google account, chances are that your passwords are synced across devices. This means your sensitive data is spread out across devices making it more vulnerable. Deleting the data on every device would be exhausting but there is a quick solution. You can erase all the saved passwords from your Google account by clearing browser data.

On your Chrome browser, go to the hamburger icon and tap on history,

how to check saved password in chrome mobile- history

Select ‘Clear browsing data‘. Go to the Advanced tab and select ‘All Time‘ from the drop menu.

Check the box for Saved Passwords and press Clear data. Your passwords would disappear from your device and all the other synced devices once the account is synced on every device. Make sure you browse safely from now.

how to check saved password in chrome mobile- clear browsing   how to check saved password in chrome mobile- clear data

How To Check Saved Passwords in Chrome Mobile?

These are two ways with which you can view your saved passwords on the smartphone. However, there are other methods but that requires a computer to work. Although, you shouldn’t save sensitive passwords on your phone and use an app like LastPass. Comment below if you face a problem with this method.

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