Check your YouTube Earnings in Adsense

Do you know, you can also check your daily YouTube earning, directly from your Adsense dashboard. With this mehtod you to see useful information like cpc, cpm and total clicks etc, these are not shown in YouTube earning reports.

However most of us, overlook this feature as it’s somewhat hidden deep in Adsense setting.

How to Check your YouTube Earnings in Adsense

Apparently, I am late to the party, this feature has been there from years. To find details of your YouTube earning-

1. Sign in to you Adsense account

2. Select ‘Performance reports’ from the top menu

3. Select Products from left-hand sidebar

4. In the middle of the page, you will see ‘Hosted Adsense for content’, click on that (see the screenshot below)

Check your YouTube Earnings in Adsense

Here you will find, details like clicks, cpc, cpm for your YouTube videos, this will help you to evaluate your YouTube channel better.

Update- April 2015

If you have to switch to new Adsense dashboard, then above screenshot will not work for you. To see your YouTube earning (or any other useful report like earning from different Ad size, channels etc) go to performance report > Reports > under ‘report type’ dropdown list select hosted clients.

Check your YouTube Earnings in Adsense

Happy YouTubing !

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